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So the Suan was feeling like having Mexican food since she claimed she never had it before (despite being a Chilis frequent visitor.) Together with Kenneth and FA, we headed to Las Carretas at USJ Taipan, took us a while and a phone call to dree to finally figure out the restaurant that I last went more than one year ago.

Las Carretas at USJ Taipan
At last, we found it!

Las Carretas is a pretty nicely decorated restaurant with great ambiance. Though the Indian waiter did not remind me of banjo playing Mexican, the interior design and various decorative items does bring back the memory of similar establishments I visited while in the States. Consistent with every proper Mexican dining place, a plate of complimentary chips and salsa is served.

Las Carretas at USJ Taipan
Complimentary chips & salsa. Alcoholic drinks for FA & Suan

I ordered lamb shank (memory told me that it was good), FA had tacos, burritos for Suan, and Kenneth went with Quesadillas as recommended by the waiter. As proper alcoholics, FA & Suan also had cosmopolitan cocktails or something like that.

Las Carretas at USJ Taipan
The food, slurps..

The food did not disappoint, rich in flavor and strong in taste like how Mexican food is. However, for some it might be a little lacking in the spicy department. I suspect the chef merely tries to cater to the less tolerant group, I guess you can always order yours to have that extra kick, and a bottle of tabasco sauce accompanies the dishes anyway.

My lamb shank was very tender and well cooked. The portion is a little too big though, I did not able to finish the pasta that came with it. The taste of herbs in the gravey was subtle, not overpowering the natural taste of the meat.

Las Carretas at USJ Taipan
The happy diners

If you’re into trying new things, give this place a go. With pretty good food and excellent atmosphere, it makes a pretty good place for bringing your date. Price wise, entrees are between RM 20 to RM 40. Prices for drinks is comparable to places such as TGIF and Chilis, however, FA (no, not FemaleAlcoholic) reported that the cocktail is potent and they did not skim on the alcohol, she likes it that way.

Map to Las Carretas at USJ Taipan
Here’s the map, pretty easy to find actually..

No 29 USJ 10/1F
47620 Subang UEP

GPS: 3.047943, 101.583163
Tel: 03-5637 3058

Discuss : KY eats – Mexican Restaurant at USJ Taipan, Las Carretas

  1. Yes, the lamb shank is really good there. Been a while since I ate there. Still one of the best places to eat Mexican.

  2. Chilis is tex mex, not Mexican food 🙂

    KY: tex mex = texas mexican, the menu shares many similar offerings

  3. it’s margarita, and I would have preferred more spicy stuff other than the excellent tabasco sauce 🙁

  4. kimberlycun

    omg the lambg shank looks on

  5. FA looks on too. FemaleAlcos, that is. BTW, your typos are getting worse. You need SpellChecker

    KY: heheh, let me fix that..

  6. they actually moved from the shoplots behind, to where they are now. Same row with StanChart bank. Eh? no draw StanCart Logo ah?

    KY: no wonder i was having a hard time trying to find the restaurant! I remembered it was facing inside Taipan. Thanks for the info! btw, I didn’t remember StdChart.. hehe. Not too familiar with Taipan.

  7. FireAngel

    yum yum yum.

  8. Actually doesn’t have anything to do with texas, just means americanised mexican food.

    The base is still mexican food (so there will be common dishes), it’s just not very authentic, it’s adapted to the milder tastes that americans enjoy 🙂

    UK it’s easier to find real mexican food than tex-mex, which is back to front.

  9. woot!! no ask me tag along also !!!

    KY: if I only have your phone number, noob!

  10. never call meeeeeeeeee lol i live so near gah

    KY: will make sure we do that next time!

  11. i think it’s the same row as starbucks.

  12. It’s NOT the same row as starbucks. Thanks to KY not going there for more than a year, I had to round the Taipan square.

    KY: I didn’t remember wrong, it was cos they moved!

  13. why does kenneth always have that disappointed look with his food?

  14. No Tequila?

    KY: I don’t drink u know.. hehe

  15. There’s a Las Carretas branch in Ampang as well, a smaller but real chill place near houses. The waiters are well-treated by Ampang expats, so are friendly, funny and treat you well.

  16. As Suanie Sees It - update #100100

    […] 1. Fresh fish – Pentas benua yang cetek (shallow, hello? By the way, who can translate ‘pentas benua’ to English? 2. Lobster – Yum! 3. Steak Damansara Perdana’s Eagle’s Nest, medium = yum! 4. Thai food – Nong and Jimmy, hot! 5. Chinese food -My mom’s cooking, yum! 6. Ice cream – Paddlepop, yay! 7. Pizza – Asia Cafe, yum! 8. Crab – Tai Fok, Sri Damansara, yum! 9. Curry – Vegetarian, yum! 10. Prawns – XXL size, woah! 11. Moreton Bay Bugs – eww? 12. Clam chowder – blah. 13. Barbecues – J’s mother’s secret recipe for BBQ lamb, yum! 14. Pancakes – butter and syrup, slurp! 15. Pasta – William’s seafood spaghetti w/ tomato, yo! 16. Mussels – Fresh and succulent, *faints*. 17. Cheesecake – No reaction. 18. Lamb – Williams’ lamb chops, roar! 19. Cream tea – Nyek. 20. Alligator – No thanks, but I’d love to slaughter Steve Irwin for the crocs. I bet the crocs are annoyed by him as well. 21. Oysters – Bleargh especially if they are uncooked. 22. Kangaroo – But why? They are so cute! 23. Chocolate – Bangsar TSB’s Chocolate Volcano, out of this world! 24. Sandwiches – Anything with mayo, thanks! 25. Greek food – So-so. 26. Burgers – SS2 mamak burger, meowwwwwww! 27. Mexican food – USJ Taipan’s Las Carretas, best! 28. Squid – William’s crunchy fried sotong, yum! 29. American diner breakfast – not in America though, but it still counts! 30. Salmon – Don’t like it in any way. 31. Venison – No reaction. 32. Guinea pig – eww! 33. Shark – Fin soup, my bad. 34. Sushi – Not really a fan. 35. Paella – What 36. Barramundi – The 37. Reindeer – Fuck?!? Santa’s coming after you with this one. See your name forever listed under ‘naughty’. 38. Kebab – No reaction. 39. Scallops – Make ’em fresh, thanks! 40. Australian meat pie – Gimme one! 41. Mango – Rather common, isn’t it? 42. Durian fruit – Not for the past few years. 43. Octopus – I like squid better. 44. Ribs – Tony Roma’s in Singapore, I want!!! 45. Roast beef – Ok lor. 46. Tapas – Not really a fan, unless humus is involved. 47. Jerk chicken/pork – How do you tell if your dinner had been a jerk? Haha, lame joke. 48. Haggis – No thanks. 49. Caviar – Bleargh. 50. Cornish pasty – Don’t think so? […]

  17. ^_^ Yes, and if you go on your birthday, they will give you a small complimentary cake – ends your dinner with a great dessert. Someone will come sing Happy Birthday (quite sweet and personal, rather than the whole gang singing it at TGI Friday… =_=).
    The restaurant is very homely in feeling. And it’s still one of the best in Taipan (if not THE Best), when comes to food.

  18. chillis is not a mexican restaurant

  19. Went there last night. Good food , good value. Tortilla wrap (chicken) was really nice. The seasoning ws great.

  20. […] Taipan in hope of getting some nice food. I remembered reading about this mexican restaurant from KY speaks blog, so we decided to give it a try. The ambience and menu is 90 percent similar with what […]

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