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It was a string of unplanned events that led us all the way from PJ to Balakong for dinner. Afterall, it’s not normal to have dinner at some 20-30 km away from home on a weekday. We were initially to eat at ss2, it started to drizzle. We then decided to go to Atria, but changed our destination to PJ old town. However, the exploration urge somehow made us turn towards the Old Klang road exit from Federal Highway and put us on NPE. RM3.20 later, we decided to have Yong Tau Foo in Kuchai Lama instead. That place was not open for business. Since Balakong isn’t that far from Kuchai Lama, we ended up there instead, after another RM 1.30 toll charge…

Paper Wrapped Chicken at Balakong
not much of a looker, but the taste.. *slurps*

We were pretty hungry by the time we sat down at the table, an hour after departing from PJ. We ordered the signature dish that is the paper wrapped chicken (纸包鸡), ying yang pork ribs, pan tofu, and fried baby kailan.

Paper Wrapped Chicken at Balakong
Other dishes we ordered to go with the rice

The chicken arrived first, and we went into a feast. The paper was not the easiest thing to unwrap, but once you get past that little hurdle, a rush of strong and appetizing aroma materialised. The gravey was excellent, with a hint of herbs in the dark sauce. The chicken itself was nicely cooked and soaked with flavor. A single bite was enough to explain the fame this dish gathered.

Paper Wrapped Chicken at Balakong
Happy diners

The other dishes that we ordered was pretty good too. The tofu and pork ribs were rich in flavor, and the fried baby kailan was a no frill dish like how it should be. The bill came to about RM 15-16 per person. Give the place a try if you are around the Mines area next time. I wager that you will not be dissapointed.

Map to Paper Wrapped Chicken at Balakong
Great map, Balakong made easy, no?

For those who can’t read the excellent map:

Restoran Leong Ya Indah No 26-28,
Jalan Dagang SB 4/1,
Taman Sg Besi Indah SK 4,
Balakong Sri Kembangan Selangor

GPS: 3.025177, 101.717224
Tel: 0389415942

Discuss : KY eats – Paper Wrapped Chicken (纸包鸡) at Balakong

  1. Have not been to Leong Ya in a while but I remember the best dish I had there was the Lo Hon Chai. Its all vege wrapped in a bean-curd wrap with a fantastic soup. Long time ago not so much MSG in the soup. Now don’t know.

  2. excellent map indeed!
    i tried the dish before…really nice.

  3. Did you know there’s a “male” restaurant and a “female” for Leong Ya?

    KY: didn’t know there’s a male, this is the “female” restaurant

  4. It looks oily though…
    Trying to imagine how the chicken taste like 😀

  5. Am I the only one who thinks Leong Ya is famous for their Yong Tau Foo? Everyone I know only knows their ‘Ji Bau Kai’.

  6. She's Jess

    I went there before.. yea yea… the chicken is sure nice…

  7. wyejon: you’re not the only one. they are indeed famous for theiir yong tau foo too! 🙂

    but their ji pau kai is also good! 😀

  8. LoveReta

    Yep… Leong Ya is famous for their Yong Tau Foo…. but in recent years the quality has deteorated.

  9. hv u been to along mr2 highway, near zoo negara…the beggar chicken is nice. 🙂 try that out

  10. your blog is not good for my diet … =X

    KY: you don’t need to be on diet

  11. kimberlycun

    me wantz the balakong ji bao kai!

  12. I was scrolling kinda fast and i read Kim’s msg as .. “me wantz the belakang ji bai kais!

  13. I prefer to eat at the other place thats run by the son. It’s along the main road. Order the fried chicken and curry saan chuee yuk (wild boar). It’s quite good!

  14. It has been years since I ate here – famous for Yong Tau Foo, Chee Pau Kai and Wild Boar Curry. Still love those days they used to serve their food in a wooden shack which was packed with people during the weekends.

  15. frostier

    There are 3 shops operated there. Leong Ya? Not sure about the male or female but according to my source, the siblings started to quarrel and each of them got into own leong ya.

    thus, you can find 3 similar shops there if u look carefully.

  16. kampungboycitygal

    U missed out the buttered soft shell crab!! SLurrpp~!!

  17. did you try the mayonaise pork? danm good.

  18. - Eat, Pimp, Animate, Draw, I am Fun! » Archivio Blog » KY eats - Friendship Herbal Soup Restaurant at SS2 - 捕一宝

    […] As we were having rice, we oredered four other typical Chinese dishes. We had the claypot three cup chicken (三杯鸡), tofu with minced meat and mushroom, vegetable (油麦), and an egg dish. These dishes did not dissapoint either, the claypot chicken dish was particulary good. The gravy had a very strong and excellent taste while the chicken absorbed alot of the flavoring from the spices. I think a hint of rice wine was used in making this dish. It reminds me of the paper wrapped chicken I had in Belakong a while back. […]

  19. I’ve tried it before… Pretty nice… Btw… I like your blog… 🙂

  20. […] have to go with the pandan chicken, it was probably the best I’ve had, better than the “paper wrapped chicken” at balakong and even the same dish at De Chiengmai. The chicken very succulent and the […]

  21. I have been tried the food from this restaurant, but the taste of food not as good as Thursday,
    Leong Ya Yong Thau Foo(the center row). Ji Bao Gai more delicious! my favor is seafood tom yam soup!!!should try asam steam fish too.

  22. yeah i agree with you mei mei 🙂
    i have tried before, just don’t understand why people still like go to this leng ya indah.most of my friend already black listed this res…haha…kitchen very dirty!

  23. mei mei,
    ooO interesting. 🙂

    Wooo, been a long time since I last went. Noted. 🙂

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