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When you live in an old school house like me, where the windows of the air well is so freaking high up it’s impossible to alter without going onto the roof, you inevitably leave it in a state of balance between maximizing air ventilation and minimizing rain water pouring in through the window. It is a compromise with nature, and sometimes, especially during heavy rain, nature wins.

KY using umbrella indoor
that warm and cozy feeling

We were half way watching a show and it started pouring like cats and dogs. Not wanting to stop the show, we established that nature shall not defeat us, we have umbrellas! Kerol somehow thought it’s very funny, and took these pictures, noob.

KY using umbrella indoor

Anyone wants to sponsor me loads of money to seal up the whole place and put in air conditioning?


Discuss : KY – Indoor umbrella usage

  1. meekiee

    maybe i m dumb, i am still figuring out what’s that for?

  2. xD go sell backside

  3. joking only 😛

  4. FireAngel

    lol noobs.

  5. er… dont u guys have that long steel pole used to close the windows?? you can borrow mine but i dunno how u gonna transport it =P

  6. dragoncity

    does the umbrella really help ??!!!!

    KY: we certainly didn’t do it for the cool factor..

  7. She's Jess

    that’s… kewl..

  8. since u r such a pimp, go bundle sales lar… 2 free 1 arse…..easy $$ and syiok some more….

  9. Dabido (Teflon)

    I agree with Cyber-Reta, just get a bleeding pole to allow you to close all the windows when you need it …

    or for a little extra cash, get some remote control thing. I’m sure you could rig something up with a Microcontroler chip, an infra-red reciever and an electric motor (you’ll have to rig the electric motor to be able to go forwards and reverse – one to open, other to close).

    If you’re clever, you may only need the one micro controller chip and can rig all electric motors to run off it.

  10. According to old folks, opening umbrella under roofed area attracts spirits
    Remember to look out for some… hahaha!

  11. spiller

    sell your kois?

  12. Uncle Ed

    must be watching BrokeBack Mountain la, dats y so kancheong!

  13. orang tua-tua cakap, bukak umbrella dalam rumah nanti datang ular…

  14. Yeah and he’s picking his toes again, deserves to get rained on.


  15. Not bad, you get the outdoor cinema experience in the comfort of your own home!

  16. huiwen

    only thing i can say is…Bwahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa…

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