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It was at the beginning, a plan to head to the famous Pantai Seafood at Kayu Ara. However, when we got there the whole place was all booked up, Kelvin the food expert then suggested that we go to this fairly unknown Restaurant City Star instead. Trusting the guy and his taste, especially after we went for the Kampung Atap curry fish head lunch, we agreed right away.

City Star Seafood Restaurant at PJ near Dataran Prima
the gwai lou loves his food

Comprising of two standard shop houses, the restaurant isn’t exactly very impressive on its size nor its interior decoration. Just a basic and clean setting with half the restaurant air-conditioned (non-smoking area). One thing I like about City Sun Star though, is the way they attach pictures on most of their menu item, giving the patrons an easier time ordering from the extensive selection of dishes. But since Kelvin was with us, we let the expert do the job.

City Star Seafood Restaurant at PJ near Dataran Prima
crab, prawn, fish, vege – we got it all covered

For the seven of us, we ordered 5 dishes. Crab fried with salted egg (咸蛋蟹), Thai style “mar yau” fish (马友泰式), Marmite prawn, tofu, and “four in a kind” vege (四大天王).

The selection was spot on, the crab was really good, firm and meaty, obviously very fresh. I found myself unable to stop licking the salted egg yolk off the shells. The Marmite prawn came de-shelled except the tail, but since it was deep fried, we just chew and ate the whole thing. The tail became crispy and actually tasted very nice, providing a contrasting texture.

City Star Seafood Restaurant at PJ near Dataran Prima
tofu was pretty good, we cleared all the plates eventually

The Thai style fish was deep fried with Thai sauce and lotsa garnish, reminding me of the Thai style chicken I had at PJ Old Town. I also especially like the combination in the vege dish, there were long bean, okra, petai, and kacang botol (winged bean), fried with sambal and some onion. Last but not least, the tofu did not dissapoint either.

Map to Dataran Prima, City Star Seafood
this is how you get to City Star at Taman Bukit Mayang Emas

The bill came to RM 177.14, with the biggest item being the 3 big crab costing RM 70 and the other dishes and drinks making up the rest. It was defintately worth it, for only about RM 25 per person to have such quality and well prepared food.

No 8-10, Jalan BM1/2,
Taman Bukit Mayang Emas,
47301 PJ, Selangor

GPS: 3.124849, 101.595780
Tel: 03-7806-2168

Discuss : KY eats – City Star Seafood Restaurant (汕城海鲜饭店)near Dataran Prima, PJ

  1. Hmm… were looking out for your boss or something when you were typing? It’s City Star .. not Sun
    “One thing I like about City Sun though,….”

    Though theoritically the Sun is a Star….

  2. me no expert leh – still learning but very happy to share makan places. what’s next you wanna makan?

    how come ST look like so full until wanna throw up hahah.

    anyway, there is a City Sun a few doors away… so make sure u get the right shop!

  3. Hey.. KY,
    Really good price..! only 25 per pax..!! plus food was good..!
    Didn’t know that “gwai loh” is back in KL since no update on his blog.

  4. u should have tried their roasted pig hand..? i dont know what the actual name is, but i swear its great man

  5. that’s cheap man…. btw…nice drawing too..haha

  6. ed, yes their chu sau is good…. but if i had ordered that, scared too much to finish

  7. Their food’s good! Actually, there’re plenty of food places in Aman Suria that’re really good. 😀

  8. KY… City Star’s claypot lou shi fun is the bomb!!!!

    there’s this ‘restaurant’ in Taman Tun *the row behind Shakey’s* which claims to serve nice claypot. fails miserably.

    Nex time you’re in City Star again, do try their lou shi fun.

  9. Went and eat there, the food sucks… and very expensive… not recommended! will not go there again.

  10. Eddie,

    You are definitely the odd one out, I have been the place several times and always satisfied in terms of taste and value. Sure you did not end up at the corner restaurant with a similar name?

  11. We ordered Jiu Pai Ma Yau Fish…. we 6 person there also cannot eat finish that fish because is too sucks…

  12. Somemore the fish is not fresh!!!

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