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Well, trying to be a model citizen and all that (as evident from this blog), I usually will give up my seat on the LRT for the elderly, people with disabilities, and pregnant ladies. Afterall, I do read my pal peter tan‘s blog and all, you know.

But I have a dilemma, and give me your suggestion on how I should solve this. There are a few times when a lady comes into the train and I cannot distinguished if she is fat or pregnant, what should I do?

I mean, if she’s pregnant and I don’t give up the seat, it’ll be my bad. But if she’s just, you know, slightly better endowed horizontally and I try to offer my seat, she might take it as an insult. It’s a dilemma… I can’t always pretend to be sleeping. =/

What to do???

Discuss : KY ponders – the fat lady LRT Dilemma

  1. ask her..”are u pregnant or are you fat because i want to give u my seat..??” but expect for the worst out of it.. maybe a slap or a kick in the groin perhaps…. hahahaha LOL

  2. It is always gentlemanly to give up your seat for a woman, irrespective of whether she is pregnant or not.

  3. A real gentleman always chooses to stand; so that seats will be available to the elderly, the kids, the ladies and the wimps.

  4. Peter & tigerjoe,

    Sometimes the train was empty when I got on, you know…

  5. haha, just dont seat lo, unless there is like 4 – 5 empty seats, so you will not need to waste ur brain power analysing if the fat lady is pregnant or is just fat … haha

  6. Should a woman give up their seat?

  7. If it’s empty then the question of whether to stand or not dont arise.

    But if it’s crowded/almost full then you can always stand to avoid the dilemma. You strengthen your leg muscles too !

  8. Well, for a moment, for the sake of argument please forget that I am a guy, a girl can face the same dilemma too, no?

    You are a girl and you are sitting down nicely, then came this fat/pregnant lady.. what do you do?

  9. Well, as a gurl, I do give me seats to elderly citizens, pregnant lady bla bla bla… But when it comes to a look-like-pregnant-lady-but-actually-is-a-fatty, just give up the seat lar! U know she’s fat mar.. wanna stand oso leg pain rite? Some more ure a guy, giving up seats for ladies no matter fat or thin or tall or short is still being a gentleman! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Some fatty-not-pregnant ppl would take it as an insult.

  11. bUttsH4k3r

    sorry, but i will not give up my seat to a fat lady. i don’t think she deserves it sometimes. but onto whether or not she’s pregnant… a little bit hard lah.

  12. inevitable

    This is one spot on topic!

    This morning at the train, i saw a pregnant lady, well i thought i saw one so i offered her my seat. She was kinda reluctant at first so I told her to go ahead and sit.

    Man, as soon as she sits, I want to burst out laughing la… the fact is she is not pregnant. Her baju kurung damn 9 labuh.

    I can see that she is feeling uneasy because the train was packed then and I suddenly offer her my seat. She must has thought that I am a pervert! Tiu

  13. when in doubt, give the seat over to the lady

  14. KY, a good deed will never go unnoticed. It may even educate the “pretend to be sleeping” bums to be more thoughtful. So if you are able to give up your seat for someone more deserving, you are blessed. Not everybody can do that. Certainly not me even if I had wanted to.

  15. Dabido (Teflon)

    ‘elderly, people with disabilities, and pregnant ladies.’

    I think I could pretend to be any of those! ๐Ÿ™‚

    ‘I canโ€™t always pretend to be sleeping.’

    You don’t have to. Just scream, ‘Oh no, my narcalepsy’ and pretend to collapse into a state of paralysis! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Lol. Heh. I think the best solution would be to see if they (or anyone for that matter) look like they’re in need or not. Then check your needs.

    If you’re exhausted, feel free to sit down or sleep until prompted.

    Could indulge in the minor health ailments you possess too. If any.

    Btw, thanks for visiting my blog. ^^

  17. Not an advice but an observation. If you’ve ridden the LRT daily for as many years as I have, you’ll also notice that ladies almost NEVER give up their seat for other ladies. Nop, not even for the elderly or the blind ladies. How’s that! Am not against women but if they don’t bother to give a hand to help their own gender, then why in the world do they expect men to do it? So KY, don’t bother to be nice lah, just pretend to sleep.

  18. Try to pinch the “fat person” if s/he fills the pain.. Else no pain, give up the seat.. Coz u’re gonna get into a fight with them, you gonna lose coz they don’t feel the pain as much as you do… LOL Let ’em have it…

  19. Just be true to yourself. If you wanna give her a seat whther she’s pregnant or fat, you still get ‘merits’ for your courteous behaviour. Gud job man!

  20. Gallivanter

    Simple, just ask her “how many months?”, if she gives you a funky reaction, make like a banana and split!! Hehe!

  21. just pretend to be sleeping.

    or just act dono.. like eevryone else ๐Ÿ˜›

  22. I donno. I’m more fascinated by your technorati tags for this post, which to me reads,

    fat LRT, pregnant train.


  23. The other day I got this look-like-pregnant lady standing beside me on the the train. I wanted to give up my seat but I was too lazy and tired. So I turned to my colleague and asked her to check and to double confirm if the lady is really pregnant or not. My colleague replied, “Nah, it’s her multi-layered of clothing.” ;p

    My attitude is:
    If you are old, disabled, pregnant or if you have toddlers with you, I’ll give you my seat.

  24. I was on the LRT once, sitting between two “horizontally endowed” individuals. I saw an old lady coming on board and I offered her my seat. The minute I stood up, the two “horizontally endowed” individuals simply occupied the space I vacated (by the sheer amount of body fat they had. The poor old lady just couldn’t squeeze herself into my seat after that.

  25. Din,
    You are sick. hehe

    That would have been a sight to see, have your camera phone ready next time (on silent mode)

  26. No no… we โ€œhorizontally endowedโ€ challenged individuals are not easily offended. So KY, the next time if we do take the LRT together and there’s only seat left.


  27. hey i encountered such incidents before in fact i did wrongly offered my seat to a non-preggy lady. noticed dat later but i din mind at all as long as i’m still able.

    sad case these days hard to find ppl including students to give up their seat. during my 9 mths of pregnancy, i still took public transport lrt, komuter & bus. out of the number of times thru out that 9 mths, i was only offered a seat TWICE!!! yeah TWICE on the lrt cos for bus usually i take those empty ones hehe

  28. you can tell if a lady is pregnant or not la…

    anyway, preggie or fat, just give the seats up…it’s chivalry at it’s best what.

    i rahter stand most of the time as the seats are kinda narrow for fat boy like me…usually it’s almost uncomfortable to sit in between two person during peak hours…

  29. gentleman la a bit KY. if u see a woman, just give-up ur seat. if they’re cute, offer ur lap instead. heh :p

  30. preg or not,i’ll still offer my seat. feels good seein d smile or just short thank u.
    make my day!
    ky:hey u cute! ๐Ÿ˜‰ kurve ur blog

  31. preg or not,iโ€™ll still offer my seat. feels good seein d smile or just short thank u.
    make my day!
    ky:hey u cute! ๐Ÿ˜‰ lurve ur blog

  32. Here’s another question. What if you gave up your seat to an old man….and then he gave that seat to his 15 year old wimp of a grandson who actually took it.

    Do you demand the seat back or punch the kid?

  33. punch the kid first then take the seat back! hahaha! ๐Ÿ˜€
    just kidding ๐Ÿ˜›
    but i would give the kid the evil eye look and then smile at the granpa for bein so nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. A38 Cruiser

    Take out a nice juicy piece of cake and offer her. If she accepts it right away then I would think that could be the cause of her obesity. In the other hand if she sees the cake and tries to vomit then she could be pregnant. If all failed, place your face on her stomach to feel if the baby is kicking. it’s worth a black eye after all the trouble you’d been through!

  35. Now I don’t understand why you shouldn’t give up your seat.

    1. If she is pregnant, you do a good deed.
    2. If she is obese, you insulted her. Next time she will go do exercise and loose weight. Also a good deed.

    Either way, you should feel happy, wut?

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