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If you are one of the many people who adores this femmes blogger, to make her happy, you gotta know how to feed the Suan? This was observed over her late dinner at Wong Kok Restaurant at SS2 one completely uneventful night.

to feed a suan
look at the happy suan!

Item ordered:

  • 2 glasses of milk tea
  • 1 huge plate of beef bolognese rice
  • with 2 bucks worth of extra beef sauce
  • mashed potato
  • cheese chicken wings (3 or 4 wings)

All those food, all for her. Needless to say, Kerol, Kenneth, and I were quite impressed. We already had our dinner (equivalent to about half that portion) by that time and was only accompanying suan.

Suan finishing all those? This I gotta see. I told myself.

to feed a suan
“crap, think I ordered too much”

Alas, at the end, the Suan was defeated yet again by her illogical ordering spree. She ended up packing the chicken wings home. We were bitterly dissapointed.

to feed a suan
RM 32 at Wong Kok.. for only 1 person

So, how do you really feed a Suan in 3 easy steps?
1. Order enough food for 2 person
2. She eats 1.5

3. A happy Suan!


Discuss : KY saw – to feed a Suan

  1. it was RM2 bucks for entirely beef sauce because the other half was meant to be cream, noob, and the chicken wings were only 2, not 3 or 4 OMG.

    besides i was hungry

  2. I thought the mashed potato SUCKED?!?!?!?

  3. bUttsH4k3r

    noobs. i can easily eat 3 times suan’s portion.

  4. IMHO, I think the food there sucks, after eating, you feel like being waterfish. Being there 2 times.

    p/s: beef bolognese rice? Wooi, it is “ying yong jue par fan” – mixed pork steak rice. When your site become political correct halal site?

    KY: suan didn’t have the pork in it, only beef, which costs her extra 2 ringgit!

  5. i’m feeling hungry

  6. I love the food there.

  7. ouch! unbelievable….she starve for 2 days after that meal or she follows FA for a few rounds of hard liquor to digest all the rich food ?

    OMF Goodness …………………

  8. wanted to comment on ur blog long time. just love it too much. the food n the “creatively-drawn” maps..hehe. keep up the good work. the koi pond very chun.

  9. KY : Pork taken out and add extra RM2 for beef sauce and still charge RM13.20? Holy cow, she have been rob twice. Poor suan.

  10. yo KY, add me in msn. i got a vid for u..

  11. argh i hate u all, i’m a gonna drink beer now BAI

    KY: lucky for you beer solves everything! 😀

  12. wow i know THE SUAN so long.. now only i know she eats that much..
    THE SUAN looks very happy too..

  13. Dabido (Teflon)

    I feel sick form over eating … and I didn’t even eat any of that stuff!

  14. i’d give a treat to suanie anytime! if only she’d come out…

  15. suanie – thanx, we love u too

  16. well it’s cheaper to feed her this way before taking her out for drinks….. n her choice of beer not cheap one ok………….

  17. i’m still suffering from low carb…must eat..must eat…

  18. […] alternative, lets have some of that tonight, shall we? Forget the Atkins for a day and have a feast. Welcome to the quarter century […]

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