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It was probably more than year since we went to Nong and Jimmy Thai BBQ Seafood place the last time. A place we usually refer to as “that Cheras tomyam place”, though it is actually located in Taman Cahaya and geographically not even really in Cheras, but Ampang instead. Last friday 5 of us decided to do treat ourselves some good ol’ favorites.

Nong and Jimmy Thai BBQ Seafood Tomyam
we ordered up a feast

ST, faggot, margie, kerol and I got to the restaurant and luckily was able to find a table without much hassle though it was a busy friday night. (I called suan but she didn’t manage to pick up.. ) The restaurant is more like a roof with some light fixtures and fan over concrete surface where they put lots of cheap tables and chairs. Do not expect air conditioning or comfortable chairs, they concentrate on food, not comfort nor the whole dining experience thingy.

Nong and Jimmy Thai BBQ Seafood Tomyam
ST, faggot, margie, & kerol

We ordered a basket of BBQ cockles, a claypot tomyam, BBQ prawns, BBQ stingray fish, fried squid, and kailan vegetables to go with some fried rice that includes big juicy prawns in it. The claypot tomyam and the BBQ prawn is a must, tomyam is served with prawn and squid as the main ingredients. The tomyam here tastes a little different from those that you get from mamak restaurants or Malay outlets, it is a little closer to authentic Thai flavour, we like it.

Nong and Jimmy Thai BBQ Seafood Tomyam
cockles, prawns, special chili sauce with peanuts, BBQ fish

Not everyone eats cockles, but if you do, do not pass it up. The chili sauce with peanuts goes very, very well with the BBQ cockles, and basically other BBQ dishes like BBQ prawns and fish. The fried curry squid was pretty good too and provided a nice departure from having too many BBQ dishes. You can order white rice to go with the dishes, but to really get some serious prawn overdose, go for the fried rice instead.

Nong and Jimmy Thai BBQ Seafood Tomyam
claypot tomyam, fried rice, squid, vege

Needless to say, we gobbled up everything and had happy stomachs to kick start the weekend. You can too, check out the patented map!

Nong and Jimmy Thai BBQ Seafood map
oh such lovely map

Lot 27363, Jalan Cahaya 1,
Taman Cahaya,
Ampang, Selangor

GPS: 3.142669, 101.754727
Tel: 03 4251 1807

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  1. kimberlycun


    tiu u all

  2. My pictures didn’t come out so good, I deleted some by mistake haha, so GJ nice shots 😀

  3. wah sai so the nice one… How comes Suanie,FA n Kim not invited huh??

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmm shud check out this place soon. Thanks!!!!!

  4. Er….

    Is the “Yow Char Kueh” with kaya…still being sold by the sidestall there.

    Haven’t been there for ages……..

  5. soowm: yes it’s still there.. but the last time I tried it, it had a funny plastic taste. Maybe they accidentally dissolved a chopstick in there or something!

    This place is like a 5 min walk from my place.. If you return the chilled tissue in the topmost right picture, you save RM1.50 off your bill! Ka ka ka ka ka.

  6. U all did not order bbq crab?.It seems their fried rice one of the best in town maily reason they use special sauce from Thailand for frying.

    They better known as BBQ Jimmy

  7. hi ky, you have been tagged: =p if you don’t want to do a meme here for whatever reasons, write one and personally SEND TO ME! WHAHAHAHHA! okay kthxbye. =D

  8. 93~94: the crab is RM 40 per KG, abit too pricey. We can get those cheaper at Kepong, RM 20+ per KG

  9. why does damien always have a cap on?

  10. missed their fried rice but must go early else habish cepat

  11. yeah, been there few times, their fried rice and tomyam are super yummy!

    but it usually packed in the evening, so go there early and be prepare to wait and sweat!

  12. foodcrazee

    ouch! seriously over dose with ldl….beh tahan . Looks like ST is perspiring

  13. The kaya with yau char kway is still there! Best.

  14. Nong and Jimmy, I love you long time.

  15. wah.. hey this place is near my house man ! been here few times already.. aiya should have called me out also.. lol

  16. Dude, I think you got the map wrong. The highway featured in your map is not the KESAS Highway, it’s actually the Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2). And I don’t think the exit is called Pandan Jaya exit, but rather Taman Cahaya. The Pandan Jaya exit is the one before it, leading to Pandan Jaya and Taman Maluri. Anyway, good job in introducing this nice eatery! 😉

  17. we used the Kesas Pandan Jaya exit instead of the Taman Cahaya’s from MRR2. I think.. I just know how to get there, that’s all 😛

  18. As Suanie Sees It - update #100100

    […] 1. Fresh fish – Pentas benua yang cetek (shallow, hello? By the way, who can translate ‘pentas benua’ to English? 2. Lobster – Yum! 3. Steak Damansara Perdana’s Eagle’s Nest, medium = yum! 4. Thai food – Nong and Jimmy, hot! 5. Chinese food -My mom’s cooking, yum! 6. Ice cream – Paddlepop, yay! 7. Pizza – Asia Cafe, yum! 8. Crab – Tai Fok, Sri Damansara, yum! 9. Curry – Vegetarian, yum! 10. Prawns – XXL size, woah! 11. Moreton Bay Bugs – eww? 12. Clam chowder – blah. 13. Barbecues – J’s mother’s secret recipe for BBQ lamb, yum! 14. Pancakes – butter and syrup, slurp! 15. Pasta – William’s seafood spaghetti w/ tomato, yo! 16. Mussels – Fresh and succulent, *faints*. 17. Cheesecake – No reaction. 18. Lamb – Williams’ lamb chops, roar! 19. Cream tea – Nyek. 20. Alligator – No thanks, but I’d love to slaughter Steve Irwin for the crocs. I bet the crocs are annoyed by him as well. 21. Oysters – Bleargh especially if they are uncooked. 22. Kangaroo – But why? They are so cute! 23. Chocolate – Bangsar TSB’s Chocolate Volcano, out of this world! 24. Sandwiches – Anything with mayo, thanks! 25. Greek food – So-so. 26. Burgers – SS2 mamak burger, meowwwwwww! 27. Mexican food – USJ Taipan’s Las Carretas, best! 28. Squid – William’s crunchy fried sotong, yum! 29. American diner breakfast – not in America though, but it still counts! 30. Salmon – Don’t like it in any way. 31. Venison – No reaction. 32. Guinea pig – eww! 33. Shark – Fin soup, my bad. 34. Sushi – Not really a fan. 35. Paella – What 36. Barramundi – The 37. Reindeer – Fuck?!? Santa’s coming after you with this one. See your name forever listed under ‘naughty’. 38. Kebab – No reaction. 39. Scallops – Make ’em fresh, thanks! 40. Australian meat pie – Gimme one! 41. Mango – Rather common, isn’t it? 42. Durian fruit – Not for the past few years. 43. Octopus – I like squid better. 44. Ribs – Tony Roma’s in Singapore, I want!!! 45. Roast beef – Ok lor. 46. Tapas – Not really a fan, unless humus is involved. 47. Jerk chicken/pork – How do you tell if your dinner had been a jerk? Haha, lame joke. 48. Haggis – No thanks. 49. Caviar – Bleargh. 50. Cornish pasty – Don’t think so? […]

  19. […] After waiting for about 20 minutes, the tomyam and the vege was ready. My god, the tomyam was seriously one of the best I’ve had. Better than Jimmy and Nong in Cheras, the flavour was really strong and the soup was thicker. If you can’t take it hot, you might want to order more drinks. We can’t stop ourselves from drinking the soup even after finishing our rice. […]

  20. wud love to get a full map on the way to go to nong & jimmy from old klang road

  21. i went there once…n the food r wonderful…..the tom yum soup was fantastic…

  22. yeah man!,food is great!m hooked on air concept is fine but i think air conditioned wud be better.hey guys,do check out Bibiwok in Bandar Puteri Puchong. Nyonya & Thai cuisine in one restaurant.
    Food is awesome i tell u.nice decor and air conditioned too!believe me guys,genuine nyonya & thai cooking. as for dessert, chendol with pure gula melaka, wah low yeh! steamed banana with santan & gula melaka,stim habis!my folks r coming down so will bring them there this weekend. i’ve tried many,this is definitely one of it!

  23. AroniL - Just Me

    […] KY Speaks […]

  24. Eh KY lets make one outing there with the other bloggers.. yummm i want!!

  25. aronil,
    Ok you organize! 😛

  26. do u know if this place is halal??

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