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Been a while since this particular Fire Devil Angel came over and hang out with us. So when my housemate horny got back from China, she dropped by to claim her duty-free alcohol. Now we all know what’s the magnet to lure her, huh?

FireAngel making Baileys mix
sinner in her act

As usual, she started making drinks for all of us. There was 3/4 of a bottle of Baileys in my fridge that was last consumed during her previous visit (I kinda don’t drink, you know). The lady was supposed to make Bailey’s with milk, but there wasn’t any milk at home, what would you think she did?

The genius substituted milk with export strength Smirnoff Vodka and Kahlua instead. smart.

FireAngel making adding vodka and kahlua to baileys
still can camwhore sial.

That FA mix was actually pretty good, a change from her vodka ribena. I slept abit earlier that night. I’m a cheap drunk, what do you expect?

a bit tipsy..
we were abit tipsy.. heh


Discuss : KY drinks – a visit by the devil.. I mean FA

  1. Baileys is great!

  2. FireAngel


  3. whao… sure miss tat bailey… couldnt get it here in india also ler… go back must get d~! hahaha

  4. You’re all so… red.

  5. didnt know u work in KLCC area like me

  6. OH MY GOD SMIRNOFF BLUE???!?!?!??! I SCARE!!!!!!!!11111

  7. hey that’s an Inspiron 700m right?

  8. michael ooi,

    yeah, my housemate’s machine.

  9. Can see that u have 2 of my company’s product in your fridge..thanks for supporting.. 🙂

  10. Sasha,

    Coca-cola you mean? hehe

  11. Coke and 100PLUS Aqtiv

  12. Adrian C

    FA’s hair leaves plenty to be desired.

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