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If you had read about my previous “guide” on how to conn people into eating sand, I am please to inform you that yours truely has struck again. This time, across the nationality border. Applause, applause… don’t feel bad for the two dudes, they didn’t feel to bad themselves after learning that they’re in fact the 4th and 5th person to have tasted this particular cup of sand from Redang.

Sand Eating Vietnamese Colleagues
props for the deception

How did I do it?
– bought some fruits, then save some asam (dried plum) powder that came with it
– place it right next to the sand cup
– demonstrated eating the asam, and told them those in the cup is “different”
– pwned!

Sand Eating Vietnamese Colleagues
Mr. Thanh – pwned!

Personally I haven’t tasted the sand, hence can’t actually comment on the taste. From the reaction of these dudes, I gather that it doesn’t go down very well. Chung used a couple sheets of tissue paper to kinda “dry clean” his mouth while cursing at the same time.

Sand Eating Vietnamese Colleagues
Mr. Chung – pwned!

Life is fun.


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  1. Enter Sandman o_0

    By the way, typo on your blog title.

    KY: thanks, corrected. hehe

  2. ky jahat

  3. Giant Sotong

    OMG Malaysia’s rap going down in Vietnam.

    “Why are M’sians so… M’sian?”

    “They eat *dramatic pause* …sand!”



    KY: er, these dudes are in M’sia. hehe

  4. Dearie me! Eat sand! Muahahaha!

  5. ur colleagues are a bunch of sissy
    i will make u eat the whole cup of sand!!!!!!!!!!

  6. kesian your colleagues… ky jahat

  7. damn…..thats cruel….

  8. NC strikes again!

  9. gilak. thank god not same dept as you.. kalo tidak, silap2 i get punked also… (what does ‘pwn’ stand for neways?)

    dun do to preggy ladies hving craving for guava aa.. later you get the whole cup of sand up your you know where

  10. Thinks the sand cup was too high, get smaller cup/container, not so obvious. NEXT TIME

  11. absolutely cruel

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