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Kiku Zakura Japanese Restaurant

To have a real Japanese food experience, one shall never look into the two big conveyer sushi chains that sprung up like mushrooms after rain in every shopping complexes at Klang Valley. To begin with, the sushis usually has as much raw fish on top of the machine made rice blocks as a duck’s tongue, which isn’t alot at all. Instead, go to places like Kiku Zakura, while the price might be slightly higher, say, 50% more, the extra expenses is very much worth it.

In fact, I have since given up on fast-food sushis. Read the rest of the entry at moNSTerblog.

MonsterBlog is no longer relevant.

Discuss : KY eats – Kiku Zakura Japanese Restaurant

  1. yeah, i like KZ too. Not too expensive and got smoking area also 😛

  2. Come to menjalara with me one day, it’s teh awesome.

  3. apple_pie

    yum yum 😀

  4. ShaolinTiger,

    I’m still working on to decipher your l33t map to the manjalara Japanese restaurant. hee-hee

  5. tigerjoe

    I like the sashimi boat at Kiku, it’s perfect for sharing between two or three people.

    The Japanese restaurant at Mandarin Oriental would also be worth a try, if only for their motoyaki salad.

  6. Menjalara? where and when?

  7. i fink rakuzen better..heh

  8. Hey, have u all tried Sugimoto at Hartamas ??!! It’s the best among all jpn rest, personal feeling tough 🙂

  9. ec,
    I’ve tried another one in Hartamas, but will give this a go if I happen to be near Hartamas one of these days. Thanks for the tips.

  10. Kiku Zakura still wins 🙂 Sugimoto, Rakuzen and Kiku Zakura about the same price but food wise, Kiku wins…

    And, out of curiousity… Why you eat so much but still so thin er? T.T

  11. hehehhehe!!
    i seriously fell in love with kiku zakura!
    and my all time favourite is Tori Negi Cheese Set
    (chicken with cheese n special sauce in a sizzling plate) SO YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. p|nk,
    Who said I’m thin? 😛

    ooo interesting, I shall try that dish sometimes. 😀

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