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The gwai lou was the one who suggested that we have this great curry fish head at Kampung Atap over the weekend, with Kelvin the walking encyclopedia of eating places in the Klang Valley leading the way.

Curry Fish Head at Kampung Atap, Kuala Lumpur
The place, the fish head, and Kelvin the connoisseur

The Kampung Atap curry fish head place (as it doesn’t seem to have a name) is hidden in the midst of the sprawl that is KL. Situated just a stone’s throw away from Jalan Syed Putra but yet not exactly easy to find. However, fear not, there’s the map at the end of the post. This establisment is operated by Mamak under the set up typical of such operations, tables under the roof with no luxury of air conditioning. However, there are plenty of trees surrounding the area making it a rather cozy environment.

We arrived at around 11:30am and it was just half an hour too early as the curry wasn’t ready yet. We could see the chefs cleaning quite a lot of fish heads of various sizes (big, bigger, enormous). We ordered a curry fish head for the four of us, three pieces of honey chicken (ayam madu), two rather large squid, and some bean sprout. Papadum and a dish consisting onion and green pepper soaked in soya sauce comes standard.

Curry Fish Head at Kampung Atap, Kuala Lumpur
papadum, bean sprout, honey chicken, curry squid

After having to smell the cooking for 30 minutes we were finally served with all the dishes. The fish head was the size of a tiger’s paw, and tasted very good. Curry flavour was strong yet not overly spicy. The fish was fresh too. Tau pok and okra accompanied the fish head as garnish.

The honey chicken (ayam madu) was the best I’ve had. The deep fried chicken is chopped and served seperatedly from the honey to ensure the texture remain crispy. The sweetness from honey and the slight saltiness from the chicken mixes very well. This is a must try item apart from the de facto curry fish head. The squid and bean sproud were pretty good, though not spectacular. We over ordered and wasn’t able to had to waste a big squid at the end..

Curry Fish Head at Kampung Atap, Kuala Lumpur
it was that good

As for price, this place doesn’t offer the cheapest mamak meal, but certainly one of the bests in terms of gastronomical satisfaction. The lunch costs us about RM 20 per person but it was well worth the price, certainly better than having KFC twice.

Short videos taken on 25th June, 2013

Map of Kampung Atap, Kuala Lumpur
Going to Kampung Atap from Federal Hwy (bottom), or Cheras (left)

This place opens for lunch, starting 12pm. I suggest you get there early as there might be a limited amount of fish head. When we left the place at 12:45 or so, the place was already packed.

GPS: 3.137259, 101.695676

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  1. FireAngel

    i think i shall have kfc today.

  2. Ah…yes. this one is right where the taste bud is. πŸ™‚ Other places like Sentul too, have good curry fish head. Ask kelvin, he should know about this too πŸ˜‰

  3. That Sentul place ah? I havent been there but someone told me about it over the weekend too. My regular place is E&O in Selayang actually… but Kg Attap has curry that’s more sourish (hence appetizing).

  4. actually we arrived at 11.15am… and waited till 11.45am when the food was ready…

  5. omg I just went there for lunch… and.. am… feeling… so… bloated.. now. Man, the curry is so delicious!

  6. is another review on the kampung attap fish head curry…i’ve had this for years…the honey chicken is another great treat from this rundown stall!

  7. Is there a hotel behind the chinese assembly hall leading to the place? Corner mamak?

    Have you tried the famous E&O Curry fish head in Taman Wahyu? Also best πŸ™‚

  8. look at those sotong’s innards la … damn kau much of cholestrol man … die die die …

  9. Kuzco,
    Haven’t had the chance to try the E&O curry fish head yet, heard good things about the place though.

    that’s actually sotong’s eggs. Yah, very high in colestoral.

  10. one of my fave place to have curry fish head and ayam madu. din order ayam goreng? that is nice too.

  11. I love this place too – when we’re skint, we’ll just eat the ayam madu with rice and when payday is in, it’s the huge fishhead curry for all.

  12. F the first, talk later!

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  16. hi,
    this is a fish
    you like ket
    for you have a kitten
    for @curry_fish_head_2jpg.

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  18. i think the fish at jln chow sow lin is better. lorong 3 of nt mistaken.. u can order it black n white. the price also cheap…… bt don shock if u see a small stall thr. haha

  19. […] Not a bad choice if you want to have curry fish head but nobody else does. If it’s on weekends and you have a small group of people, my recommendation goes to Kampung Atap Curry Fish Head. […]

  20. kinda funny when you used okra when locally known as Lady’s Finger. But your comment on the curry fish head made me drooling and begging for lunch time now

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