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Running out of ideas on where to dine last saturday night, I suggested to the noobs that perhaps we go for MOMO at BU for their Japanese buffet. I have been to Momo some half dozen times since about 2-3 years back, it’s no Jogoya in terms of selection and atmosphere, but the food is great and the value is excellent.

note: there are complaints that this place has gone downhill recently, check comments below

Momo Japanese restaurant at Bandar Utama Centerpoint
sushi, sashimi, oyster.. yumm

We got there half past eight and got ourself busy right away. To start off, I usually head to the raw food area. The sashimi selection wasn’t huge, there’s salmon, tuna, butter fish, and another type of i-don’t-know-the-name fish, but they were all fresh and taste pretty good. Another raw item would be the fresh oyster. Several types of sushi were available, and you can get the chef to make you a california temaki (handroll) too. Kerol had two of that.

Momo Japanese restaurant at Bandar Utama Centerpoint
sukiyaki, teppanyaki, miso soup.. drools..

There were actually 4 buffet areas. The main line serves sushi, sashimi, a host of other popular Japanese food such as miso soup, chawanmushi (steamed egg), soba, grilled eel, grilled fish, etc. On the opposite, you have another line where you can find oyster, shrimps, baby octopus, sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, dessert, and fruits. On the outdoor area, you can find tepanyaki, teriyaki, and the excellent tempura selection, all freshly prepared. Last but not least, you can find ice cream, DIY chendol, and green tea on the refreshment line.

Momo Japanese restaurant at Bandar Utama Centerpoint
cold soba, green tea ice cream, chawanmushi, grilled prawn & tempura

The tempura were pretty good, crispy and fresh. There’s your usual lady’s finger, yam, pumpkin, fish, and prawn. Teriyaki is served on a stick ala satey style. Do remember to try their beef teppanyaki, they are excellent, I almost died from stomach explosion trying to down the last few of those beef cubes, but it was all worth it.

Momo Japanese restaurant at Bandar Utama Centerpoint
we were definately satisfied with bloated stomach

For dessert, there are fruits, ice cream, DIY chendol, and several types of Japanese “kuih”, Kenneth had a whole big plate of those. The green tea ice cream was very good and tasted very strong, highly recommended and especially fun if you hide some wasabi in it, as tested by one unfortunate noob.

For 10 sen less than RM 45.00 Nett (RM39.90 for Sunday lunch I think), Momo definately offers value for money and pretty darn good food. My housemate horny recommends this place over Shogun anytime.

Map to Bandar Utama, Momo
what’s a food review without a map?

Lot F9 Centre Point Bandar Utama
Lebuh Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya
47800 Selangor, Malaysia

GPS: 3.137988, 101.610124
Phone:03-7725 9688

Discuss : KY eats – Momo Japanese Buffet at BU Centerpoint

  1. For RM44.90 Nett, I consider it very reasonable for a Jap buffet like this. Can’t wait to have a try!

    By the way, were you the unfortunate noob? 😀

    KY: no no, hehehe, i wasn’t involved in that practical joke.

  2. Holden Monar

    Nice lil’ review. Have passby lotsa times but didn’t dare to give it a try. Will check it out soon. However, how come you still look so skinny even though you’ve been stuffing in food all around KL? Don’t tell me you have been using Osim uZap? BTW, your 1U logo roxxoneoneone. Keep it coming.

    KY: i don’t eat like that every single day. btw, Kerol uses uZap, look how good the result is. 😛

  3. Dabido (Teflon)

    Wasabi flavoured Ice Cream! Wonderful! 🙂

  4. huiwen

    my god…u shud call me as well…my place its like opposite the bloody centrepoint

  5. HoldenMonaro

    You should take more photos of Kerol.. with her uZap on! or even better, do a review on uZap..starring Kerol oneoneone.. Oh no I’ve spoken too much.

  6. tigerjoe

    Oi, bring you n00bs to Bangsar Seafood for the Mother’s Day promotion. All you can eat for RM 38++ throughout the month of May. Very the nice. Very the good value.

    03 2282 2555 to make reservations.

    KY: thanks joe!

  7. who the fuck this HoldenMonaro ?!?!

  8. Oh My God. wasabi ice cream is good.

    KaCaU YoU oNLy ~~~

  9. Saygore

    wuii, buffet dinner every day or just weekend ??

    KY: haha, only once in a while. Not even every weekend

  10. Karen Lee

    Latest update, Gang!

    Sat/Sun Dinner: RM46.90 NETT
    SUN Lunch: RM41.90 NETT

    Father’s day special buffet 18th June, Sunday
    Lunch:RM51.90 NETT
    Dinner: RM56.90 NETT

    For reservation , pls call: 03-7725 9688
    Add: Momo Restaurant, CentrePoint Bandar Utama F9, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 PJ.

    Mon-Sun Lunch: 12.00 p.m.-2.30p.m.
    Mon- Sun Dinner: 6.30p.m- 10:30p.m

    Another food fanatic person signing off! LOL!

  11. can provide a more proper map to that restaurant ?????

    i wish to go have a try , but no fimilar with the road. buffet for only RM40++, can consider it for those like japanese food. planning for bring my dear along , my dear is a japanese food fan.

  12. dexter,
    see the “to 1 utama” sign? you can come from 1U, between the two wings, just keep going straight.

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  14. Hai…. i just want to check whether this Momo Japanese Reataurant have Halal Certificate… because our company had decide to book this restaurant for Annual Dinner….


  15. Dear Hasmi,

    You should call them and ask. Their phone number is 03-7725 9688

  16. just got back from momo.EXCELLENT!! all my favourite food are there…oyster , salmon sashimi , sukiyaki beef , cawamushi(very nice n smooth) . Very value!! 5 person only rm 240 🙂

  17. […] Bernard’s is located at BU Centrepoint, below MOMO Japanese Restaurant […]

  18. momo really that nice? me still thinking wana go try or not…

  19. k0k-sUn,
    Give it a try, really good value in my opinion.

  20. i will go on sunday. yeah!

  21. Betty Hiew

    Hi KY thank you for your support our’s fatter’s day special buffet on 14th june and 15th june over 70 varieties all you can eat .Reservation 03-77259688

  22. k0k-sUn,
    Great. 😀

    Betty Hiew,
    oOOo. You’re from Momo? 🙂

  23. Betty Hiew

    sorry for reply late because my computer having problem yes i from momo have a good evening

  24. Betty Hiew,
    Oooo, no worries. 😀

  25. Betty Hiew

    Hi KY since our phone line having problem so if you want to make reservation also can contact this handphone 6012-6032602 or 6012-3087969 because your booking is importent for us HAVE A NICE DAY

  26. Do you have any idea on which buffet restaurant around KL or PJ offers FREE for kid below 4 years old?

  27. sorry to say… very disappointed to the buffet. There are not so many choices and not that tasty…only can say the cawanmushi is nice.

  28. Betty Hiew,

    I’m not aware of that. :S

    Well, very good already for the price I thought. 🙂

  29. Momo really not variety choice. Walk one round already view all the meals, second round really don’t know eat what tim. Every round also take the same meals only. Foods really not so tasty. Tempura also little only. Not recommended.

    Shogun is much more better, at least more choice. Price also extra RM10 only.

  30. Will,
    ooo i see. I have since kinda shy away from buffet already though, prefer to have smaller portions of ala carte which usually end up about the same price anyway

  31. […] of entries on restaurants in this little shopping mall. Bernards, Champs, Cagayan, Jade Garden, Momo (changed name/owner), and Shanghai 1930 […]

  32. All I can say is, bad choice. Went there last sat to celeb my b’day. Mayb the reputation has dropped this much from the date of this blog, i dunno. Changed its name to U-Yen instead of Momo. The food were so limited, cold, no refill, sushi rice was hard and really didn’t look like japanese buffet to me. Grilled food was okay but they will only grill 1 or 2 items at a time, so u’d hav to wait long aft u finish 1. It’s really not worth the price. I don’t really recommend Shogun, but it’s much more better than this.

    • Amber,
      I haven’t been since they changed name/ownership though so couldn’t really tell you, but it was good though.

  33. Definately NOT a place to have dinner or lunch. The food is horrible. 1st time i had sooo many leftovers on my plate. Unagi was chewy with no taste, the sashimis were not fresh, salmon sashimi was warm, dobin mushi was tasteless and the place stinks. You should put a note at the beginning of your blog that this place has changed for the worse since your last visit.

  34. I’m a huge jap food fan.. any good recommendations for buffet/ ala-carte besides Subang Jaya?

  35. victor teo

    this buffet still available?how much per person?

  36. Yen fang

    Just now I call 03-77259688 not in service ald…can I know another num???cos I want booking for tmr

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