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So the suan felt hungry and wanted to go to Talipon, since she don’t really care about other options, we went there. Talipon is a steamboat and grill place with the buffet concept, the typical eat all you can, but will charge you extra if you are wasteful. You get a 2 in 1 grill + steamboat set up, with a choice of clear or tomyam soup.

Talipon Steamboat and Grill buffet at Kelana Jaya
can you see FA & Val, or did suan take up too many pixels?

It was ages since I last went to this particular restaurant despite the close proximity, I guess the slowness of shrimp serving on the last visit played a part in that (as in, the owner took her time to top up the shrimps on the buffet line, leaving that tray empty 85% of the time). Luckily, no such problem this time, I guess they figured out that wasn’t a good business tactic.

Talipon Steamboat and Grill buffet at Kelana Jaya
the selection

The selection of food at Talipon isn’t too bad. You have several types of meat such chicken, beef, and mutton. There are also shrimp, flower crab, squid, and several types of shell fish on the seafood side. As with every other DIY type of buffet, there’s a huge variety of fishball taste alike items too. Then you have vege, tofu, eggs, fruits, some local kuih for dessert, and even Vanilla ice cream. Not a bad selection for around RM 18 per person, drinks not included though.

Talipon Steamboat and Grill buffet at Kelana Jaya
Bestnya the chilli shrimp.. yum

Now, the best thing about eating at Talipon is the chilli prawn invented by yours truely a couple years back. It goes a little like this (refer to accompanying photos above):

  • peel off shrimps
  • dip in chilli sauce
  • grill with some butter
  • yum yum yum

Talipon Steamboat and Grill buffet at Kelana Jaya
Updated LRT map with Rapid KL logo, bestnya!

Jalan SS 25/2,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.113305, 101.605897

Discuss : KY eats – Talipon buffet steamboat & grill at Kelana Jaya

  1. kimberlycun


    KY: it’s for your own good, kim. you want to be able to fit into the baju

  2. raw prawn in chilli and then grilled ?

    My goodness – say Good Bye to the chilli sauce. Cant be dipped into anymore….contamination

  3. ?
    I remember giving you other options, and asking if you wanted to eat elsewhere.

    this whole fat/pixel thing is not funny anymore.

    KY: just joking la suannnnn

  4. mizzvickz

    i remember the last time me and my friends went there, we were checking out the variety of food and when we saw alot of flies around the food, we left. lol.

  5. i hate that place…not worth the rm18…and they actually still take their time in refilling the good stuff…was there about a month back and the aunty was slow as ever…plus it takes so freaking long to cook something…u need like half a day to enjoy your money’s worth…

  6. If you go really early it’s fine, last time I went I ate about 3.5kg of prawns..

  7. why do you always make fun of “the suan’s” weight? is it an inside joke? seems like something that would not be appreciated by anyone.

    KY: in a way, yes, a bad inside joke.

  8. Matthew

    there’s one in Pandan Perdana, huhu.

  9. Karen Lee

    This place sucks!!!!

  10. there’s one in penang that’s even better 😛
    14 bucks nia.
    forgot whats d street name liao
    d last time i went there.
    thanks again ky 😛
    my mom’s hooked on your blog – she keeps suggesting we go to new places because of you!

  11. Careful while eating thier fried stuff like the mee and the fried rice. My sis found a rusty nail in the fried rice once. And the aunty just said ..”oh”..and took it away. Nothing happened after that.

  12. Bluey,
    no name no address? susah sikit..

    That’d be nasty.

  13. […] It’s been a while since I last went for a buffet steamboat, in fact, it was Talipon in May. I guess it was because buffets always left me unable to walk. Then came the noobs suggesting that we head for the rather famous Yuen buffet steamboat at Sunway Mentari. I have passed the shop a few times and there was always a huge crowd, I guess it must be pretty good. So, why not? […]

  14. do KJ talipon got fon num? can i haff it if u haff? thx!

  15. Jia Xiong

    is this shop still open?

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