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This is actually my 2nd time having chocolate fondue at this Choz place in KLCC. Some of you who read terence’s blog might have come across his post on the same subject. Since it was not quite a right experience having that type of treats with a guy, I decided to set things right this time by having a proper female companion.

Updates: This place is closed.

white chocolate fondue KLCC
look at that strawberry!

Now some of you noobs might have not heard of fondue and be wondering wtf it is. Basically chocolate fondue is steamboat western style. Instead of meat, fish, and vege, you get fruits. In place of soup, there’s chocolates. Where there should be the fire/stove, you get a tiny little candle. Best of all, you get the same calorie intake from the chocolate despite it being just a snack.

Since I’ve had the dark chocolate fondue, I decided to go for the white variety this time and settled for the white mango fondue. It came with cubes of apricot, apple, banana, kiwi, grapes, strawberry, mushmellow, and not nearly enough warm white chocolate in liquid form.

The philosophy of ying and yang plays a role in this dish. The contrast, the warm chocolate and cold fresh fruits, the hard and crunchy texture versus the liquified cocoa product… or something like that. heh.

white chocolate fondue KLCC
bad idea….

We decided to be smart asses and tried to BBQ the mushmellow with the candle, I think you can see the results.

Anyway, Choz is at 3rd floor of KLCC, right below the 4th floor food court. A pretty nice place serving everything chocolates, you should try it sometimes unless you are strictly a starbucks or coffeebean person, but that gets old…

GPS: 3.157581, 101.712102

Discuss : KY eats – chocolate fondue at KLCC

  1. kimberlycun

    im more interested in who the female companion is! think i recognise the back!!!!!!

  2. ShaolinTiger

    Yeah I was gonna say, who gives a shit about the fondue, who’s the chick?!

  3. bUttsH4k3r

    ky, ky. pimp her. you know you want to.

  4. KY has a lot of chicks man….

  5. ShaolinTiger

    I’d say knows a lot, but has? Does he have you Reta? LOL

  6. I am sure it was MUSHy…. but I think it’s spelled MARSHMELLOW

  7. Dabido (Teflon)

    Those Swizz are bloody inventive! Fondue, the Swiss army knife of cooking!!!!! 🙂

    You can also have Cheese Fondue! YUMMMMM!


  8. What TALK you Shaolin? =P

  9. but damn she DOES look like me… from the BACK.

  10. i like the hot chocs from this place… next time must check out who’s dat gal! :p

  11. spill the beans… who’s the hot chick?

    btw, no one seems to give a shit about the fondue… haha

  12. Yeah, she does look like Reta? Are you sure it’s not you?

  13. Looks like Reta.

  14. foodcrazee

    wtf ? Marshmallow on candle light ? diu !

  15. ShaolinTiger

    Yah I think it is Reta, check the chicks baju in the fondue picture, it’s exactly the same as the one Reta’s wearing in the picture in KY’s banner of her.


  16. Dabido (Teflon)

    It’s Horny without the bee hat isn’t it!!!! 🙂


    HEEE HEEE HEE HEE Hee hee heee heee ………..

  17. what the… freak….

  18. it’s not Reta, I’m still trying to buaya her without much success.

  19. serious, who is she huh?

  20. choz is one of my company supplier who supplies pralines..hehehe

  21. Hey there KY, i’ve been searching for cheese fondue everywhere since Fondue House at Desa Sri Hartamas closed down. Know any bit of information about cheese fondues?

  22. Victor,
    I’m not sure actually.. but maybe Cheesie will know!

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