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Before the days of the Proton Waja limousine and the Proton Perdana limousine conversion service by the likes of Automotive Conversion Engineering, there were the Proton Saga limousine edition. Originally aimed for high ranking government servants and perhaps to encourage politicians to use local cars, this particular Proton never really took off, due to the obvious lack in aesthetics.

Black color Proton Saga Limousine
Black Proton Saga Limousine with rear wheel caps.

This particular car is pretty rare, so far I have only spotted them less than half a dozen times on the road. I wonder what kind of reception the owners get when showing up at the front door with such a perculiar car?

Silver color Proton Saga Limousine
Silver Proton Saga Limousine

Discuss : Original Proton Saga Limousine

  1. proton fan

    i’ve only seen a saga executive in penang, but not this limo type…

  2. Fuck u, I’ve seen dozens in Penang. Stop drinking and you’ll be able to see the world.

  3. That was a great post,I just subscribed to your feed.

  4. it look nice! hahaha =)

  5. who would want to ride in this POS

  6. HUHU AKU ADER SEBUAH DAH LAMA PAKAI SEDAP BAWAK N NAIK BROO KALAU NAK TGK MAI UMAH AKU HUHU mai kelate tgk ,,dulu kete aku ni anuar ibrahim pakai hhehhee

  7. skrg ni aku masih guna saga limosine,tahun 80 punya model ada 6 pintu.

  8. pak chad

    ada sesapa nak jual…0108937900 call

  9. ada member nak jual limo wira,sesiapa berminat call.0126105221

  10. Talib Samat

    Saya pun ada sebuah poron saga limo.
    Tahun 1991, sekarang masik OK. Drive syok gila

  11. dok cari proton saga limo la.tahun1991.nak jual tel saya 019 5544101

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