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Akihabara, 秋葉原 (aka Akiba) is the largest shopping area on earth for high tech goods, anime & manga stuff, as well as merchandise that might interest an otaku (anime freak.) We got there by train, getting off at Akihabara Station.

Akihabara Electric Town, Tokyo
Akihabara Station

This place is a little bit like Low Yat plaza in KL, except it covers the area bigger than the whole Bukit Bintang. Numerous shops selling all sorts of electronic, computing, and electric appliances. One of which is the huge store Yodobashi Camera that occupies about 6-7 floors selling pretty much everything that runs on battery or plug into an electric socket. The announcements in the store came in three different language (Japanese, English, & Mandarin) and there was a little tune that got into my head after listening to it for the 20th time.. blah blah blah blah yodobashi ca-me-ra..

Akihabara Electric Town, Tokyo
International brand names like Sega and Taito

There are many Anime & Manga shops too. We went into one place that occupies about 6 levels. This place is a dream come true for any anime freaks. You can find anything from Draganball keychain to Naruto figures. Want a maid outfit or Japanese school girl uniform? Get one here.

Akihabara Electric Town, Tokyo
interesting merchandise, including cosplay outfits (fancy dressing up like a maid?)

Another interesting attraction in this district is the maid cafes. These are cafes with waitresses dressed up like french maids. We were going to go in one of them, but the maids weren’t that hot, and photos are not allowed. Besides, the place was filled with weird looking guys, we scrapped that plan instead.

Akihabara Electric Town, Tokyo
maid cafe

Other than computer, electronic parts, and LCD screens. You can also buy slot machines here. I saw an Apple service center too.

Akihabara Electric Town, Tokyo
computer goods, Apple service center, slot machines

We had lunch at a famous ramen shop (Kyushu Jangara Ramen) at Akihabara. The pork ramen was really great, we ordered ours with everything in it (zenbu-iri), with extra fried garlic. The shop is really small, with about 10 seats right infront of the bar/kitchen, 2 other tables for 2, and a small 1 person table that is smaller than most phone booth. Too bad we aren’t allowed to take pictures inside.

Akihabara Electric Town, Tokyo
super popular ramen shop

Tokyo, Travel

FA did the harajuku style, since I am not that much into camwhoring with funny cloths, I decided to take some pictures of the real Harajuku girls instead. At Tokyo that is.

Harajuku Station Sign
the famous Harajuku Station

Took the train to Omote-sandō on Sunday afternoon. After spending some time at at the mall at Omotesando Hill, we worked our way to the famous bridge across the train tracks. The way to harajuku is packed with mostly young people, but there are families and older folks too, probably heading to the Meiji shrine (明治神宮).

Harajuku girls
there were some harajuku girls walking on the streets

The bridge is filled with dozens of hardcore harajuku girls, mainly of Gothic and Lolita styles. Naturally I just had to take a couple pictures with them. Most of the girls will happily let you snap pictures with, even more so if you represent any publications, I think.

Harajuku girls
Kodak moment with the gothic chicks

Harajuku girls
Interesting, no?

The girls mainly just hangout on the bridge. Tonnes of people walk by snapping pictures, and there was even a camera man from a TV station taking footage of the area. Most of the girls are Japanese, but I did see two caucasian girls dressing up the harajuku style, blending in just fine without having to dye their hair or putting up wigs.

Harajuku girls
lolita playing her gameboy

Harajuku girls
more harajuku girls

On our way back, there was a huge commotion just beneath the pedestrian bridge crossing by the junction. Turns out there was a street performer, dresing up like the bestest fashion victim singing some hardcore Japanese punk rock. The picture might decieve you, but it was a dude entertaining the crowd with his lungs out, that was totally crazy, totally awesome.

Harajuku girls
yes, this is a guy

Location – 35°40’10.15″N, 139°42’9.37″E

Tokyo, Travel

Got my visa ready, ticket in hand, luggage packed. I’m heading off to an interesting place for a week. Hopefully I’ll be able to post, with some interesting pictures for the coming week. Stay tuned.

my Visa
can you guess where I am heading?


So nobody tagged me. I was discussing some toilet stuff with Kim and she said it’s a good idea to turn this into a meme, which I am doing now. Here goes..

What is your favorite activities while conducting business in the toilet?
Reading, mostly the Sun, or some novel, sometimes ebook. I have friends who like to call when shitting, but I dont’ really do that.

Your favorite toilet?
The hardcore futuristic toilet at Jogoya must be the best, with automatic water jet cleaning me ass and heated seat too.. you almost wish you have a diarrhea there..

Worst toilet
High school, I routinely sneaked into the teacher’s toilet. They are alot cleaner

Most interesting toilets you’ve used
At my late grandma’s place we used to have the wooden tub, was horrible. I’ve also used the direct drop into the ocean type at a relative’s place, and another direct drop into the earth type

Any no toilet experience?
Once I had to settle in a jungle and use giant leaves as toilet paper. It was an emergency but I didn’t have to sacrify my undie.

Do you prefer the old school (squat) or the modern (sit) toilet?
Old school, definately. Though that cuts down the reading time due to legs giving way to muscle cramps after an hour..

Wash or wipe?
Wash, then wipe dry..

I’m passing this to
and you, yes, you the reader who also blogs


I am not the biggest rave fan nor do I really listen to techno all that much, suan was the one who told me about this Tiesto dude. So I went with the gang that includes ST, Kenneth, Paul, Fox, FA, Janice, Suan & Sheryl. Met a Jack and Edward there too.

I reached the scene at half past nine. Suan & some of the noobs got there earlier and said there was some awesome drumming prior to the then not-too-great DJ noname. Everyone was getting rather impatient waiting for DJ Tiesto who was supposed to be appearing at 10 “sharp” by 10:10pm. I guess the DJ took up the Malaysian timing rather fast.

DJ Tiesto Renault Pit Party KLIA 2006
fireworks too!

Then there was this ridiculous and forgettable lion dance sequence followed by the Malay gong thingy for a good 10-15 minutes before DJ Tiesto finally burst into the scene. It was fireworks and some awesome display on the big screens. Like the bestest real life winamp visual plugin, with some awesome music, I must add.

DJ Tiesto Renault Pit Party KLIA 2006
laser show, like omg

A couple hours into his routine, just as the beats start to sound a little monotonous. The show climbed to a new high, with more fireworks and the laser show. The crowd went wild with arms raised trying to “cut” the laser, it was a beautiful sight. The two laser source is like the hands of god, radiating the green lights on the tip of the fingers… or something like that. It was surreal, it made Tiesto god like, in a warcraft pwning sense.

DJ Tiesto Renault Pit Party KLIA 2006
this “kebab” was actually awesome!

I was hungry and actually had a “kebab” at the food tent on the side of the show, and to my greatest surprise, it was actually pretty good! Had a beer and a bottle of mineral water, I made the getaway by 2am to avoid the massive traffic at the end of the show. 17,000 tickets were sold and I guess at least a few thousands more at the gate.. plenty of people.

It was a good show, I only wish the temperature was like Genting, and I now know the lack of sleep and playing intense badminton wasn’t exactly good ideas before going to a party like this.