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It’s been a while since I last went for a buffet steamboat, in fact, it was Talipon in May. I guess it was because buffets always left me unable to walk. Then came the noobs suggesting that we head for the rather famous Yuen buffet steamboat at Sunway Mentari. I have passed the shop a few times and there was always a huge crowd, I guess it must be pretty good. So, why not?

Update 22/1/2014: the Yuen has since moved to 8G, Block A, Zenith Corporate Park, Jalan SS7/26 Kelana Jaya 47301 (behind Paradigm Mall)

Yuen Buffet Steamboat at Sunway Mentari
huge crowd all the time

Except that I was rather hungry, and when we got there at about 8pm, there were about a dozen tables’ waiting list ahead of us. It was about 45 minutes later when we were called for our table. Note to self: donot go there without reservation on a weekend when too hungry.

Once seated, we were asked for the choice of soup. Unlike, say, Shabu Shabu King, we were able to have both the tomyam and clear soup in the same hotpot. We headed to the buffet line right away. The selection of items in this restaurant is bigger than the previous two restaurants mentioned, and they are not stingy on the more expensive items either. Plenty of big shrimps (both salt and fresh water), crab, squid, and shell fish for the taking. They were all pretty fresh too.

Yuen Buffet Steamboat at Sunway Mentari
they didn’t skimp on the offering

The tomyam soup was particulary good, with the right amount of spiciness and sourness, it gets even better as you boil the various raw ingredients in the soup. I suggest always starting off with some crab or shell fish to give the soup base a stronger flavor.

Other than a few dozen types of seafood seafood, you can find poultry, beef, various types of fishball and fishcake taste-alike, more than half a dozen vege, kuih, fruits, ice cream, noodles, fried meehun and fried rice. I believe no pork is served.

Yuen Buffet Steamboat at Sunway Mentari
chicken wing was really good too

The claim of fame for this restaurant though, is not merely its steamboat offering, you can get that in many other places. It was their honey chicken wing. We stalked the cooked buffet line for quiet sometime before the chicken wing came out of the kitchen steaming, and it was some 30 seconds before the tray is empty again. We only managed to get a couple pieces per person. The tiny chicken wings were indeed very delicious, with strong taste of honey properly marinated in the wings, it was something you’ll have to try for yourself.

Yuen Buffet Steamboat at Sunway Mentari
so now you can go there too!

The dinner costs RM 18.80 per person, add RM 1.00 for the free flowing Chinese tea and it’s still less than RM 20.00, a very reasonable for the type of food served. Yuen buffet steamboat only serves dinner.

32A-1, Jalan PJS 8/6
Mentari Plaza, Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.076211, 101.612098
Tel:016-2086678, 56375825

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  1. i tried the steamboat at the other end of yuen… twenty steamboat. cos yuen’s oways so crowded, so we opted for twenty instead. i guess they all server the same thing 🙂

  2. its hard to get the wings u know, for the first few times i was there, i never even tried the wings …

  3. “We stalked the cooked buffet line for quiet sometime before the chicken wing… ” you need to quietly stalk the line?

  4. v0ices,

    as it is rude to stalk loudly, yeah. hehe

  5. u sure it only serves at night? Coz I remember going there to eat in the afternoon!

  6. Philips,

    You might be right, I read it serves only at night from some other blogs. hee-hee.

  7. hoah, huge prawns.. slurpp @.@

  8. the chicken wings are the killer!!! My seat was just next to it but still unable to get them! hahaha.. yea I would recommend for this rest for steamboat buffet. Cheap and NICEEEEEE :p Yum yum now.

  9. KY, u tried the one in BKT Tinggi Klang ? they served fresh fish paste item…

  10. food lover

    weeeeeeeeeeeeee i miss Yuen steamboat laaaaaaaaaa!!!!

    i must go eat soon liao… i miss the chicken wing sooo much =P

  11. I like your blog a lot! Keep up the good work.

  12. wow that looks good… looks like a journey to sunway is due…

  13. haha, I used to frequent to Yuen Steamboat once I have time after my projects and tests. Their food wad nice, especially their ice cream and chicken wings!!! >.

  14. hey, me too have to grab the chicken wing, they are like 10 years never eat grabbing the wings there, scarry man!! they should have improve their food in adequate needs…

  15. opps forgot to add in this… overall the foods are nice and cheap, and you need to book a table on the weekend coz it always fully booked and full house, i remember when i finished my dinner at about 8.30pm and i saw the que long till 100m at the street, whew!!

  16. kl_fat_guy

    Siew kai yik,ngor chi sai chung yee sik…….. ( From Stephen Chow )

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  18. Yuen, I damn hate, because of Jason Ooi always like to go there.

  19. Who is Jason Ooi?Anyway, the things there not fresh enough.

  20. its that all the food have halal cert? not sure.

  21. mas,

    For Yuen, I doubt they have. However, I do have a halal category on this blog. 🙂

  22. hw come they said got halal cert. then u said u have. we dont even touch that things.

  23. toyzzzz,
    I said I have a halal category in this blog, not a halal cert.

  24. sorry

  25. i would like to try but is it halal?

  26. Hi KY, this Yuen’s is it halal? I love chinese steamboats but because of religious beliefs i must be selective lah. Thanks! Love your website.

  27. toyzzzzz,
    No worries. 🙂

    ros, saiful,
    That I am not sure, but I have seen Muslims eating there.

  28. bolehkah KY dptkan infomasi sedikit daripada restoran Yuen samada mereka ada atau tidak menggunakan apa-apa unsur babi tak dalam steamboat mereka. etc..sup, fishball…jika tiada..saya tidak kisah untuk makan di sana, walaupun tidak mendapat pensijilan halal, sebab saya memang meminati steamboat panas…please….!!

  29. acis,
    I pernah nampak golongan muslim makan kat sana. Rasa tak ada unsur babi dalam soup tomyam atau soup “clear” tu, hanya ayam.

  30. thanks for ur information KY…and i would like to get more info from u about others chinese food restaurant next time…

  31. acis,
    You’re welcome. 😀

  32. its coca cola chicken wing la.

  33. My ex-colleague’s folks own this place. She guarantees that its pork free without unsure ke-babi-an… Our multi-racial team used to go there for team dinners.

    (P/S: Tried to use “VIP” status to move up the waiting list – Tak dapat. Also requested seperate plate of chicken wings straight from kitchen – Also tak dapat)

    KY – What happened to Hantu Bola futsal sessions?

  34. eng,

    Hantu bola is dead, but I’m playing futsal every Thursday 10-11pm at Magic court seksyen 19. You’re welcome to join! 😀

  35. Tonight I will goto this restaurant~

  36. KY u sure Yuen Buffet Steamboat offers beef? Just now when I called for some enquiry, the owner arrogantly said that his shop only offers chicken meat and no beef, mutton nor pork.

    Have u any comment on Tasty Pot?

  37. DSvt,

    I haven’t tried Tasty Pot, but yah Yuen’s owner can be a bit arrogant sometimes..

  38. you hv to wait for calling to enter Yuen anytime u r there, and the son of Yuen Buffet Steamboat once hs told to his friends that Yuen’s target is prole or poor people, like indian or malay as well as low leavel chinese, so no matter how long they will to wait for the cheap meal, no matter how they r treated shitly, they will still put greedy smile on face—coz Yuen is cheap for cheap 🙂 never go if u r not as cheap as u r not.

  39. king,
    Hahaha, I eat all sorts of food be it for the poor or cheap or rich or medium. 😀

  40. KY, i wasn’t talking about food, Yuen’s food materials is good btw, but I was talking about the service quality and the feeling u hving meal there,what if it feels like shit? can u keep eating with that feeling? if yes, then good luck buddy

  41. king,
    I know what you mean, these days I don’t go there by choice. lol

  42. Yuen Buffet is so crowded but very sad to say, it has a very bad service.
    We went to the restaurant yesterday with my mom who is suffering arthritis and book a table early in the afternoon and emphasized that we need ground floor due to my mom difficulty of climbing stairs. Later when we reach the Yuen, they said, there is no table on ground floor and claim that we booked it too late (BUT THEY SAID OK IN THE AFTERNOON). I told him my mom cant stand outside due to her health condition but he said NO TABLE and WE BOOK LATE. We saw a few table empty there but they answer THAT IS FOR SIX or MORE PERSON but we have only FOUR. I tried to argue, and they said, there is no point being annoyed as THEY HAVE MANY CUSTOMER TO SERVE. I felt it is very unethical for a restaurant to let old folks waited outside unattended even if we have made a booking much earlier. What they care is to make more money. Well, finally I have to say this is the way customer is served in MALAYSIA, its not the only one providing such hospitality.

  43. TST,
    service’s never something they’re remotely close to being good, oh well.

  44. i went there just now….its huge resturent..very big, n very crowd….the food n the soup was ok…but the nice thing is u got soooooo many choices n soooooo cheap…with 18rm u can eat till u die, including sweets, ice cream n u can add 1rm for chinese tea (hot or cold) its very cheap, n many kinds to eat, dont know wat to eat…its alot…… a conclusion..(I LIKE IT) hehehehe….enjoy it guyz, hv a nice time there

  45. Ala,
    Great. 😀

  46. TST,

    Most Malaysians are not courteous to old people, what more those who want to make money out of you like these people. Sad to see the way our society has gone!!

    P/S: My mother also suffers from arthritis and has difficulty walking and climbing stairs. And I know how most people treat her and the people like her…

  47. LH,
    Ah, sad heh

  48. man this restaurant sucks man i dunno what happen to their quality of the food, i visit last time it was good but now OMG the seafood is NOT fresh at all and the service there is terrible compare to last time i think the owner fire all those that whose sallary is high and hire all those that dont even know english,malay and chinese.the number of people also decreasing even in saturday i can still see a lot of empty places and i thought i was lucky to get a seat

  49. CMM,
    this place used to be good, was a while since I last went though. I guess the opening of Tasty Pot must have had a huge impact on Yuen

  50. CMM,

    For your information we have not replaced any of our staff members for the past two years even though their salaries are increased annually. We would like to know which floor you were seated so that we can check which staff member is providing terrible service. Maybe then we need to replace this highly paid and lazy workers.

    To maintain our economical price we have no choice but to hire foreign workers who do tend to have communication problems.

    Which type of seafood was NOT fresh? All of them? Please elaborate so that we can check on it because you have our assurance that we have not lowered our quality of food. (especially now that competition is fiercer than ever)

  51. YUEN,
    ah, a good feedback. 🙂

  52. I was remember there wasn’t many patron come to visit Yuen in 4 years ago until…..LOOK @ THE MASSIVE CROWDS ! Ahem….luckily we have various choices of other steamboat restaurant in Sunway to eat.

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  55. Yuen Buffet Steamboat has moved to 8G, Block A, Zenith Corporate Park, Jalan SS7/26 Kelana Jaya 47301 (behind Paradigm Mall).You can call 012-2998463 or 016-2086678 for reservation/enquiries. Check out their website and 


    thanks i think be pleasantly suprised on how they have done up the new place and no short change on the 100 over ingredients


    I just want to say ki ye jo bhi hai bhot hi acha hai mujhe to bhot acha laga hai yaar to to mast hai bhai i like you

  58. Nishu Chauhan

    Mmmmmm…..yum. This looks totally amazing. I’m just starring at the screen looking at how delicious they look.

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