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Sotong suggested that we go to this fishball place at Seapark that she found out from her colleague. Since I am always in an adventure mode when it comes to food, and this place is rather close to where I stay, we gave The 60s Teow Chew Fishball a try last weekend.

The 60s Teow Chew Fishball at Seapark
pretty cozy atmosphere, clean and air-conditioned (somewhat)

This restaurant is not very different from the Fishball Noodle soup place in Damansara Jaya (next to Atria). Both serves fishball noodle soup, fish cake, a few different yong tau foo, and so on. However, one noted difference is that they also offer curry soup instead of just plain soup and dried version for the noodle (see picture below.)

The 60s Teow Chew Fishball at Seapark
pretty healthy food, tastes good too

We ordered the fishball noodle soup with curry and clear soup, some fish dumplings, and yong tau foo. We had wanted to order the deep fried fish paste in order to compare with the other shop, but unfortunately they ran out of stock. Another item that is worth mentioning is the fish skin wanton, gotta try that next time.

The 60s Teow Chew Fishball at Seapark
nice on-the-wall menu

The homemade fishball tastes pretty good, has a firm and springy texture that chews pretty well. The clear soup is nothing to shout about but pretty much what you’ll expect. As far as the yong tau foo goes, I’ll still stick with the Ampang store. However, the deep fried fish dumpling was very good, I recommend it.

The entire menu is mounted on the wall, with Chinese and English language, together with the price. A pretty nice touch.

The 60s Teow Chew Fishball at Seapark
best seapark map you’ve seen, i bet.

GPS: 3.109074, 101.622344

The area right besides the 3rd floor escalator in Isetan KLCC often has special festivals or fairs around the year, some months ago there was the Hokkaido fest, and this afternoon when I was there, the Korean Food Fair was at full swing, running from 26th of May till 13th June.

Korean Food Fair
Korean food fair with lotsa crap to spend money on

They have alot of food stuff for sale. You can get the instant Ginseng Chicken soup with the whole chicken come in the pack (I think Jogoya serves this too), Korean instant noodle, fresh kimchi, Korean green tea, confectionaries, drinks, and so forth. As do most things from Isetan, the price isn’t cheap, but most of the items do look great.

Korean Food Fair - Glass noodle
this stuff is good

At the fresh food section, they were offering dumplings (5 for 8 bucks), and glass noodle. Since I was planning to ‘tarpao’ lunch anyway, I paid RM 9 for the glass noodle. Pretty pricey, but just to try once, what the heck.. I remember the glass noodle I had at the Ampang Korean BBQ was really good.

The glass noodle itself is imported from Korea, tastes slightly different from the local variety, thicker in texture and somewhat firmer, but you’ll still recognise it as glass noodle. The ingredients were red and yellow bell pepper, carrot, imitation crab meat, onion, green onion, and two types of mushroom.

I must say that the flavor was pretty good, however, 9 bucks is a bit too steep. Maybe I’ll get some instant noodle from there to stock up my food drawer in the office.

GPS: 3.157581, 101.712102

MyTeam vs Malaysia
Guest pass thanks to Mack

So I went to the Bukit Jalil Stadium the grand match MyTeam vs Malaysia (well, the under 20s) thanks to Mack’s invitation. As many of you would have known by now, the final score was 2-1 with Malaysia edging over Shebby’s bunch of hopefuls.

MyTeam vs Malaysia
MyTeam lads put up a show

Reaching Bukit Jalil at 15 minutes before kickoff was a mistake. We had not anticipated the huge turn up for the game. Took us some half an hour to finally get into the parking lot after having misdirected by the clueless traffic controllers. We got to the stand just right after MyTeam scored the opening goal.

MyTeam vs Malaysia
2 of the 50,000 strong crowds, no prize guessing who they are

After half time, Malaysia leveled with some really poor goal keeping on MyTeam’s part with a less than impressive free kick. 10 minutes later, Malaysia U-20 boys scored on another slightly more impressive free kick to take the lead for good. MyTeam did try to fight back and came close to even the score on 92nd minute but the ball hit the post. The crowd would have gone absolutely wild had the ball went in.

MyTeam vs Malaysia
That’s Pak Lah’s booth

MyTeam, while playing with lots of heart, ultimately lack the few important ingredients that might have help change the outcome. The teamplay and player fitness was poor due to the relative short time since they team was formed, and the lack of big game experience. However, Shebby’s boys did well and deserve some respect.

Right after watching the dissapointed Poseidon, we went to the cinema again the next day for the much anticipated third installation of the X-Men franchise, X-Men: The Last Stand. Again, this review might contain spoilers, you have been warned, noob.

X-Men: The Last Stand
one pretty satisfied viewer

The story:

A ‘cure’ on the mutant gene was found and being offered to mutants who wish to be human, permenantly. Thus the mutants were splitted into two camps: an opposition to the cure led by Magneto, seeking to destroy it and anyone who stands in between his quest; and Professor X, who basically wish to leave the decision on the individuals.

The movie then took us back to 20 years ago when Professor X and Magneto (they were still friends) visited the then young Jean and revealed that she has the strongest of all mutant power, with a dark side.

Fast forward back to the not-so-distant future, Jean is found to found to be alive by Cyclops. However, the experience has also brought out her dark side that is the Phoenix. A wild and uncontrollable personality, with the highest mutant power that was kept in check by Professor X previously. Cyclops was killed.

The story then developed with the effort of Magneto recruiting Jean/Phoenix and a bunch of other mutants to eliminate the ‘cure’ of mutant gene, as they suspect that the government will make this ‘cure’ a weapon against mutants (they were right). Professor X tried to stopped Jean from becoming dark Phoenix but was killed by her.

Incidentally the cure is originated from a mutant boy whose power is to nullified all mutant powers that are close to him. Magneto wanted to kill the boy, who is located at the Alcatrez (now medical) facility. In the process, the Golden Gate Bridge was moved to link up the famous island with the main land by Magneto.

Thus a war between mutants led by Magneto and the government broke out, with Wolverine and Storm leading the 6 X-Men gang trying to stop Magneto. At the end, Wolverine had to make the most difficult decision and killed Jean to prevent dark Phoenix from using her dark power.

My criticism and praise:

  • There were too many new mutants that were introduced (Beast, Shadowcat, Multiplemen, Juggernaut, Archlight, Angel, etc) however, none really developed to have a major role. Unlike the excellent Nightcrawler in X2
  • I had thought the Angel would play a major part in the film but was dissapointed in the screen time and the (lack of) part that he played
  • Another dissapointment would be the limited roles of Mystique and Cyclops. However, they served the purpose of the overall story well.
  • The story between Wolverine and Jean, and what he had to do for the greater good was very touching and formed a very solid ending to the conflict
  • Visual effects were excellent, especially when Phoenix exert her dark power, and also the scene where Magneto moved the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • The story has a good flow and pace, performance of the actors were solid.

My verdict:

Overall X-Men: The Last Stand is a very solid movie. However, although it stands very tall among the super hero movies, I personally feel that it is slightly lacking if compared to X2, but not by much. I’ll give it a 7.5/10, the movie currently enjoys a very good 7.9/10 rating at imdb. You can also learn more on the characters at wikipedia X-Men page

I guess the topic and the following picture basically sums up the experience I gathered from watching Poseidon. Thanks to the Klang chow ah beng, Galvin, who said this movie was “pretty good”, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have watched it. Spoilers ahead, you are warned.

Poseidon movie yawn
giant sinking ship, yawn

The story:

A giant luxury cruise liner, Poseidon, was crusing somewhere in some ocean during new year’s eve, the year wasn’t mentioned either. The main characters were each given a 1 minute character build up, don’t worry, you won’t even remember their names. There were a wealthy dude ex NY mayor who owns the ship, his hot daughter (every film needs a hot chick) and the boy friend, a professional gambler, a single mom with her kid, an old gay man, and a Latina girl who didn’t pay her fare to get onboard. Sounds exciting?

Then all of a sudden, a rouge wave hit the ship while the old gay dude was standing outside trying to call his ex boy friend who just dumped him or something. Interesting thing was that for the ship this size and sophistication, apperantly there weren’t any radar or warning system, everything was dependant on the 6th sense of a navigation officer.

They did not manage to steer the ship to greet the incoming wave fast enough, and well, the ship was hit and toppled upside down. Somehow the old gay man ended up back in the ballroom just at the same instance, teleportation at work, I presume.

Well, some pretty fantastic camera works showed how so many people died, there was fire, and electric shocks and all that jazz. The captain who was in the ballroom tried to get everybody to calm down and wait for rescue to come, but the gambling man and all the other main characters decided to find their own way out.

The story then became an adventure of those guys and gals trying to get to the stern of the ship. Went through hips of danger and a couple other characters were introduced. The kitchen crew was quickly killed about 5 minutes after he was introduced, and there was this other annoying fella who was killed too in less than 10 minutes just because he was an asshole. Very good for morale education class.

After those two were killed, they continue finding their ways up, the Latina girl had to die because her skirt got caught and she drown, but somehow that scene wasn’t even sad. The little boy got lost somehow (the mom suddenly didn’t give a shit about the boy for 10 minutes) and then rescued by the gambling man (hero) just to add some very lousy spark to the story. The rich guy ex mayor (Kurt Russle, yey) who initially hated his daughter’s relationship with the boy friend, then had to die too to save everyone by reversing the propeller of the ship so they can get out.

When they got out (gambling guy, mother and kid, rich guy’s hot daughter and boy friend, old dude), they found a life boat in half a second, and got rescued 2 seconds later. End of story.

My criticism & plot holes:

  • There character built up of the movie was very very weak, you never get to associate with any one of them.
  • No story whatsoever in the whole movie.
  • Two love story going on the show, but none important nor being followed up
  • When the water filled up an air tight room, somehow all the air dissapeared and people started to drown, this is pyshically impossible and annoyed me alot.
  • Somehow no one else survived, a 200 feet tall ship with thousands of crews and guests, everyone was killed except the half a dozen or so main characters
  • There were fire in some air tight areas, when door was opened after that, there was no difference in air pressure (21% of air should be consumed, oxygen, hello!)
  • There’s no way the propeller of the ship could be spinning faster than a mamak fan to generate air sucking force as powerful as a decompressing 747 jet at 50,000 feet.
  • There’s no way a small tank of compressed gas could blow up the 20 feet tall propeller and created the damage it did

My verdict:

The story was flat an uninteresting, the actors themselves weren’t necessarily bad but there was nothing for them to work with. The script was horrendous, there were too many plot holes too. To their credit, the cinematography was pretty good and some of the effects were amazing. I give it a 4/10, it scored a 5.6/10 on IMDB, what say you?

Hollywood, please do not waste another US $150 million in bad scripts. From the other reviews that I read, it seems that this one is not even half as good as the original The Poseidon Adventure (1972). I am hoping that X-Men: The Last Stand is going to be a good one.