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So the suanie has this funny hobby, she loves to watch ghost movies but are absolutely terrified by the TV set at the same time.

I myself don’t particulary fancy ghost movies, mainly because I don’t believe in ghosts, and usually only take the them as comedies, irregardless of the directors’ original intentions. However, often time I was dragged by this emotional masochist in watching the film, lending her my share of “courage” and all.

This time, it was The Wig, a Korean ghost movie about a dead gay lover’s hair being woven into a wig and then possessed a cancer patient who’s got a sister who can’t speak, trying to kill the ex lover, etc etc. Actually I don’t really care what was going on, it wasn’t even really scary. However, the real enjoyment is watching Suan absolutely terrified by the show. I’ll give the movie a C and the movie experience with Suan a B+

I have taken the liberty of in showing you how she watches ghost movies, enjoy the pictures!

Suan scare the Wig
suan: i scare ghost movies!

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  1. She always watches like that..

    Thought Wig was lousy too, better watch FA dancing 😀

  2. wats with the pillows? let her hug u la 🙂

  3. spiller: i don’t want her to crack my ribs! thanks. :/

  4. Dabido (Teflon)

    Well, everyone knows that hiding under covers or behind pillows makes a person invisible to ghosts and monsters … and maybe even axe weilding maniacs. I can’t wait to learn the Suanie method of martial arts where you get your own ninja stealth pillow. 🙂

    *ducks from flying shirakin pillows*

  5. Hahaha. She reminds me of my friend who hides behind her jacket when watching horror movies. It is the fun to watch movies with friends like that. Heh heh. Eh, how then does she deal with the sounds?

  6. kimberlycun

    you should have seen her when she watched The Shutter..

  7. no wonder she needs coffee after that la.

  8. foodcrazee

    someone get kill soon….chuckle.

    She doesnt look that kind…to be scared of horror movie

  9. suan: i scare ghost movies! but i still LOVE it. I don’t CARE!

  10. omg double chin alert!!

  11. so brave, eh? :p

  12. ärchängël

    *brainstorming* evil plot..

    tied suanie in front of TV.. tape her eyebrow wide open.. play few horror movie.. *evil-grin*

    oh.. be prepared for more tape.. if she start scream.. muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

  13. As Suanie Sees It - i scare myself sometimes

    […] You see, I am a highly-imaginative paranoid-er, especially when it comes to scaring myself. As KY would have mentioned, I adore watching scary ghosty movies. At the same time I am absolutely terrified of them. This my friends, is what we call ‘asking for it’. […]

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