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FA did the harajuku style, since I am not that much into camwhoring with funny cloths, I decided to take some pictures of the real Harajuku girls instead. At Tokyo that is.

Harajuku Station Sign
the famous Harajuku Station

Took the train to Omote-sandō on Sunday afternoon. After spending some time at at the mall at Omotesando Hill, we worked our way to the famous bridge across the train tracks. The way to harajuku is packed with mostly young people, but there are families and older folks too, probably heading to the Meiji shrine (明治神宮).

Harajuku girls
there were some harajuku girls walking on the streets

The bridge is filled with dozens of hardcore harajuku girls, mainly of Gothic and Lolita styles. Naturally I just had to take a couple pictures with them. Most of the girls will happily let you snap pictures with, even more so if you represent any publications, I think.

Harajuku girls
Kodak moment with the gothic chicks

Harajuku girls
Interesting, no?

The girls mainly just hangout on the bridge. Tonnes of people walk by snapping pictures, and there was even a camera man from a TV station taking footage of the area. Most of the girls are Japanese, but I did see two caucasian girls dressing up the harajuku style, blending in just fine without having to dye their hair or putting up wigs.

Harajuku girls
lolita playing her gameboy

Harajuku girls
more harajuku girls

On our way back, there was a huge commotion just beneath the pedestrian bridge crossing by the junction. Turns out there was a street performer, dresing up like the bestest fashion victim singing some hardcore Japanese punk rock. The picture might decieve you, but it was a dude entertaining the crowd with his lungs out, that was totally crazy, totally awesome.

Harajuku girls
yes, this is a guy

Location – 35°40’10.15″N, 139°42’9.37″E

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Discuss : KY at Tokyo – Harajuku girls

  1. seems like you’re havin fun there xD

  2. i scare harajuku chicks

  3. Did you see Gwen there?

    Harajuku girls, I’m looking at you girls
    You’re so original girls
    You got the look that makes you stand out
    Harajuku Girls, I’m looking at you girls
    You mix and match it girls
    You dress so fly and just parade around (arigato)

  4. tigerjoe

    The jumpsuit pair look like they bite. 😛

  5. Where is the n00b map from Malaysia to Japan..? Wanna see n00b country flags! 🙂

    KY: don’t be nuts, even my skillz has a limit

  6. Dabido (Teflon)

    They all look so cute … not cute, what’s the words I’m looking for?
    I mean completely NUTS!!!! 🙂

    Hope you grabbed some phone numbers, got a few dates and learnt some new words!

  7. for a min i thought you were that harajuku gal in that white, white funky top and pink skirt and pretty bow in hair (2nd batch of pixs, lower right corner)



  8. ky damn crap la… photoshop skills…..pandai ye

  9. kimberlycun

    wowweee the one in long blonde wig damn hot!!

  10. Man nice pics, I really gotta go there some day.

    KY: you really should, it’s an awesome place

  11. PAUL TAN


    but… maybe next year… hehehe… this year I might travel to Australia or Hong Kong again… hahahaa… 😛

  13. Paul Tan

    anyone notice he’s missing his trademark hamsap smile

  14. why do u guys sound like he’s actually there….

    no photoshop meh…..


  15. Here also got a lot of harajuku girls at Pyramid. But they are more likely to be known as Tarabulu.

  16. Paul Tan Says:
    March 27th, 2006 at 10:45 pm
    anyone notice he’s missing his trademark hamsap smile


  17. y la never tell earlier, i wan u to get me japanese newest model dildo….

  18. Cass : KY is actually there wat… NO?

  19. If those goth chicks are goth chicks then how come do they all look so ah lian to me? 🙁

    KY: the others were too scary, I dared not ask. hehe

  20. omg, i’m so so dying to go to Japan.

    woo, freaking cool hair la they all ..

  21. ya, the blonde harajuku chick is pretty la. why did the goth one bawak a hand luggage with her???!!! she probably has her normal clothes/ makeup kit in there i think

  22. Jennifer

    First time here…. COOL! I want to be like them! lol!

  23. wow,,, i just love tokyo O_O i hope some day i could go there or live maybe ^_^

  24. cesar,
    It’s an interesting place. You’re surely enjoy there!

  25. my final death wish is to visit and join the people in this street. you lolita are awsome

  26. josie,
    Do it! 😀

  27. wow, u meet the rocker!!!

  28. Daryl,

  29. angie ng

    hey, i have go harajuku, but why i cant see the cosplay girl? around what time they will be there? cos i go on morning, so i miss it…..

  30. angie ng,
    Ah, they are usually just outside the shrine on the bridge! Evening time I suppose, morning they’re probably sleeping. lol

  31. i just barely discoverd harajuko girls and i love their fashion here in america there are kids that have the same style but its called being scene awsomee…… love you guys

  32. april,
    oOoo interesting.

  33. sammy rox

    only some of them are nice the rest try to hard to be a harajuku girl and look over done
    love sammy xoxoxoxox

  34. sammy rox,
    haha yah some of them a bit over acting.

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