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Pork tripe soup (猪肚汤) is among one of the harder to find dishes at the everyday Malaysian kopitiam, though a pretty common item in a traditional home cooked dinner during festive seasons. It is the dish that my mom always for worshipping the ancestors on the various semi-religious “anniversaries”.

猪肚汤 pork tripe soup at USJ
traditional dish at old school kopitiam

When my housemate suggested we go to Weng Soon Jaya (新永顺茶餐室)at USJ 17 to have the pork tripe soup, I was eager to try it. The restaurant is of a normal kopitiam set up, with over half a dozen stalls offering familiar dishes such as chicken rice and wantan mee. The stall taht offers pork tripe soup was easy enough to spot as it was the busiest.

Most of us ordered the pork tripe soup, but another friend who doesn’t take innards chose to have their soya sauce pork (豆油肉) which also come with hard boiled egg.

The pork tripe soup has a very strong white pepper taste, which is a common feature of this dish, however, the pepper did not overpower the sweetness of the soup. The tripe itself was nicely done to an easy-to-chew texture and wasn’t over cooked. Chicken feet was also used as an ingredient to further enhance the taste of the soup, the fusion of the two ingredients resulted a very flavorful soup indeed.

猪肚汤 pork tripe soup at USJ
I did not leave a single drop of soup

The soya sauce pork was very nice as well. The gravy wasn’t too salty and the cutting of the pork was from the slightly fatty but most delicious belly area. A hard boil egg and few slices of fresh cucumber makes up the rest of the dish.

Each dishes was close to RM 5.00 including white rice. A very reasonable price for some very good food. The stall does not open on sunday and only serves for late breakfast and lunch hours.

猪肚汤 pork tripe soup at USJ map
pretty easy to go to this place even if you’re not very familiar with USJ

Jalan USJ 17/1,
Subang Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.033705, 101.578892

Discuss : KY eats – Pork Tripe Soup at USJ (猪肚汤)

  1. I think it’d be strange to drink pork stomach (why tripe?!!) soup that wasn’t cooked at home, hehe.

  2. tripe, stomach.. same thing, no? =/

  3. Dear KY,
    hey hey… when i saw the title I lighted up! hehehe!!! I KNOW this place. it’s okay okay oni la…

    There’s this place that I used to frequent in Bkt Tinggi Klang. fulamak.. sedapsssssss…. (uhmmm… our taste may differ lah…)
    But I dun mind going there anytime.. hehe!can go together…

    They serve long beans rice/yam rice. also has braised taufu/pork/eggs…. etc etc.


  4. Wow ! Looks yummy. Not that far from where i stay. Let me print the map out.

    Aiyah…eat oledi must work out doubly hard at the gym!

  5. Er no, tripe is cow stomach, typically made from the first three of a cow’s four stomachs.

    KY: hence pork tripe and not just tripe, no?

  6. Tummy of a piggy… Ewwww… Me no likey. :p

  7. OMG! I used to frequent there quite often! Miss the soups! If u like nasi lemak, should try the one with the Indon lady manning the stall in the same coffeeshop as well. Her nasi usually finishes by mid-morning so u have to go early. Almost all her curries are damn nice and spicy– just the way I like it! ;>

  8. A38 Cruiser

    Hi! KY
    Lovely photos. I know we are talking a lot of tripes and I love it. Guessed I haven’t tasted it for about thirty years. Really missed it. These photos do bring a great deal of reassurance to my stomach. Keep up the good work.
    Btw, new to the blog. Still don’t know how to write my introduction. Any help would be greatful.

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  12. Hi Ky,
    I also like their soup there. However , just realized this stall no longer operate there…The stall already replaced by others.

  13. Felix^.^

    Hi! Heard that it had been shifted to USJ 12.. anyone knw where’s the exact place?

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