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So we ran out of lunch idea the other day, and when that happens, Bak Kut Teh naturally comes up to my mind. Being nearby Jalan Ipoh area, we naturally went to try out the pretty famous Ban Lee Bak Kut Teh at Jalan Ipoh, a very short distance from the Mahameru junction.

Jalan Ipoh Ban Lee Bak Kut Teh
pretty old school setting

We got there pretty late (last table served), the owner told us there was nothing left other than pork knuckle. Most of the time I would much rather go for meat and internals, but being way too hungry at the time, we decided not to drive to another place. So pork knuckle it was.

Now this is one of the very few places that still uses charcoal fire to heat up the claypot. With the old school stoves right at the other side of the wall and the dated furniture, this place definately hits a few points in the nostalgia department. If only they use some china bowls instead..

Jalan Ipoh Ban Lee Bak Kut Teh

The soup was really great, full of heavy herbal aroma just like those Klang places. I also like the way how they just place some raw vegetables and “fu chok” on top of the serving, scoring some points on presentation. Another nice ingredient is the golden nedle mushroom (Enokitake, 金针菇) apart from the standard chinese variety.

However, the pork knuckle only main ingredient was a little too monotonous and proved a little too fatty even for me. I’d probably go there again during regular hours one of these days.

Jalan Ipoh Ban Lee Bak Kut Teh
nice map, no? 3rd time using the same template, other’s are here & here.

GPS: 3.172557, 101.691642

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  1. hmm….must try that again.. is it that nice ? when u wanna belanja gua yah ?

  2. KY

  3. this is the one near dynasty right? morning n night business is different owner i heard. i prefer morning’s one. night one has alcohol, maybe u’ll like it.

    KY: yah, dynasty hotel, you’re right. btw, I can’t drink for nuts. hehe

  4. kampungboycitygal

    Looks good!! Cant resist evem though its fattening..Now i have another option other than klang when it comes to BKT

  5. Holden Monaro

    KY, Go try the night session at Ban Lee. Maybe meekiee has mislead you a lil’. What he meant by ‘alcohol’ are just pure chinese herb ‘Tong Gwai’. Very well balanced soup base. The pungent taste of ‘Tong Gwai’ together with soy sauce seep into the pork creating a fabulous hearty meal. All goes well with ‘Yaw Chow Gwai’, I reckon. However, their ‘black’ or ‘Lou’ BKT (which is practically a darker or thicker version) is a let down. For ‘Lou’ BKT, you should check out a shop in kepong called Uncle Jerry (no relation to mungo jerry or whatsoever). They serve fantastico ‘lou’ version with a hint of spicyness due to the dry chilis they use. They are located near the kepong ‘pavilion’ cinema(long abandoned),on the same row with 7-11. (Open till 11pm+ but never go on Sunday due to pasar malam). Check it out. Thanx for all your food recommendations. I find them very helpful and interesting. Life short, EAT hard. Keep it coming yo.

    KY: thanks for the tips, will definately try that one of these days

  6. that’s the famous BKT at Jln Ipoh? finally… one day will go liao

    u’ve tried the dim sum at Jln Ipoh? Pretty nice…

    KY: actually my housemate said the one at IPOH the city is better. hehe

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  9. meekiee

    err now only I saw this comment. How can i not able to differentiate Tong Gwai and the “Mi Jiu” (homemade alcohol la).

    and i am a SHE, not HE. geeeee

  10. Go try this place in Chow Kit. Jalan Tiong Nam 5, next to a temple. The bak kut teh is really Klang style, and on Sundays you will hear a lot of customers speaking hokkien!

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