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So there were two hunters, they went into the Malayan jungle and hunted a tiger. With a very sharp parang, they divided the dead cat into three portions.

A: head
B: front body
C: back body

One hunter got the front body, the other took the back body home. Now the question is, who took the head?

Mouseover the image, and wait for a few seconds for the answer!

I got this from Val, so don’t blame me if you think it’s a bit lame. hee-hee

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Discuss : KY riddles – Who took the tiger’s head?

  1. hmmm … malayan banking bhd? :D

  2. nia sing !!!!

  3. super lame lah

  4. oh.. i thought u gonna say ShaolinTiger.. bah.

  5. aih. lame joke. but cute tiger. haha

  6. Maybank.

    or World Tae Kwon Do Federation.


  7. Oh no. I am done in blogging. Thank you so much. >:|

    KY: NOOooooooooo

  8. cat killer!!!!
    hate u.. -.-*

  9. bUttsH4k3r


  10. wtf ? kinda lame…worst is, u supported the WORST bank in Malaysia

  11. ehh but then u say two hunter………………….. why devide to 3?

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