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caught between your teeth

What is the most annoying thing ever you experienced in public? I am debating between having a piece of meat stuck between your teeth, and that sensation you feel when you just let go a wet fart and didn’t know if it follow through..

What do you think? What is your experience?

note: This post is inspired by the suan who got a piece of meat stuck between her teeth for the better part of last night’s mamak session. No info on anyone having a wet fart.

Discuss : KY asks – your most annoying feeling ever?

  1. I think the meat/ veg stuck in tooth is the more irritating one feeling…
    (The wet fart thing, on the other hand, is just plain gross!)

  2. err…having clogged up nostrils filled with dry matter and itching to get them out?

  3. it wasn’t meat, it was a chunk of fat and it was annoying as heck

  4. Terenceg

    Feeling of having Endless Boggers and eye shits bugs the shit outta me…have to dig constantly !! ughhhhhh…..

  5. mizzvickz

    Most annoying would be when you can slowly feel your bra strap falling off your shoulder when ur walking and u have to like keep readjusting it. hahaha. too bad u don’t know how it feels like.

    anyways, what’s a wet fart? why is it wet? isn’t a fart just a fart? haha.

  6. OMG. it definitely has to be when my panties gets stuck in my butt crack and I cant do anything about it coz people are watching!!! Beats having meat stuck in your teeth anytime man. At least if you have meat stuck in teeth, you can discreetly use your tongue to coax it out,or close yr mouth wth hand and try to pick it out.

  7. mizzvickz,
    you don’t want to experience a wet fart.

    then how would anyone be able to wear a thong?

  8. what the f is a wetfart?!!?! your r farting disgusting man.

  9. Wearing a thong is different. It’s THERE already and you can’t see the visible panty line..But if you’re wearing the basic panty and half outside and half missing (where else, at the butt crack la) it’s SO much UGLY and very uncomfortable.
    Another annoying feeling is getting a sesame seed stuck at yr teeth and you can’t remove it cos it’s to damn small!

  10. Hahaha, thanks Sasha, guess you have the same grouse as mine 😉 yeah, sasha’s right. Thongs are designed differently, so that it doesnt BUNCH up and get stuck at the butt crack. That said, I dont like thongs, Im a T-back G-string kinda person 😉

  11. Now would someone care to explain what’s the difference between thongs, T-back, and G-string?

  12. Hmmm, how to explain ah. wish i could draw. I’ll try to explain based on MY understanding.

    Thongs = narrow piece of cloth at the butt, doesnt cover butt cheeks.

    T-back = is like a string that wedges itself between the butt cheeks, and is joined to the waistband, the string is VERY narrow, like string liddat la, so u cant really feel its there, unlike the thong.

    V back = (like T -string, but it has a small V shaped piece of cloth that joins the narrow string and the waistband).

    G string, (to me) comprises the Tback AND V back.

    Hahahahah, can SOOO imagine you trying to picture the above. Easiest = Get a girl to show you la 😉

  13. from “a piece of meat stuck between her teeth” to “G-string and thongs”

    best post EVAR!

  14. threadworms are really annoying. But only at night when they crawl out of your bum and start burrowing in the perinieum.

  15. MisterR,
    Hahahah that would really suck royally

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