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If you’ve been to any pasar malam, I’m sure you would have seen the Uncle Bob Fried Chicken stalls. They seem to be operating like a franchised business, like McDonald’s or KFC, but at pasar malam level, following the success of fatty guy’s lok lok, I guess.

Uncle Bob Chicken at SS2 pasar malam
the prominent uncle bob stall

Uncle bob fried chicken’s tag lines:
1. remove skin
2. remove fats
3. making breast tastes like drumstick

I’m not sure if it does taste like drumstick, but the end result was pretty good. I usually have a piece whenever I go to the SS2 pasar malam on Monday night. The chicken breast meat is flattened and boneless, with a crispy outer layer from the breading, stopped with a choice of spicey or non spicey seasoning that reminds me of Old Bay seasoning.

Uncle Bob Chicken at SS2 pasar malam
the 4 steps – fry, season, cut, pack

The chicken is cut into bite size and you are given a stick ala rojak style to get access to the chicken so you don’t even need to get your hands dirty and having to lick your fingers afterwards. There’s no basin at pasar malam, just so you haven’t figure that part out.

RM 4.50 for a pretty big piece of chicken, give me Uncle Bob anyday over the KFC chicken chop please. By the way, the stall also claimed that they are halal certified.

Uncle Bob Chicken at SS2 pasar malam
this is the usual location of the stall during pasar malam

Jalan SS 2/61
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.117344, 101.621754

Discuss : KY eats – Uncle Bob Fried Chicken @ ss2 pasar malam

  1. i wonder Uncle Bob will survives if bird flu strikes again.

    btw, i heard SS2 had a major blackout recently.. pity them.

  2. Did you have to pay Uncle Bob for the chicken in return for this world wide web advertisement? He! he!

  3. PabloPabla,

    I wish, i wish.. no such luck. hehe

  4. WTH dude.

    The skin is the best part!

  5. Zeo,

    I love the KFC chicken skin too, but somehow Uncle Bob has decided he wanted to make this stuff slightly healthier I guess? hehe

  6. confused.bitch

    ooh…. Uncle Bob! it’s a MUST HAVE when jalan jalan pasar malam la…. 😀

  7. kimberlycun

    MAHAI .I.

  8. I’m a new kid in towm. How to get to there LRT ?From there I can walk to SS2.

    KY: you can take the LRT to taman bahagia and then take a cab to SS2, which will cost you not more than RM5, quite nearby from there.

  9. err, dont think so this chicken breast can lawan the drumstick or the “kai yee tou”

    but hey the chicken breast can lawan the kfc chiken chop anytime man … at least uncle bob is generous with the portion …

  10. Uncle Bob Chicken = YumYum! But I heard there’s another Yummy Fried Chicken in Klang. To be exact, in GoodWood [behind Andalas, opposite tesco’s housing area]. Only operates at night at the corner of the street along one of the shophouses. Go check it out la!

  11. Ashish C.

    Now don’t that look nice….. *Slurp*


  12. Sasha: Klang abit far.. will try to keep that in mind when I go there next, thanks!

    Ashish: good luck!

  13. David Chong

    Hello KY,

    Have been reading your blog and your group of friend’s for some time now, though i have yet to comment on any of them. Don’t know why though but i enjoy reading and going over photos of your food escapade. Keeps me updated on what’s hot and happening back home, not to mention what great food i’m missing.

    Take care man.


  14. After reading your blog, I went to SS2 Cheow Yang Pasar Malam to buy Unc Bob’s Chicken. Yum Yum. 2 uncle Bob stores in 1 pasar malam. I think he is damn rich. And did u see Uncle Bob himself? He look so cool with the bald head and his specs while frying the yummy chicken! And not to forget..The Q was so long for both stores! But one thing about after-effect of eating the chicken –> sore throat.

  15. David,
    Thanks for the vote of confidence!

    Haha, i think it’s a franchise, not sure if that guy is the real Uncle Bob, kinda like Ms Read and Madam Kwan, you know?

  16. Yup! But I think he is the original Uncle Bob. My frens also said he is uncle Bob. Maybe one day I should go and ask him… 🙂

  17. oh the klang fried chicken by 2 brothers. The 2 brothers are fried chicken kings.

    Come KY i take u go.

  18. Yes! the 2 Twin Brothers!
    KY go try la!

  19. PeNNyPupZ

    ehh.. they have a stall in Asia Cafe too! just next to the drinks counter thing.. hahahahah

  20. Yummy… It’s so delicious…


  22. Bob,

    You are right, the old man at KFC is Colonel Sanders. hehe, KFC is Kentucky Fried Chicken, from the state of Kentucky. 😛

  23. I am one of the share holder at Uncle Bob Stall at Subang SS15 Asia Cafe. Thanks for coming and try out this delicious meal 😉 Beside the delicious chicken chop, we also provide Uncle Bob Chicken Popcorn, Set meal and Hotdog… ..oopss… KY.. borrow your place to advertise 😛 hehe…

  24. Hei u Uncle Bob lovers out there, I’m operating an Uncle Bob stall at
    Tmn Mayang Jaya, at Rest.Tea-time near Lim Kok Weng, PJ and its
    the same row as 7-11. Its a corner coffee shop and I operate from
    9 pm – 1 am. You can get there by taking the LRT to Kelana Jaya, then walk across the overhead bridge, pass by Rest. King Crab n some houses, whoalah you’ll see 7-11 and my stall. Come & check it
    out. KY, thks a lot 4 using ur place to advertise my biz.

  25. KY,can u show me the way how to start uncle bob fried chic.coz im interesting to sell this yummy food someway in klang vally.

  26. TM, I just heard from my brother that he is the main Franchise holder of this business. So please contact me and I will lead you to him, Ok? I can be reached by sms 019-5603445.
    In fact I just spoke to him and I did not know he was making so much extra money!

    Hey KY – Ithink you deserve a bigger treat from Uncle Bob lah! (How about introducing me potential entrepreneurs like TM and we can make some money along the way too!)

  27. Hi KY, I have researched info. about Uncle Bob and found your blog here. I like to eat Uncle Bob very well ^0^

    Actually I’m thinking (and planning) to have the Uncle Bob franchise also, that’s y doing some researches 1st.

    Wow it’s really famous nowadays! But 🙁 major areas already been occupied by franchisers as above… Gonna find out my empire as soon as possible… …

  28. just call 03-78804882 if you are instrested in selling/franchising the business within malaysia (including sabah and sarawak!

    just trying to help!

  29. Good……u heva UNCLE BOB Website??

  30. ChickEnKING

    CHICKEN CHOP KING XXL is better than uncle bob. Uncle bob is getting attacking, they must do something. Cannot remain the old style running business…..

  31. i saw XXL chicken king before! its like a COPY CAT,,copy all the uncle BOB style!! advertisment,chicken,colors,,,etc.Try to confuse the customers! And the chicken,,no good lar,,like AJINOMOTO flavored chicken chop,,after eating the chicken i feel so thirsty!!! i prefer uncle bob~~!

  32. Walau….
    There are alot of “FAN-PAN” (imitation/fake) taiwan fried chicken. tried the imitation one although its RM4.50 compare to Uncle BOB RM4.80…. Uncle BOB is worth every single cents.. but that is just my opinion.

  33. I think Alisan Fried Chicken is similar with Uncle BOB.. I’ve tested, Surprising, it more delicious than UNCLE BOB. Uncle bob seem like “UNCLE” Outdated already.

  34. haha! if you think AXISAN is more delicious and UncleBOB is outdated. you wouldn’t write “Alisan Fried Chicken is similar with Uncle BOB”!! GO EAT YOUR OWN WORD. SUCKER.

  35. wah cool, got website now!

  36. Wah, now looks like Uncle Bob stalls are splattered all over the northern states especially Penang. Like chicken laying eggs all over the place and hatching.

  37. Dyoyo,
    Ya looks like the franchise is doing very well.

  38. We have a new product..its now selling in various pasarmalam. check it out on the website.

  39. Hi every one, there is another brand i saw in Taman Miharja, Cheras monday pasar malam ,name “XLL – Chiu Tai Tai(cantonese)fried chicken king from taiwan as well.The taste is not bad.Can compete with uncle Bob.Got his own original taste.What u guys think?

    I start eating uncle Bob it taste good and i never try “XLL Fried Chicken” before.The both stall selling at the same time at different corner.suddently uncle Bob stop selling event the stall was located at the entrance of pasar malam and “XLL fried chicken” located at center. Why? can anyone from uncle Bob comment?

    I wonder why uncle Bob stop selling there and force me to try “XLL fried chicken”. Maybe the “XLL Fried Chicken” taste better? my personal comment is both of them has it’s own original taste.Now i prefer “XLL fried chicken” more. Try it!!!!

  40. Sheldon,
    That’s interesting. I haven’t been to a pasar malam for a while now, will be sure to check it out next time I find myself at one. 🙂

  41. can i have the chicken chop recipe?what kind of flour do chicken chop use?

  42. dyno,
    I wish I know the recipe too!

  43. is this a franchise business? do anyone know how to start a uncle bob business? how much is the investment? it’s look like a good business.

  44. kelly,
    try to contact 019-5603445. See previous comments on top 😀

  45. KY where did you get the no.019-5603445 ?

  46. Anyone wants to know about Uncle BOB just go to
    or call our Hotline 03-78804882. Thank you~~

  47. To be honest uncle bob chicken is just too dry and bland in taste. And at times its filled with much oils.

    its horrible

  48. CAN,
    From their website I believe. 🙂

    Thanks. 😀

    Perhaps your experience was different but mine was pretty good. 🙂

  49. is uncle BoB is gay ??

  50. Misha,
    There is of course, always a remote possibility…

  51. We are now situated in front of Mcdonalds at SS2 Night Markets every Monday.

    See you guys there~!

  52. BOB,

  53. hai UNCLE BOB i cll from pinang pls give4 no telepone ….thks

  54. Mohd anas

    just call 0378804882 or visit our website

  55. 😡 uncle bob can i know what is the capital cost of fried chicken franchise ?

  56. mummygarang

    Ya La…where is uncle BoB?i wud like 2 no as well as i cudn’t find it in da website…how much exactly the cost 2 be 1 of da franchaisee….TQ… 😛

  57. Jamuraiapiagandungu

    Sekarang saya wat biz char kuey tiow d psr malam
    cadang nak jual ayam goreng uncle bob ni
    berapa kos agak nye

  58. i would like to know the address and the phone no of uncle bob please?l like it very much.

  59. uncle bob ipoh


    COMING SOON ON FEBRUARY!!! Our stall is located at Ipoh Garden, Opposite Nasmir Restaurant, Behind Tesco Ipoh Garden.

    Special Opening Promotion:

    BUY 1 FREE 1
    * Buy 1 Uncle Bob Fried Chicken FREE Potato Fries* (subject to change)

    FB: Unclebob Ipoh
    TEL :014-3058360

  60. i had my first try of UB fried chicken at tg bungah penang pasar malam. Anyone know any UBFC outlets at Kota Dsara/1utama/ttdi areas? I checked the internet whc noted thr was one at Neighbourhood Restn in PJU5 kota dsara but i went during lunch time today and couldnt find it. Thanks fr any tips.

  61. damak desa

    berapa RM ya ..modal untuk buka biz ni..harap dapat membantu..berminat juga nak buka ..area Kedah.

  62. 019-2214882 or 0378804882

  63. I called 019-2214882 and 03-78804882 but no answer. Is this a correct uncle bob phone number?

  64. Nurull Bahya Binti Suliman

    I LOVE UNCLE BOB because it was delicious 😋

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