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Undoubtedly many of you have heard of Madam Kwan restaurant at KLCC (and other branches.) My colleagues and I decided to have our lunch there after getting tired of Isetan take-outs. We usually did not consider the place cos it isn’t exactly budget lunch, and it is always packed with way too many patrons, but since we head out a little earlier today, we thought we could avoid the crowd.

Madam Kwan KLCC
Jabot (top left) so happy with her noodle

We got there at around 12 and already we had to be put on the waiting list. Luckily it didn’t take us long before a table was available. A big crowd did build up outside the restaurant approaching 1pm, however.

We ordered noodle with mushroom & chicken (basically like dried wantan mee but with chicken and mushroom,) char kuih teow, and cantonese noodle (æŧ‘蛋æēģ – wat tan hor.) The mushroom was very good, however the noodle might be a little to the salty side. Lucky it came with the soup, so you can always blunt it abit.

The cantonese noodle and char kuih teow are cooked with chicken, shrimp (look at the picture below), and squid. According to my colleagues, they are pretty good. The serving is pretty big, so prepare a big stomach and don’t be like Shah, wasting more than half a plate as she was a bit over confident and had a serving of mushroom soup as appertizer.

Madam Kwan KLCC
Shah (bottom left) enjoying her mushroom soup

The price is quite reasonable, an entree with a drink costs around RM 20. Madam Kwan is at the 4th floor of Suria KLCC.

p/s: I even know mandarin, are you impressed? 😀

GPS: 3.157581, 101.712102

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  1. Their Mushroom Chicken Rice also very nice. And I like it the fact that they have smoking zone 😛

    That’s Cantonese pronunciation la, by the way.

  2. Mandarin was.. er.. I meant the writing. Chinese characters that is. hehe


  4. hey i saw u in KLCC last wednesday or thursday … you were enterring the lrt station … i was coming from Avenue K


    Happy Chinese New Year

  5. Oohh…for some reason I always try and drag my friends to eat there…but then last minute we’ll switch somewhere else to eat instead. Weird. Maybe it’s because once when we were there we saw a certain ‘darling’ ex-lecturer of ours that promptly made us lose our appetite…lol.

  6. Kung hei fat choy !!!! juk lei dai sart 4 fong !!!

  7. foodcrazee

    happy new year bro

  8. Happy Chinese New Year to you dahling…

  9. Gong Xi! Gong Xi! Happy Dog Year!…In case you wonder who am I..I am just trying my best to wish everyone who has once drop a comment on my main blog or my photo blog….Happy CNY …

  10. i really wan to give a try at madam kwan!!

  11. thank you thank you.

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  13. The Mdm Kwan in Pavillion is pretty crap, not worth the money. I think Little Penang Cafe is way better char koay teow and price wise.

  14. Ding,
    Ohh, that’s unfortunate. lol

  15. Mdm Kwan in KLCC has very bad service. The curry noodles is not nice at all. Not worth for the price 🙁

    • oOoo, never eat their curry noodle myself, but nasi lemak/bojari and the chicken mee are nice.

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  18. Afiliasi

    Hi KY …Its so important for us

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