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Continuing my eating spree back in Penang, I visited one of my favorite Mee Goreng stalls located at the small hawker center at Mount Eskin. This stall has been operating for well over twenty years, before there were any hawker centers at the same spot. Owned by one of my primary schoolmate’s mom, it used to be the Indian lady who does all the frying, but nowadays the son (my friend’s brother) has taken over the helm.

Mee Goreng at Mount Eskin, Penang
cozy little hawker center

The mee goreng in Penang is served slightly different from those you find in the Klang Valley, and argueably tastes alot better. Other than the usual ingredients such as shrimp cake, tofu, and egg, there is also bean sprouts and squid that you don’t find at mee goreng served up at, say, the SS2 mamak stalls. Some fresh vege and a slice of lime tops the dish. Apart from the ingredients, the dish is usually served wetter than their counterparts from KL.

Mee Goreng at Mount Eskin, Penang
squeeze the lime, and proceed to clean the plate

The mee goreng here costs RM 2.50 a plate without egg and RM 3.00 with, a little pricey for Penang standard but worth the gastronomical satisfaction in my book. Next time you head to Penang, don’t just glut yourself with the usual char kueh teow, curry mee, and laksa, there’re alot of other awesome hawker offerings too.

Map of Mount Eskin, Penang
just a short distance from Island Plaza and Gurney Drive

The hawker center operates from around noon to about 4 something in the afternoon daily.

Jalan Mt. Erskine,
Tg. Tokong, Penang

GPS: 5.450560, 100.302064

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  1. wow…..nice blog. i think u r the only person that i should get help when i need to find a good hawker food in penang!!

  2. although i’m in penang, i haven’t try this mee goreng stall before!

    the most famous mee goreng in penang is the one in bangkok lane. the 2 mamak men who fried the mee can speak hokkien very well!

  3. So, you know Wen Wei?

    KY: er.. no.

  4. Maybe you should change your blog name to “KYeats”… you do seem to eat more than you speak.

  5. nathaniel c

    have u tried esplanade mee sotong?

    thats my fav… tee hee

  6. You know what, I just couldn’t bear carry on reading ur blog. TOO MANY YUMMY FOOOOOOD!! I almost got dehydrated due to drooling non-stop! Let me take a break. I’LL BE BACK!!!

  7. The mom is chinese not indian lar dude. the dad is indian.

    However, it doesn’t taste as good as it used to be. the mee sotong in esplanade mentioned by nathaniel c (i bet its the food court near the roundabout) is good and damn spicy. Another good mee goreng is the 1 opposite my house dude.

    KY: hehe you’re right, terlupa

  8. forgot, the really good stuff in this food court is the koay teow t’ng.

  9. I miss the food there! You should try the dry koey teow th’ng there too. i never miss it whenever im back home!

  10. who is the Eve? same opinion

  11. […] Following the post on mee goreng at the Mount Eskin hawker center, some of you have commented on other food available there, such as the kueh teow soup. Yes, there are more than a few awesome hawker stalls there. I went to the same place the second time in as many days and had the Curry Mee, since I was too lazy to drive to Lorong Seratus Tahun for the same thing that tastes just as good. […]

  12. You guys forgot the mee goeng in Air itam.Near Penang Hill.Sedap betul.Mee rebus is good here.

  13. we fomous mee goreng,we open new outlet in kl. pls visit our thanks

  14. came n tery our mee goreng

  15. […] in spiciness, and the fact that I’ve had some pretty good mee goreng like from here (PJ), and here […]

  16. […] to Penang, there are a few hawker food that I usually do not miss. The char kueh teow, curry mee, mee goreng, and also kueh teow soup such as the one at Lebuh Armenian. The other dish would be this famous […]

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