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The news on the tragic end of the Croc Hunter Steve Irwin came pretty shocking to many of us. To pay tribute to the fun and whacky celebrity conservationist, I’ve decided to head to Chow Yang for a meal of Stingray ikan bakar. I think I’m not the only one who did this.

Stingray Ikan Bakar at Chow Yang, SS2
are you hungry for some ikan bakar?

I went over to the stall and picked up a slab of stingray and top it with some okra (ladies finger). Other types of vege you can choose to accompany your fish are long bean, petai, onion, and kacang botol (winged bean). You can also choose to have all of those veges as the side as well.

Although it’s called ikan bakar, the fish is not exactly grilled over fire. Instead, the guy pan fry the fish with a piece of banana leaf in between while applying the sambal paste on top. About half way through, a wok cover is used to blanket the fish while some water is squirted on just next to the fish, creating a steam. I believe this is how the fish is kept from being too dry while getting it cooked thoroughly. This cooking method is different from the Malay style ikan bakar I had near KLCC.

Stingray Ikan Bakar at Chow Yang, SS2
so tender you can just chew down the cartilage with the meat

The result was a fully cooked and very tender stingray meat with plenty of flavor from the sambal paste. The okra on top has a different texture and taste to serve as a very great compliment to the fish. Some sourish and spicey sauce with onion accompany the dish as well. The stuff is so delicious even the mat salleh loves it.

Stingray Ikan Bakar, map to Chow Yang, SS2
Chow Yang at SS2, just behind KAYU

The dish costs me RM 13, pretty fair price. While Chow Yang opens 24 hours daily, this stall operates at night only.

Jalan SS 2/6
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.116862, 101.617377

Discuss : KY eats – Stingray Ikan Bakar at Chow Yang, SS2

  1. OMG, I had stingray ikan bakar for dinner last nite too! 🙂

  2. walau.. reli so many ppl go eat stingray meh

  3. Yah Chow Yang rocks, long time haven’t gone there.

    Yat gor fukien min!

  4. Anyone tried the ikan bakar at Baywatch? Not bad leh plus beer

  5. Blurgal,

    well, with beer most things tastes better. hehehe.

  6. was at main ss2 last night with ikan bakar also hahahaha

  7. That will teach them stingrays to behave…

  8. You should try the ikan bakar at Petaling St, next to the longan drink shop. But try to be early….waiting time is around 45 mins. But worth waiting.

  9. Ivy, is that the one just outside Hong Leong Bank? That one is amazing. The best I have tasted, but I really have to find the time to go there and sit and wait. To go there I would have to think of what I want to eat before I get hungry, and that is quite difficult for me.

  10. foodcrazee

    is the ikan bakar at the main square still that nice ?

  11. hey..since u love to explore nice food…

    have u been to kota damansara new area?…

    lots of nice one…some r nicer than those u mentioned

  12. Fidel Gastro…yes yes…dat’s the one. Waiting time is 45 mins…but you can order some nice hokkien noodle from opposite stall while waiting.

  13. […] locations around PJ and KL, including some of the more prominent stalls such as the stall at Chow Yang, SS2 and the “famous” stall at this kopitiam at PJ State. However, they usually turn out to […]

  14. Mara Hicks

    see those pictures of ikan bakar make me very hungry, look amazing

  15. Mara Hicks,
    eat! 😀

  16. ss2 n batchwatch same hawker.. but now no more at baywatch ad. awesome IKAN BAKAR. heaven like!

  17. yyan,
    ooo Intresting! 😀

  18. […] Ikan bakar never looked so pretty. I found this blue spotted stingray (the colors are gone when you .. bakar them :S) hidden under some corals, these bottom dwellers usually like to hide under boulders, which makes this quite an opportunistic capture. I like how the blue spots turned out. […]

  19. Chow Yang shifted to a smaller middle shoplot. Now the original shoplot think sold to Indian which similar like behind its Kayu restaurant & named Ho Ho Chiak. I went there yesterday& ordered Teh ice. Cost me RM2.30
    I think the fella laugh at me & I doubt the price if he simply raise the price.
    Missed those days Chow Yang. Hope Chow Yang can get back their corner lot again.

    • Tim: ahh, that’s a shame. The previous “real” owner of chow yang is now at a middle lot too, maybe just.. “feng sui” :S

  20. Hi guys,

    the stall had just branch out to a restaurant at Kota Damansara!!!

    Restaurant Manta Grill Fish

    21-1, Jalan 5/4 Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara.
    Near RHB bank and Chili Pan Mee.

    This time you can enjoy your meal at a cosy, air-con restaurant.

    Another good great news ! Lunch set for RM 7.90 only.

    Imagine GRILL FISH + DRINK for RM 7.90. Its a steal!

    there’s other HOT PANAS food such as TomYam, Nasi Lemak, Curry Fish Head, Sotong & Vege sambal.

    Hungry? Come over and support us now.

    For further info,

    Chow Yang sold to a singaporean btw.

    Our stall will still remain there though.

  21. and dear Mr KY, come over and review us again kay?

  22. Is it possible to give the new address for Chow Yang?
    Is the hokkien mee stall at the new place?

    • John: I think it’s just a few doors down the road, but the hokkien mee is still at the same location (under different management and renovated).

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