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As if the Horny Bee outfit isn’t bad enough, my infamous housemate is now donning on a mini jacket at Shabu Shabu King, ss2.

Horny with mini Jacket

According to experts, this is a perfect blend of style and practicality, you can have the fashion of cowboys ala James Dean, while not having to suffer extreme heat in our hot and humid condition. To me though, I call it the broke back jacket, what do you think?

Horny with mini Jacket
another look

I have weird housemate..


I was doing some grocery shopping at Giant Kelana Jaya and Kerol spotted this fakeplan door. Images of Master Q (老夫子) comics rushed up in my brain..

fakeplan door at giant kelana jaya
i would hate to open the door from that room..

Closer look revealed no alternate way of getting up or down that room. I’m not sure about you, but I would hate to be the person opening the door from within that room after a nice afternoon nap and walk straight out on pure air.

fakeplan door at giant kelana jaya
a closer inspection

Ah.. the wonder of modern architecture.


If you had read about my previous “guide” on how to conn people into eating sand, I am please to inform you that yours truely has struck again. This time, across the nationality border. Applause, applause… don’t feel bad for the two dudes, they didn’t feel to bad themselves after learning that they’re in fact the 4th and 5th person to have tasted this particular cup of sand from Redang.

Sand Eating Vietnamese Colleagues
props for the deception

How did I do it?
– bought some fruits, then save some asam (dried plum) powder that came with it
– place it right next to the sand cup
– demonstrated eating the asam, and told them those in the cup is “different”
– pwned!

Sand Eating Vietnamese Colleagues
Mr. Thanh – pwned!

Personally I haven’t tasted the sand, hence can’t actually comment on the taste. From the reaction of these dudes, I gather that it doesn’t go down very well. Chung used a couple sheets of tissue paper to kinda “dry clean” his mouth while cursing at the same time.

Sand Eating Vietnamese Colleagues
Mr. Chung – pwned!

Life is fun.


One of my favorite places for take-out, ready-to-eat food is the Isetan supermarket at KLCC. Some of you might have read about the sushi and the Hokkaido Fest bento. But if you are one of those who aren’t exactly into raw food just yet, there are other choices too, such as various types of rice bowls, onigiri, bbq meat, and so forth.

Unadon & Soft Shell Crab from Isetan
appetizing, no?

Now I love unagi (grilled eel) and soft shell crab, and Isetan supermarket has them on the shelve. At RM 16.90 for unadon (unagi, rice, egg) and around RM 5 for a big size soft shell crab, this isn’t exactly an economical solution for a take-out lunch, but the taste doesn’t dissapoint. Do know that you can ask the staff to microwave the rice bowls before paying. This way you can have it ready to eat even if your office doesn’t have a microwave, or that you want to eat in the car, by the fountain at the park, or in the LRT (don’t get caught).

Unadon & Soft Shell Crab from Isetan
crabs… yumm..

The unadon is made with proper Japanese rice cooked sticky, like how they’re supposed to. A layer of onion egg with light dark sauce, half a grilled eel on top, and a couple slices of pickled radish on the side to complete the bowl. The taste was pretty good, on par with most restaurant offerings, though you must be careful to not overheat or underheat them in the microwave. As for the soft shell crab, well, it tastes like how you would expect soft shell crabs to taste like.

Unadon & Soft Shell Crab from Isetan
not exactly cheap, but. .

If you are new to Japanese food and don’t want to humiliate yourself and (possibly) your wallet in a nice Japanese restaurant, give these take-outs a try.

GPS: 3.157581, 101.712102

So we ran out of lunch idea the other day, and when that happens, Bak Kut Teh naturally comes up to my mind. Being nearby Jalan Ipoh area, we naturally went to try out the pretty famous Ban Lee Bak Kut Teh at Jalan Ipoh, a very short distance from the Mahameru junction.

Jalan Ipoh Ban Lee Bak Kut Teh
pretty old school setting

We got there pretty late (last table served), the owner told us there was nothing left other than pork knuckle. Most of the time I would much rather go for meat and internals, but being way too hungry at the time, we decided not to drive to another place. So pork knuckle it was.

Now this is one of the very few places that still uses charcoal fire to heat up the claypot. With the old school stoves right at the other side of the wall and the dated furniture, this place definately hits a few points in the nostalgia department. If only they use some china bowls instead..

Jalan Ipoh Ban Lee Bak Kut Teh

The soup was really great, full of heavy herbal aroma just like those Klang places. I also like the way how they just place some raw vegetables and “fu chok” on top of the serving, scoring some points on presentation. Another nice ingredient is the golden nedle mushroom (Enokitake, 金针菇) apart from the standard chinese variety.

However, the pork knuckle only main ingredient was a little too monotonous and proved a little too fatty even for me. I’d probably go there again during regular hours one of these days.

Jalan Ipoh Ban Lee Bak Kut Teh
nice map, no? 3rd time using the same template, other’s are here & here.

GPS: 3.172557, 101.691642