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As I was doing the regular filter flush out in the morning over the weekend for the Koi Pond, the tap for the 3rd flush out tap busted. Luckily the knob was in the “closed” position when that happened, no panic.

Koi Pond Filter - fixing the flush out tap
the busted tap, fixed

I happened to have a spare tap on hand, however, the PVC glue that was used from the project has ran dry, so a trip to the hardware store was inevitable. I also bought a tube of silicon sealant to better seal the connection between the PVC pipe adapter and the fiberglass filter. The actual fixing didn’t take more than half an hour.

Koi Pond Filter - fixing the flush out tap
the material used

I took the opportunity to clean the filter too. While waiting for the PVC and silicon sealant to dry, I had to transfer the filter material to the spare fiberglass tank (the same one we used for the chap gor meh boat rowing.) This is essential as the filter material contains living micro organism whose job is to breakdown the harmful organic waste produced by the fish, without the bacteria, the water will quickly turn toxic. An airpump was used to airate the filter material.

Koi Pond Filter - fixing the flush out tap
dry waterfall and temporary filter material housing

For several hours, the waterfall was dry. By nightfall, the filter material was moved back to the fiberglass filter, and everything restored back to order. Happy fishes again =)

Koi Pond

Discuss : Koi Pond – fixing busted filter flush out tap

  1. myhorng

    fix the toilet flash as well u lazy ass.

  2. Breaking taps? You just don’t know your own strength! 🙂

    Good job …

    myhorng – just threaten to use the Koi pond if he doesn’t fix it! 🙂

  3. Horny,

    he is waiting for you to back here and finish the last part. hehehe…. 😛

    and guess what… the “porridge” still keep in the fridge… -.-”’

    See… KY is so good to keep all the “good stuff” for you… ngek ngek ngek 😀

  4. give you a little plubing tip. you dont have to resort to silicon to cure the leak. Just loosen the nut a little bit, force wrap some teflon tape in between the nut and the tank. tighten the nut back, all all leaks will stop.
    But I see you have tightened the nut to the max and there isn’t any threads left for you to loosen the nut. Well, maybe next time.

  5. Mr. Handy,

    Hey thanks for the tips!

  6. Beautiful koi ponds. I have trapal pond which is made of trapal it is cheap and it is common use by poor koi keepers in my place since it is affordable and easty to install

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