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Lacking satellite TV service at home, whenever there is a big football match, we usually head to KAYU at SS2 to catch the game as they have some half a dozen 42″ plasma TVs in the restaurant. That aside, they also serve some of the better mamak food around the area, like the excellent roti tissue.

KAYU roti tissue at SS2
how the roti tissue made and served

The roti tissue is made from a larger roti dough and spread paper thin. I don’t really know how they manage to get it done, but somehow at the crucial moment just before the roti gets burnt, they haul it up, manipulate it to a cone shape, and pour some condensed milk and honey/syrup while letting the roti harden. The result is a pretty impressive 3 feet tall roti tissue.

KAYU roti tissue at SS2
ah.. yumm

As far as taste goes, this snack is pretty sweet, and yet addictively tastey, best consumed when it’s still warm and crispy. When the ultra thin roti laced with sugar just melts in your mouth with the hint of condense milk, oh… It is one of my favorite things to order as a side dish where 2-4 person can share some extra 1000 calorie, best.

KAYU roti tissue at SS2
this map is pretty sweet, isn’t it?

Other than roti tissue, they serve very good nasi kandar (very spicy) and naan sets too (RM 10.50 for cheese naan & tandoori chicken.) Though the food might be on the high end of price scale when it comes to mamak offering, the food is good, the environment is pretty clean, and the place is air conditioned with some huge TVs. I guess it’s worth it.

Other than SS2, KAYU has outlets at Tesco @ Damansara, Subang SS15, Penang, and many other places, including one branch at Melbourne (Update: since closed)! I think they’re challenging McD, Malaysia boleh!

Jalan SS2/10
47300 Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.116637, 101.617656

Discuss : KY eats – Roti Tissue at KAYU SS2

  1. terence

    that’s kinda freakishly long ! tops with sugar ? 50289123 Calories dinner

  2. there’s once we went to this mamak at ss15, didn’t really know what they call roti tissue at this particular mamak. so i ordered “roti tissue paper” (to be on the safe side cos some mamak call it roti tissue, roti paper or even roti tissue paper).

    blur case mamak brought me a BOX of TISSUE PAPER. boleh buat pang sai chua.


    KY: hahahahahha

  3. chow yang now belongs to another guy liao. Seems the last owner lost everything up here. SIao lar.

  4. Yah their roti tissue is awesome, tastes really good too aswell as the impressive size.

    Their Nasi Kandar is ridiculously expensive though, and not that good.

    Go next door for Ikan Bakar and Hokkien Mee, yay!

    KY: i agree, but the mutton curry is one of the best i had tho.

  5. If I’m not mistaken, I saw Kayu in Genting too. By the way, is it Malaysian owned company?

    KY: yah, they’re originally from Penang

  6. terence

    yes, Kayu is 100% buatan MAMAK !
    is also in australia !!! imagine original Kayu nasi kandar selling at AUSD 8.9 ? fuck !

  7. mizzvickz

    i’ve never eaten in the kayu in melb but my aunt told me that the food there is super super greasy and not that great. lol.

  8. Bryan… I begin to doubt if you are a Malaysian. Moreover a PENANGITE!

  9. meekiee

    you know….it’s very embarrasing whenever any of my friends order roti Tissue at Kayu/ De Kayu etc. It’s LONG, TALL, SWEET and GREASY.

    Although it is very normal since it’s in the menu, some how other patrons will still keypoh to see WHO ARE EATING THE LONG THIN ROTI TISSUE.

  10. v0ices, I seldom take mamak foods mah. Over here, we don’t really go to mamak stores often, right? 🙂

  11. Yeap, it’s expensive. Went to the one in Danau Kota, Setapak and my friend ordered some rice and thingy which made him RM11++ poorer before the drinks

  12. Puchong IOI mall also got Kayu, but this Kayu dont know is original Kayu or not..the kari very very spicy, until i need to drink 2 glasses of water ...haha..the Roti tissue really special, very long ler..

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  14. Karen Lee

    The last time I went….there is no more roti tissue! Sob! Sob!

  15. Ye~ i like roti tissue!!

    but more important is that i know the 2 guys on the last pic. they are my friends!!


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  20. tried this once long long time ago but dun like it.

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  22. Anyone realize that Kayu and Ho Ho Sek (formerly Chow Yang) has stolen over 8 feet of sidewalk space? Next time you are there take a look at where the utility poles (electricity) are – now is where their outer seating place is. It has made the SS2/45 road narrower and Thursdays are worse with pasar malam (night market).

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