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Hunting for a new place for dinner at around Taman Paramount, I suddenly recalled that there’s a pretty good “siu chau” (小炒) stall that operates not only on lunch, but dinner time as well. We found a parking spot nearby and went in there.

O & S Restaurant at Seapark, Petai & Prawn rice
oh! got leng lui also!

Looking at the menu (big font and well lit on the stall itself), I found something interesting – Petai and Prawn rice. Since I love petai (twisted cluster bean) and prawn, I ordered that without further deliberation. The dining partner ordered something that looks like a kung pou chicken rice with egg. However I can’t recall the name of that dish to save my life.

O & S Restaurant at Seapark, Petai & Prawn rice
oooo, PETAI!

We didn’t have to wait long for the dish to be served. The petai and prawn dish was really good, plenty of petai and prawn with some onion fried with sambal paste. Not exactly a very refined dish, but for RM 5.00, it was worth every cent. Ahh… the satisfaction of stinky breath and even stinkier pee. This is something you can’t explain to people who does not eat petai.

The chicken dish was pretty good as well, with some of kick from the dried red chilli and plenty of chicken meat. Though it might be better (at least visually) with some green vegetables as garnish.

O & S Restaurant, map to Seapark, PJ
this is how you get to O & S restaurant

The stall opens for lunch as well as dinner. The same restaurant has some pretty good hawker stalls in the morning and afternoon. Most notably the yong tau foo and prawn mee.


Jalan 20/14,
Seapark, Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.107713, 101.624919

Discuss : KY eats – Petai & Prawn rice at O & S Restaurant, Taman Paramount (PJ)

  1. didnt try the nasi lemak there ah?

  2. Hi there! Just bowled over by your spot-on food places recommendations. I really 1na try thos place but m not a petai-fan-or. Maybe they can make mine sambal prawns only!

  3. Didn’t know they had these dishes, thought it was just Hokkien Mee and Grilled fish at night.

  4. i loves petai… and sometimes eat ém raw and breathe them down my sis hahahahah

  5. KY,

  6. OS never dissappoint!

  7. it’s amazing how many good food stalls there are in that tiny area.

  8. tihtahpah,

    Yes indeed, but sometimes the place is so overcrowded I rather go somewhere else with less waiting time to get a table.

  9. You missed the curry chicken chee cheong fun, only during the day

  10. fren invite me 2 try the prawn mee n loh mee at Restoran Foong San Kota Damansara PJU5/18!IS VERY TASTY n the aunt says tat is original fr penang ooo..

  11. shernny,
    oOo Thanks for the tips!

  12. […] restaurant is opened for breakfast, lunch, and actually dinner too (with limited stalls operating, a siu chau for example). Breakfast/lunch on weekends is an affair not for the faint hearted, the place is absolutely […]

  13. This stall is no more operating in O&S, rite?

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