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The area right besides the 3rd floor escalator in Isetan KLCC often has special festivals or fairs around the year, some months ago there was the Hokkaido fest, and this afternoon when I was there, the Korean Food Fair was at full swing, running from 26th of May till 13th June.

Korean Food Fair
Korean food fair with lotsa crap to spend money on

They have alot of food stuff for sale. You can get the instant Ginseng Chicken soup with the whole chicken come in the pack (I think Jogoya serves this too), Korean instant noodle, fresh kimchi, Korean green tea, confectionaries, drinks, and so forth. As do most things from Isetan, the price isn’t cheap, but most of the items do look great.

Korean Food Fair - Glass noodle
this stuff is good

At the fresh food section, they were offering dumplings (5 for 8 bucks), and glass noodle. Since I was planning to ‘tarpao’ lunch anyway, I paid RM 9 for the glass noodle. Pretty pricey, but just to try once, what the heck.. I remember the glass noodle I had at the Ampang Korean BBQ was really good.

The glass noodle itself is imported from Korea, tastes slightly different from the local variety, thicker in texture and somewhat firmer, but you’ll still recognise it as glass noodle. The ingredients were red and yellow bell pepper, carrot, imitation crab meat, onion, green onion, and two types of mushroom.

I must say that the flavor was pretty good, however, 9 bucks is a bit too steep. Maybe I’ll get some instant noodle from there to stock up my food drawer in the office.

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  1. kinda hard to be the first to read ur post….hehehehee! looks like our local Chinese Hokkien fried tang hoon leh…..u sure its imported ?

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