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I was at outside KLCC tower two one afternoon after work and spotted the Proton Waja Limousine that I believe, own by a high ranking government officer or politician.

Proton Waja limousine
front view, not the government emblem on top of the number plate

Not to be confused with the Proton Chancellor, this is a true limousine version that is alot more elongated than the former. Form the look of the back, it shares the same exhaust tips as the 1.8 version. My best guess would be that it uses the same 1.8 liter Renault engine.

Proton Waja Limousine
side view, you can see the limousine version is much longer

I did not manage to find information on this model, I guess it’s a limited production solely for government usage. A pretty decent looking limousine model.

Proton Waja Limousine
back view, you can see the double exhaust tip

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  1. Yes, saw the car too, and the owner. It’s the official car of Minister Effendi Norwawi. Until then I didn’t know Waja had a limo edition.

  2. Yeah I’ve even seen Saga limo, must say this one is much better looking πŸ™‚

    KY: the Saga limo was abit unsightly, to say the leastΒ 

  3. Ya, I saw it once ago, thought it was Proton Chancellor πŸ˜› Anyway, nice rims… πŸ˜†

  4. Ex-PM also got ONE lah! BTW

    YAU MOU GAU…CHOR!! WHY It can passed PUSPAKONG inspection requirements????

  5. car look nice but it is too high and not stabil went

  6. Fong Chun Neng

    Hi, I’m Urgently Looking For Pardana Limosine prefer year 2000 and above.
    Please call me at 016-5550 550. or 05-5422 888.
    Thank You Very much.

  7. francis goh teck phong

    hi, i am looking for a proton saga limouusine. please call me at 016-2223871. thank you very much.

  8. Im looking for person that knows how to convert my waja 05 to tis limousine…. cool… call me ya @012-7316291

  9. stationwagon

    prem.. can u ask on behalf the Minister Effendi Norwawi would he like to sell its chancellor to me? i am not rich, i got three children and still use my 95 carburator satria. tell him not to sell expensive laa, since its already 2nd hand.. m’sia government also want their citizen not to use old cars more than 10 years age. ok.. pls

  10. is it possible to purchase one and import it to my country of residence, uganda, Africa

  11. stationwagon

    proton limo’s are made by a sub company called ACE sdn. bhd. in shah alam given licensed by proton to make proton limo’s and executives such as saga. wira, waja and perdana. i’m not sure whether they accept request from individual but i’m sure the price of limonizing is expensive. if not mistaken a perdana limo.. the most expensive malaysia car cost RM200k++, double price compared to the ordinary perdana πŸ™‚ Read here for further info about ACE:

  12. stationwagon

    fyi waja limousines use the 2.5 v6 super touring engine.

  13. stationwagon

    accept for one waja.. only ONE.. in Malaysia which use the standard 1.6 waja engine, done by proton ACE. all i remember is that waja have a tan interior seat & door trim color. others all use the 2.5 v6 super touring πŸ™‚

  14. kenny Bee

    Yes, this is Proto waja Limosine 2.5 V6 (A) Tiptronic Gear
    New Car Price Selling at RM280k… Inside come with cool box and DVD, TV, and internal Private Glass between Driver and Passeage.. Rear Aircon, and many Extra accessories, i hace i unit Used.. if interested pls call 012-2306665 ( Kenny ) for view the car..

  15. kenny bee: Price ?

  16. kenny bee

    waja sold…thank you

  17. i got one from VVIP owner…price about RM 80 k. (a bit nego)..superb design, deco, engine etc…see to believe. (contact me at 019-2132010)

  18. nor kharilnisa

    i like

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