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Fuel Cell toy carAfter years of waiting and billions poured into research, the first fuel cell car is on the market… find one at the toy store, that is. There’s no commercial fuel cell car that can fit a person yet, however, the introduction of the first hydrogen-powered fuel cell toy car is still a very exciting news.

The little car from Shanghai’s Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies comes with it’s own solar-powered station that generates hydrogen from tap water. The water and sun combination replaces the battery for the toy car, instead a baloon is used in the car to store the generated hydrogen. A full tank can lasts about 4 minutes of running time for the little car. In the case of cloudy day, battery power can be used instead of the solar panel to power the hydrogen generation.

Fuel Cell toy carUnlike conventional engines, the only byproduct from a fuel cell powered car is heat and water. No carbon dioxcide, carbon monoxide, or any other harmful particles from the familiar engine smoke. This toy car is the first step of getting us to a hydrogen economy, for around US$80 ($40 for car and $40 for charging station), you too can get a glimpse of the future.

No word on the top speed or how the car is controlled though..

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