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My buddy horny was in China, he went into a restaurant and snapped a picture of this interesting menu. I have no idea which translation services they used, apperantly not the leading duo babelfish or google translate.

translation chinese to english
this is how babelfish and google translation works..

I guess when is banned, you have that much less resources.. Instead of dry noodle, 干面 went fuck. A fuck for $5 rnp, not a bad deal huh?

translation chinese to english in China
this is the version from a restaurant in China

Have a nice day! By the way, my first real article came out on the moNSTerblog, go check it out yo!

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  1. Waiter, I would like to have a fuck please!

  2. OMG.
    So, it’s like one of those restaurants where you can get “extra services” lah!
    …. and for only FIVE yuan?

    *peers at the menu piccy again*
    Actually, the “Pull Out The Silk Banana” item on the menu for twenty yuan sounds pretty darn dodgy too….

  3. J,

    Yah, and I don’t know what is a Gream corn either. lol.

  4. @Bryan: LOL That’s a good one!

    My god the translations o.o. F*ck is so far away from flour! (at least noodle is a little closer!)

  5. Bryan: then the waiter will ask u: “pat ku” or “tor dei”?

  6. Dabido (Teflon)

    ‘A fuck for $5 rnp, not a bad deal huh?’

    Ah, men without GF’s might think it is a good deal.

    Pull Out the Silk Banana, have a Fuck and maybe a quiche and spotted dick for afters!

  7. 🙂 hahahaha

    that’s like RM $2.50 for a fuck… oh.. could b u getting fuck for $2.5 😛

    anyway which part of china is this la… why bother the translation when it’s not helpin at all…

  8. saikua,
    I think this is Tung Guan, somewhere nearby GuangZhou

  9. ahahaha..pull out the silk banana and fuck, it will give you hot and sour feel.

    white gruel..may lay geh?? say porridge lah!

    why they so lazy check dictionary?? aiyoh, may as well don’t translate la, make ppl laugh only…

  10. sei horny, go up china pack second pull ?

    5 for a fuck, you sure u want ar ?

  11. Ashish C.

    Probably must’ve used Microsoft Translator – “The translator for the masses”. LOL

  12. Terry, wat for Pack 2nd pull when you can get a fuck for as cheap as RMB 5.00!

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