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A Painted House by John Grisham

A Painted House is a vastly different work from the usual John Grisham courtroom dramas. This is a story about a 7 year old farm boy, Luke growing up in rural Arkansas, detailing everything that happened in a few short months.

It was the cotton harvest season of 1952, Luke stayed with his grandpa, grandma, mom, and dad on the farm. For the harvest, they acquired help from a hill family and a bunch of Mexicans. Other characters include the poor Latcher family, Luke’s friend Dewayne, and the grocery store owners Pop and Pearl.

The story never strayed from Luke, it was told as a commentary of his life. Luke had to endure a lot of secrets, two killings, a forbidden love affair between the Mexican and the hill girl Tally, the secrets between Luke and Tally, and the fatherless baby from the Latcher family.

You will undoubtedly start rooting for Luke as the pages go by. The book speaks of both the good and the evil, and gives a very vivid and beliveable life of rural Arkansas in the 50s.

This is one of the better books I’ve read, certainly the best from John Grisham. Pick it up if you have the chance, or you can go to the link above and read through the computer screen, PDA, cellphone, whatever..

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  1. thanx for commenting on my blog.

    Just to let u know, Chinatown is just 10 minutes walk from Sakuragichou.

  2. Iced Nyior

    Looks like its a really good read. i really like john grisham’s books. thanks for the link 😀

  3. Hie KY, ive read almost all of Grisham’s works, but my fave is still The Firm, and 2nd would be Runaway Jury. A Painted House IS rather different compared to his usual fast paced stories. However, I find it a TAD bit unbelievable. I mean c’mon, as a 7 year old kid, what on earth do you remember doing? As of today, I only remember forgetting to do my math homework and nearly peeing in pants when the teacher found out 😀 This Luke is a bit too mature/unbelievable at times.

  4. IMO it’s one of Grisham’s best work. BTW avoid The Broker at all cost, it’s just really bad.

  5. yup. i enjoyed this book.
    ooh, The Broker is that bad huh? i’ve stopped collecting his books since The Summons – ugh.

  6. Been quite some time since I last read a Grisham.

    Nice review. A nice change after 4 posts of eating places. 😉

  7. I’ll rate The Runaway Jury No.1
    still yet to read this book though
    but i find The Broker very nice, it’s illogical at some part of the story but overall the plot is good

  8. Kristine

    Grisham has a way with words. His endings always leave you wanting even more of his book.

    The Painted House is pretty good, but his best work so far, in my opinion would be A Time To Kill, his first novel.

  9. Mr Green

    haha.. u know, i know i’ve read this book before, but when i read your review, it was like something completely new… hmm… i think u did it very well… i think the problem’s more wif me… anyway, congrats on another nice piece of work…

    KY: thanks thanks

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