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Sotong suggested that we go to this fishball place at Seapark that she found out from her colleague. Since I am always in an adventure mode when it comes to food, and this place is rather close to where I stay, we gave The 60s Teow Chew Fishball a try last weekend.

The 60s Teow Chew Fishball at Seapark
pretty cozy atmosphere, clean and air-conditioned (somewhat)

This restaurant is not very different from the Fishball Noodle soup place in Damansara Jaya (next to Atria). Both serves fishball noodle soup, fish cake, a few different yong tau foo, and so on. However, one noted difference is that they also offer curry soup instead of just plain soup and dried version for the noodle (see picture below.)

The 60s Teow Chew Fishball at Seapark
pretty healthy food, tastes good too

We ordered the fishball noodle soup with curry and clear soup, some fish dumplings, and yong tau foo. We had wanted to order the deep fried fish paste in order to compare with the other shop, but unfortunately they ran out of stock. Another item that is worth mentioning is the fish skin wanton, gotta try that next time.

The 60s Teow Chew Fishball at Seapark
nice on-the-wall menu

The homemade fishball tastes pretty good, has a firm and springy texture that chews pretty well. The clear soup is nothing to shout about but pretty much what you’ll expect. As far as the yong tau foo goes, I’ll still stick with the Ampang store. However, the deep fried fish dumpling was very good, I recommend it.

The entire menu is mounted on the wall, with Chinese and English language, together with the price. A pretty nice touch.

The 60s Teow Chew Fishball at Seapark
best seapark map you’ve seen, i bet.

GPS: 3.109074, 101.622344

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  1. Hmm… they have a branch in Manjalara too now. I especially like the fish cake – must be a popular item since it’s apparently always out of stock.

  2. apparently this outlet’s fish ball is made from what the chinese called TAUFU YU – supposed to be damn good and the texture is “SORNG HAU”.

  3. They changed their name! It used to be called Tang House of Fishball. One of my fav places to eat which I have reviewed before.

  4. spiller

    yeah, nice map, except that the Shell logo looks like the chef’s hat 😛

  5. Next, you have to try the Hockchew fishball. Dem nice!

  6. Veri diligent!!!
    I was introduced to this place on MOnday, but it was too late only managed to haf their yeong bittergourd+taufu pok+wantan (oohhh their wantan is nice lar)… Went again to ta pau their fishballs n stuff last night… Wah.. nice! but a bit pricey lar (kl standard price…) When I go to Ipoh again, will make sure I take camera and snap more pics…..

  7. […] Ever since I moved to Klang Valley I have been wanting to find a decent kueh teow soup, one of my favorite dishes that you can find just about anywhere in Penang. Now there are many decent fish ball noodle soup around here such as the 60s Teow Chew fishball, and the other one in Damanasara Jaya, however, the ingredients are slightly different from a true kueh teow soup. A true Penang style kueh teow soup comes with fishball, sliced fish cake, chicken strips, sliced pork, and vege to go with the kueh teow (or your choice of noodle). […]

  8. One should also know that his restaurant allows patrons to add/top-up noodles at no cost. I really like this FOC noodles topup! Ideal for a glutton like me!

  9. Tapao kueh teow soup with Tupperware! | KYspeaks

    […] lied, that line wasn’t what I uttered to the employee at 60s Teow Chew Fish Ball Noodle Restaurant at Sea Park, for the very simple fact that she is probably a Chinese national who does not speak […]

  10. this plcae the soup stuff damn a lot of msg. dude, maybe you should state how much msg is in it when you do the articles as a lot of the older folks are sensitive to such things. you know lah, sometimes take the old people out makan have to watch out for such stuff.

    • ccdev: i thought this place has the “NO MSG” sign prominently stated at the premise? O.o

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