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I was woke up by Huey Fang this morning for a bad news.. laying on the grass next to the pond was a dead koi. Appearantly jumped out after pondering the thoughts of how it would be like to live out of water, perhaps inspired by some old school Chinese stories like the Monkey God, thinking that it too, can become a god. blargh.

Dead Koi Shiro Utsuri
omgwtfbbq.. sien

The koi was a shiro utsuri, we like to call it the cow, since it’s got the New Zealand cow’s spots, but not a dalmation’s, mind you. White background and black pattern. I got this koi from the farm at Kelana Jaya near the small Giant. Right opposite of the excellent steamed rice place. The final price too, was haggled with the help of FA‘s mom, how cool was that?

Dead Koi Shiro Utsuri
14″ already you know!

From some 10″ this fella grew up to 14″, a decent size for a beautiful koi.. now dead. A very sad day indeed. I lowered the water level by 2″ and might set up some form of barrier, perhaps sacrify some asthetics to safety.. We’ll see. This is the 2nd occasion, few months ago a black and orange koi simply dissapeared. I am guessing it’s the same thing but the cat took it.

Anyone wanna sponsor me some nice Japanese Kois?

Koi Pond

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  1. wuah i feel for you my frend ….. deepest condolences

  2. my deepest condolences 🙁

  3. WTF! *SNIFFFFFFFFF* I tell mummy. :'(

  4. Perhaps you want to do some fencing to stop any other depressed kois from taking the suicidal jump to dry land

  5. wei.. ppl want “bak kam” leh. give him enuff money to get new koi?

  6. I sponsor you one Sabah Red Kaloi and a wireless baby monitor.

  7. No burial but ended in plastic bag? You are insensitive !!! You should call a funeral by ….. steam it.

  8. Ouch, it’s like losing a member of the family eh?

  9. please sponsor cash or jap koi, thanks. =/

  10. quick go get paypal account and setup website with sadcase story! i bet tons of people are gonna donate to your get-ky-a-koi fund. ;p

    kidding la. i’m sorry to hear about your koi, ky. =(

  11. oooOOOooo….damn…i only met that fish once


  13. sorry man…

    May the poor fella’s memory rest in peace…

  14. Sorry to hear that. ArgGg… it’s January 2006 again. 🙁

  15. bUttsH4k3r

    maybe the koi was in financial constraints. they might have been betting on algae.


  16. steam koi with bean sauce?

  17. My condolences.

  18. Awww…

    So sad. I used to cry when any of my fish died when I was little. Hope you get new less-prone to commiting suicide ones soon.

  19. Should have given it a proper burial ceremony. But…oops…there may a whole controversy of what religion the fish was. So, stick with the ‘bin’ or ‘steam’ plan. Deepest condolences, matey.

  20. a moment of silence for the dearly departed fishy…

  21. hmm KY… maybe the pond is too small?

    think about it… I think the fish can feel claustrophobic enough to instigate the urge to jump…

    Koi is a large fish… they thrive in large areas of water..

    anyway, condolences to your dead fish..

  22. the koi’s version of buddha jumping over the wall

    its a pretty nice koi there,too bad it had to go =(

  23. Michael Lee

    Give Paul a call – may have some news for you. For all those asking you to eat the poor thing, hope that it comes back, 10 times in size, and does the same to all of them.
    … like the Buddha jumping over the wall tho … !

  24. you didn’t spend enough time with them, KY.

    their happiness also v. important, you know…

  25. Never bury the poor soul??

  26. i fink the fish misses u or something.. therefore it jumped out to see the master.

    or she had an affair with Bobby.

    hehe.. chin up.

  27. Aww, suicidal fish.

    Reminds me of my first and only pet fist. My crush (at the time) bought it for me too. I put it in a little bowl out front on the car roof while I went to look for a better fish bowl-ish container. When I came back out, the fish was gone.

    And the dog was chewing on something by the car.

    I could never bring myself to buy another fish again.

  28. sorry bout that… no wonder you were so emo when i spoke to you

    how much does a koi generally cost?
    what is the most “prized” koi, how much is that and where do you get one?

  29. well well, thanks for all the concern, condolenseces, etc.. the post looked so depressing mainly becaused i had to attend a meeting in 10 mins and didn’t bother to spell check.

    I got good news, however, will post SOON!

  30. u should give the fish a burial … snifff

  31. the Kamikaze Kois. I’m so amazed by their determination in searching for greener pasture and better times.

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  33. Koi dead cannot be alive. Easy man …
    I knew how you feel , I got experience before.

  34. tim reeves

    I have my own Koi pond, I know your pain. Good POST.

  35. no because i want one….. anyone wanna sponser me???…haha jk jk but sorry abt your koi

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