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CNY chap gor meh stunt, fakeplan boat at taman jaya lake

So I figured we should end the celebration of Chinese New Year with a bang and had this great idea in my mind when I found out there was going to be a Mandarin orange throwing festival at Taman Jaya. We were going to use a make shift boat to haul the oranges from the middle of the lake instead of using a net from the shore like everyone else. That turned out to be one of the craziest stuff I’ve ever done in my life.

Background: On the night of the 15th day of Chinese New Year, girls throw oranges to the lake in the hope of getting good husband. The modern twist is that they write names and phone numbers on the oranges in the hope that the right guy hauls it up, contact her, and bla bla bla.. It is celebrated at many locations, and the most publicized and glamourous of all at Klang Valley is probably the event at Taman Jaya. We estimated that there were probably up to 10 thousand people at the festival.

You can also look at the site for a star’s article written last year.

CNY chap gor meh stunt, fakeplan boat at taman jaya lake
that’s how many people at the festival

After dinner at Jalan Ipoh, we decided to stopped by the Taman Jaya lake on the way back. There was thousands of people by the lake, a stage was set up and there were singings and dancings, speeches too. Already there were some girls throwing oranges in the lake, and we saw quite a few guys having extended fishing nets hauling oranges from the lake. Problem was, they can never reach those that floated out more than a dozen meters or so.

CNY chap gor meh stunt, fakeplan boat at taman jaya lake
practise session at femmes camwhore’s (not allowed to reveal) swamp

Being a Koi hobbist, I have a fiberglass tank at home, and that gave me the idea of using it as a boat, to haul oranges at the lake. After spending half an hour convincing Horny about the idea, he reluctantly agreed that we can test my hypothesis at a friend’s swimming pool swamp. It worked out great.

Kerol, Xaveira, Jack, Edward were with us too. Jack and Xaveira volunteered to carry the tank and equipments (2 squash racquets as oars, and a net) to the location as Horny said he didn’t want to be spotted bringing the tank there. Having no more excuses, the dude went alogn with the plan.

CNY chap gor meh stunt, fakeplan boat at taman jaya lake
took ages to convince horny, and then off we go

At the site, we took the long route to round the lake to somewhere nearby the main celebration area. It was only about 100 meters or so to row to the main source of attraction. We had to convince goddamn horny for another 30 minutes again before he reluctantly go ahead with the plan. It was abit too crazy, I didn’t know why I have the idea nor the courage either.

As we went down to the lake, quite a bit of people who were standing nearby our launching site started the cheer and claps, there was no return.

CNY chap gor meh stunt, fakeplan boat at taman jaya lake
we were in the middle of the lake, crowd went wild

As the crowd from the orange throwing/retrieving area started spotting us, they started cheering, there were at least a few thousand people still congregate around the lake. We kept rowing and started to collect some oranges, the crowd really went wild when I started to throw some oranges back to them. “Aim here!”, “one more! one more!”, I probably threw another few dozen oranges back to the crowd, it was fun.

CNY chap gor meh stunt, fakeplan boat at taman jaya lake
returned with wet butts, and lotsa oranges

After on the lake for a good half an hour or so, we decided it was enough and started making our way back. Yelled good bye to the crowd and started rowing back. Overall we collected about 60 oranges, about 40 or so has phone numbers on it, maybe we can start to contact some of the lucky ones.. hehehe.

It was a blast, were you there? If you think we were cool/cute/whatever, contact me using the link on the right. πŸ˜›


Discuss : KY – CNY chap gor meh with fakeplan boat at Taman Jaya

  1. you fucking crazy ppl

  2. omfg confirm insanity. so how many you gonna call? ;p

  3. OMFG!!!!!! Woah liao!!!!!!

  4. Cool ! *Clap* *Clap*

  5. ***bow bow bow bow bow

  6. hahaha you guys are the bestest ever!!!!!!

  7. Just a passer by

    OMG this is some crazy stunt! You guys ROCK! Hahaha!

    Who knows, you guys might even make the headlines in the papers!!

    KY: I think the press left by the time we did it though.. might be a good thing. hehe


  9. bravo!bravo, KY and the gang! this is the craziest thing that i ever heard….

  10. kimberlycun


    cant believe i missed it! arghh

  11. Inevitable

    Powderful dude!

  12. LOL ! fucking hilarious !

  13. Holy shit dude… that’s crazy!

  14. junioruser

    Hey, cool idea. Sounds like fun. It’s great doing some wild stunts once in a while, eh? I wouldn’t give a second thought if you suggested the idea to me. Prob is, I am a gal! Hahaha! Will probably wear a hat or something like what horny did! Again, you guys rock!! Enjoy reading your blog!!

    KY: join us next time then!

  15. Amazing stuff! Hope you both get lucky with those 40 gals.


  17. Wah Liao! So siow u ppl πŸ˜€

  18. Oi, whers da LIST of mui mui jais’ phone numbers ???

    KY: you chickened out and took a dump instead, didn’t even give emotional support, don’t ask! hehe

  19. Nothing but OMFG…

  20. Mossie`Ol Chin


  21. Dabido (Teflon)

    girls throw oranges to the lake in the hope of getting good husband.

    Do lesbians throw lemons?

    Anyway, send some of the older ones my way. Under forty, over twenty nine. Make sure they’re cute first though … actually, just send me their e-mail addy’s! πŸ™‚

  22. Impressed!!!!

  23. Crazy ass mofokers

  24. You guy are so funny….

  25. Impressive! This is a sign that we need real, well marked out singles bars – otherwise more young men will be risking their lives to mate.

  26. LOL. suertes just implied that you guys look DESPERATE

  27. hey! u guys are really crazzzzyyy dude!!!!

    i like it man!!!! give me 5!!!!

    KY: here you go, 5! hehe

  28. δΈ€δΈͺε­— – εΌΊ!!!

  29. oh my gawd!

  30. crazy buggers.. thank god, u had the presence of mind to do that proof of concept in the swamp.. if not, u’d be doggone mad to plunk 2 adult males (not entirely sane ones i’d say) inside a fish tank.

    let’s see whether the crazy idea of urs result in some seriously worthwhile chicks. πŸ˜›

  31. *salutes

    much respect!

  32. HAR HAR!!! Good sh*t πŸ˜‰ I would have wanted to see the whole thing myself, haha!

  33. Wah lau!!! R.E.S.P.E.C.T you guys man!! The world needs more men with b**ls like you guys!! πŸ˜€ YOU RAWK!!!

  34. I think you might have started a trend. We might see more people with canoes and rubber boats next year. Have to note that your boat looked mighty dangerous to me.

  35. ROTFLOL!!!

  36. the boat looks cool πŸ˜€

  37. post video wei !!!!!!!! post girls phone numbahs too!!!

  38. salute u man!

    hope the girls wont be dissapointed πŸ˜›

  39. terenceloh

    You Da Man!

  40. i think ppl will start to imitate you next year onwards..

    i was there too last night but i left early so didn’t catch u, did u pick up an orange that wished a 4D number will get 1st prize ? πŸ˜€

    KY: haha, that must be yours? too bad i didn’t get it

  41. LOL, so funny. Next time try to paint the box yellow color, or flourecent yellow… :p

  42. lol at least I “helped” push the “tank” , mau berak ma, wot to do!

  43. Bow, bow ! Terror.

    Next year I will put a catapult next to Taman jaya and you swing your, eeerrrr boat again. RM1 to catapult 3 orange, if they hit you, they can RM5. We share the profit 20/80 (you 80, I 20)ok.

  44. *claps*



    lack of attention…

    urmmm dunno which leh…

  45. there’s a desperate bachelor keep forcing me to do it mar… wat to do.

  46. ……..




  47. HAha…u actually did it πŸ˜€
    Hope u’ll get lucky with the gals πŸ˜‰

  48. Mad ass! LOL!!! Next year bring scuba gears.

  49. dude that totally rocks! can’t believe that shit floated. that is one of the funniest things i’ve ever seen and it’s awesome that you guys had the balls to do it. malaysia need more crazy fun, yet sane, ppl like you.. hahahah…

  50. has the full moon turned you people nuts?? MANNNNNNNNNNNNNN

    my gawd seriously this is so the nuts mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


  51. michaelooi

    hahah, that has got to be the craziest shit a blogger ever does.

    i would have joined you if it’s in Penang… ahaks!

  52. Ha Ha Great work. I guess even if people were to copy it next year, they have to come up with more zany and crazy looking boat to beat this one!

  53. wtf man………….siao eh.

  54. Bravo Bravo!! You’re my hero, KY!! This could be a brand new culture for next year Chap Goh Meh! We will see more of those ‘lil’ tugboats in the lake / river…. go get the copyright first & start selling it! Then, you can start claiming as the official organizer! So, how is your 40 dates coming along? Hahaha! I just can’t stop laughing… LOLS!!!

  55. This sorta shit u do is why I keep coming back! This is blogatainment!

  56. Easily 1 of the best post ever!!! 5 STAR +AAA+!! Highly entertaining.

  57. Any guys threw oranges into the lake?

  58. You know what? I noticed something weird about the oranges in the tank. At first I thought they were mouldy. Then, I looked closer and noticed that they were actually wrapped with plastic! hahahahah

  59. Wow you are great man!!..u should be awarded Man of the Year !!

  60. WoooooHooooo…..

  61. Choo Choo, you are fucking crazy but i am proud of you. Yeah !!

  62. Tiuniasing

    next time put on life-jacket la just in case…

  63. micSkywalker

    *** BOW BOW BOW ***

  64. […Look, there are other ways to impress your girl instead of showering her with flowers and gifts. Be creative. And brave. Consult KY/Horng if you need to. I confer them VALENTINE MEN OF THE YEAR!..]

  65. ROFLMAO. u crazy pple.

  66. Duh!
    Why did yall do that?
    It’s fun and all but I still don’t understand the notion of it.

    KY: There’s no point to it, all for fun, life is too boring sometimes

  67. Wuahahaha… really farnee man… Can i get your permission to advertise your blog on a fishing forum I go to? I’m sure they’ll be happy to know of another alternative to go out fishing with a make shift boat like that… if they can stand not laughing to death…. guahahahaha

    KY: hahaha, go ahead!

  68. you and horny are da man!!!!

    din get into paper ka?

    KY: I think the press already left when we did the stunt

  69. dude, you rock! ;P

  70. Ow, thanks for the support..

  71. Si beh siao!! respect! lol…

  72. Tabik !!!

  73. will brig catapult and pamelo next year, if i see anyone imatating this trademarked act, i will sink them for u k

  74. *bow bow salute*

    shud have call TV3 there.

  75. hope u dont mind i share ur page at ZTH… πŸ™‚
    cheers… crazy siao lang… haha… respect!!!

  76. haha.. u guys is damn cool .. mind to share some with us ?

  77. clapbangkiss


  78. wow! amazing, lucky u din drown …. next year im sure lotsa ‘boats’ gonna surface the scene and row the oranges back …. NICE!

  79. hmm… it’s amazing that your boat didn’t tip over? hahaha.. hmm.. the press left by then? you know.. that can be easily remedied by someone sending in a photo from your blog. πŸ˜‰ kekeke..

  80. I dont know what to say about u all …SOHEM …u all make me laugh so hard…

  81. Good JOB !!

  82. omfg! YOU WERE ONE OF THOSE GUYS?!!!! LOL!!!!!!!

    i left the place just right before you guys went into the lake. lol. my friends were telling me how nice of “these two guys in a makeshift sampan” who threw oranges at them etc. πŸ˜›

    superhero ky. πŸ˜€

  83. LMAO u guys r fucking hilarious πŸ˜€ try that again in the pond near my hse k?

  84. I think you will see alot of copy cats next year. lol…..

  85. stupid fucker!

  86. bikerwannabe

    Holy crap!! Just saw this and ROTFLMAO!!!

    Ok.. its official. KY has the biggest coconuts in blogsphere, not Kennysia.

  87. haha u guys r totally rocks πŸ™‚ using a baldi goin in2 da lake hahah cheers πŸ™‚

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  89. woww… thts some pretty funny shit u did! Wish i was there to witness it.. tehezz..

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  93. Young Lady

    Was encouraged by a friend to view your blog because she said YOU’RE CRAZY!!!

    You are one c…y dude! BUT I SALUT U!!!

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  97. Plain next time FTWWW

  98. meant paint

  99. very hilarious ROFL

  100. OMFG! I can’t believe you both actually did such silly things. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Damn funny wei! Do it again this year :p

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