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Xaviera, one of our badminton partners msg me last weekend and mentioned the opening ceremony at the much talked about Sentul Park Koi Center, having read from wantan production that it is a place I would probably love to go, we decided to give it a try on the rainy and lazy Sunday afternoon.

Sentul Park Koi Center
look at em lovely jumbo kois!

Compare to other Koi farms around Klang Valley and Penang, the Sentul Park Koi Center is a completely different concept altogether, and a rather good one at that. The place is located in the quiet Sentul West, a high class residential development by the YTL group. Other than the Koi Farm, the center boosts a restaurant by 2 huge koi ponds of basketball court size, a learning center, and beautiful zen garden. The entrace is a very nicely done bamboo forest set up, much like scenery in the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Sentul Park Koi Center
prime minister Pak Lah spotted!

As the center is still quite new, there aren’t many fish in the main pond yet, perhaps only around 2 dozens jumbo (over 2 feet) kois. The farm has a few dozen cement tanks with kois of various sizes. However, since it was an opening and everyone was rather busy, there was no opportunity to get information on the pricing of their fish.

Sentul Park Koi Center
there was a koi competition too

We didn’t have the chance to try out the Yuritei Japanese Restaurant by the huge koi pond due to the ceremony. However, the menu looks pretty tempting, and very reasonably priced at 15-20+ for a set entry. Sentul Park Koi Center is definately a place to visit even for the non enthusiasts, for a Koi keeper, it’s a definate must.

Map to Sentul Park Koi Center
as always, my excellent map

Their official site is at

Koi Pond

CNY chap gor meh stunt, fakeplan boat at taman jaya lake

So I figured we should end the celebration of Chinese New Year with a bang and had this great idea in my mind when I found out there was going to be a Mandarin orange throwing festival at Taman Jaya. We were going to use a make shift boat to haul the oranges from the middle of the lake instead of using a net from the shore like everyone else. That turned out to be one of the craziest stuff I’ve ever done in my life.

Background: On the night of the 15th day of Chinese New Year, girls throw oranges to the lake in the hope of getting good husband. The modern twist is that they write names and phone numbers on the oranges in the hope that the right guy hauls it up, contact her, and bla bla bla.. It is celebrated at many locations, and the most publicized and glamourous of all at Klang Valley is probably the event at Taman Jaya. We estimated that there were probably up to 10 thousand people at the festival.

You can also look at the site for a star’s article written last year.

CNY chap gor meh stunt, fakeplan boat at taman jaya lake
that’s how many people at the festival

After dinner at Jalan Ipoh, we decided to stopped by the Taman Jaya lake on the way back. There was thousands of people by the lake, a stage was set up and there were singings and dancings, speeches too. Already there were some girls throwing oranges in the lake, and we saw quite a few guys having extended fishing nets hauling oranges from the lake. Problem was, they can never reach those that floated out more than a dozen meters or so.

CNY chap gor meh stunt, fakeplan boat at taman jaya lake
practise session at femmes camwhore’s (not allowed to reveal) swamp

Being a Koi hobbist, I have a fiberglass tank at home, and that gave me the idea of using it as a boat, to haul oranges at the lake. After spending half an hour convincing Horny about the idea, he reluctantly agreed that we can test my hypothesis at a friend’s swimming pool swamp. It worked out great.

Kerol, Xaveira, Jack, Edward were with us too. Jack and Xaveira volunteered to carry the tank and equipments (2 squash racquets as oars, and a net) to the location as Horny said he didn’t want to be spotted bringing the tank there. Having no more excuses, the dude went alogn with the plan.

CNY chap gor meh stunt, fakeplan boat at taman jaya lake
took ages to convince horny, and then off we go

At the site, we took the long route to round the lake to somewhere nearby the main celebration area. It was only about 100 meters or so to row to the main source of attraction. We had to convince goddamn horny for another 30 minutes again before he reluctantly go ahead with the plan. It was abit too crazy, I didn’t know why I have the idea nor the courage either.

As we went down to the lake, quite a bit of people who were standing nearby our launching site started the cheer and claps, there was no return.

CNY chap gor meh stunt, fakeplan boat at taman jaya lake
we were in the middle of the lake, crowd went wild

As the crowd from the orange throwing/retrieving area started spotting us, they started cheering, there were at least a few thousand people still congregate around the lake. We kept rowing and started to collect some oranges, the crowd really went wild when I started to throw some oranges back to them. “Aim here!”, “one more! one more!”, I probably threw another few dozen oranges back to the crowd, it was fun.

CNY chap gor meh stunt, fakeplan boat at taman jaya lake
returned with wet butts, and lotsa oranges

After on the lake for a good half an hour or so, we decided it was enough and started making our way back. Yelled good bye to the crowd and started rowing back. Overall we collected about 60 oranges, about 40 or so has phone numbers on it, maybe we can start to contact some of the lucky ones.. hehehe.

It was a blast, were you there? If you think we were cool/cute/whatever, contact me using the link on the right. 😛


One of the restaurant that I frequent whenever feeling like eating something not particulary heavy or spicy is the fishball noodle soup by Atria, at Damansara Jaya. The shop is called “Kedai Makan Teow Chew”, which bears no hint on what they serve at all. However, the cooking station that is much like a hawker stall sits right at the entrance, so you can’t miss it.

Fishball noodle soup by Atria, Damansara Jaya

The restaurant is set up much like a one-stall kopitiam, the biggest difference is that it is air conditioned. Though without a door, the air conditioning mainly prevents hungry ghosts from dying of heat rather than creating a really cozy environment. No complaints there though.

Fishball noodle soup is actually the most basic dish they serve. Instead of fishball, you can always choose to have oyster, yong tou fu, pomphret, big prawns, and even abalone (not exactly sure if they really have it) as the main ingredient. They also serve mee hun, mee suah, and kuih teow other than noodle. You get to choose if you want your noodle (or mee hun, etc) to be served dry, or together with the main ingredient in the soup.

Fishball noodle soup by Atria, Damansara Jaya

Their fishball has a really nice and bouncy texture while tasting pretty good too. The other item that you must try is the fish cake. They fry it fresh and serves hot, I have seen people ordering quite alot of those raw for take-away to party and stuff. Tastes great. The restaurant is a couple ringgit pricier than similiar dish at a normal kopitiam, but the slightly better environment and tastes make up for it.

Fishball noodle soup by Atria, Damansara Jaya
did you want to ask about the location?

Jalan SS 22/21
Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.128320, 101.616910

Sheryl told me about the new Jogoya Japanese Buffet Restaurant that has recently just opened their latest branch in Starhill, KL. Since I was feeling really hungry that very day, I convinced her to dine there with me after reading several articles written about it from local newspaper sites such as this one from The Star.

Jogoya Japanese Buffet at StarHill KL
located at the posh Starhill Gallery

Jogoya is actually a Taiwan based company, having a number of branches in it’s country of origin, a very successful and recognisable name there. Stepping in their the newest establishment brought a sense of awe. The place is simply huge, with capacity of over 550 guests, and the buffet selection at least 4-5 times bigger than Avanti at Sunway Resorts.

Jogoya Japanese Buffet at StarHill KL
huge selection of choices

There are numerous buffet lines, the Japanese sushi and sashimi station, Chinese dishes, dim sum and seafood soup, western seafood, indian delicacies, tepanyakki and stir fry seafood, juice and drinks, and desserts. There is enough selection for every picky eater. If suan only try each item a spoonful, you can probably still feed her 5 times over before repeating with the first item, FA, maybe 10 times.

Jogoya Japanese Buffet at StarHill KL
start off with some japanese seafood, sashimi and tempura

I started out with some awesome sashimi including sake(salmon), amaebi (sweet shrimp), and surf clam, worked my way through some raw oysters and oyster soup, then came king crab soup, some fried clams, stuffed crab with shrimp and butter, and salmon roe handroll. Not to be outdone, tried some french style fried butter prawn, shrimp tempura, fried pomphret fish, and even tomyam soup. By the third hour or so, I was feeling pretty stuffed, ended the meal with some “gwai leng gou” as desserts and a cup of cappucino to wash away the taste of watermelon, guava, and honeydew juice that I had.

Jogoya Japanese Buffet at StarHill KL
fried seafood and some awesome soup

Overall it was a very good dining experience. While the price (from RM 68++ to RM 88++ depending on time) might be slightly towards the higher end. The selection and quality of food more than make up for it. In fact, I went there again with my mom and brother a week later when they were at KL.

Jogoya Japanese Buffet at StarHill KL
dessert and drinks

Jagoya is located at 3rd floor, StarHill Gallery. Business hour is from 11am to 2am, call them at 03-2142 1268 if you want to book a table or something.. You are also welcome to spend me a meal there, hehe.

GPS: 3.147790, 101.713588

Update 16/2/2006: A noted difference at Jogoya is the availability of freshly made to order dishes. You are given 3 clips with your table number to be dropped the little bowl labelling the dish offered at the buffet line. Few minutes later the server will return your clip with the freshly prepared dish you “ordered”. You never run out of clips.

So the suanie has this funny hobby, she loves to watch ghost movies but are absolutely terrified by the TV set at the same time.

I myself don’t particulary fancy ghost movies, mainly because I don’t believe in ghosts, and usually only take the them as comedies, irregardless of the directors’ original intentions. However, often time I was dragged by this emotional masochist in watching the film, lending her my share of “courage” and all.

This time, it was The Wig, a Korean ghost movie about a dead gay lover’s hair being woven into a wig and then possessed a cancer patient who’s got a sister who can’t speak, trying to kill the ex lover, etc etc. Actually I don’t really care what was going on, it wasn’t even really scary. However, the real enjoyment is watching Suan absolutely terrified by the show. I’ll give the movie a C and the movie experience with Suan a B+

I have taken the liberty of in showing you how she watches ghost movies, enjoy the pictures!

Suan scare the Wig
suan: i scare ghost movies!