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Here are four interesting pics I took from the noobish camera phone. An interesting DVD cover, a famous butt crack, a cat with tongue sticking out, and a lady with a wardrobe mulfunction. Have a great week! 😀

wild screen dvd
Wildscreen collection? must be some new technology

blogger butt crack
A famous blogger’s butt crack, no prize for guessing the right answer

cat with tongue stincking out
A cat who is trying hard to look like a dog

piggy shirt
A wardrobe mulfunction? or just bad fashion sense?

Discuss : KY saw – four interesting pics I took

  1. Aiks! The poor kitty suffering in the heat hence it’s panting and that Malay lady is mad to wear a piggy t-shirt.

  2. Terenceg

    i personally like the last picture. Shows open minded totally uber fashion. Cute pig and Pig are two totally different subject…noted noted

  3. Aiks! Maybe that ma lai ren thought it’s a bear?

  4. spiller

    looks like an Ang Moh’s butt crack, yes?

  5. meekiee

    awww the piggie is so cute on the shirt. hahaha. should it be a halal shirt also? gee

  6. Buy me a cat!

    KY: how about a kitkat?

  7. Shaolin Tiger’s buttcrack !

  8. Yah my butt is the pwn tbh.

  9. piffles

    i like hijackqueen’s answer. AhaHAHAH

  10. kimberlycun

    ROTFLOL i cant decide which is the most pwn

  11. nice pictures… clear and better resolution than my “ghey” phone.. :/

  12. Can’t be ST’s butt.. there’s no hair at all!!

  13. spiller

    that Puma sneaker looks familiar.

  14. kimberlycun

    spiller: it’s mine!

  15. aw: and you would know for sure there is hair because… ?

  16. Lolz, they put it as “Wild Screen” instead of “Wide Screen”…
    Ahem… no comment on the piggy shirt *shake head*

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