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Here are two quizes for you to exercise that noob brain of yours. Lets see if you can get the answer, noob!

note: the answer might only appear a few seconds after you place your mouse over the image.

Question 1: Mouse that stands on two feet?

Now lets see if you can get the next one. Duck that stands on two feet?

Discuss : KY riddles – Mouse that stands on two feet

  1. a: mickey mouse
    b: every duck stands on two feet…? dont they?

  2. diu = old and lame

    KY: that’s only because you are old, mike. 😛 

  3. haha dang! i fell for it. donald duck popped in my mind 1st…

  4. ahaha… funny. also, why does donald duck sometime wears a shirt w/o pants, and sometimes pants w/o a shirt?

  5. LOL old classic.

  6. 1. Stewart Little … darn, I’ve messed the joke up haven’t I …

  7. Dabido… I think you meant STUART Little?

  8. Stuart Little, Jerry, Minnie Mouse, Mighty Mouse, Speedy Gonzalez, Master Splinter, all the mice you see in Garfield… just to name a few…

  9. v0ices – Um, yeah … I never could spell peoples names right! lol

  10. artreyu

    saw you at BU Centerpoint Starbucks yesterday. hehe

  11. bUttsH4k3r

    i totally didn’t get caught.

  12. Hmm…same lame jokes I told many many years ago.

    Now I have more.



  14. haha...sometimes we sud make ourself happy and laugh ma....happy and laugh always make u younger and prettier(more handsome) lar..

  15. i hate to be a copycat, but spiller summed up my response -.-

  16. Mr Green: hahahah, too bad then. 😛

  17. 1) mICKEY
    2) duck of course standing with 2 feet, otherwise, how they can stand ?? ishhh

  18. sy,
    hahaha smart!

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