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For work, sometimes I do venture into different places, and not too long ago I went to Kota Kinabalu of Sabah. Situated by the South East China sea, KK is famous for it’s sea harvest, and I was eating just that.

Kota Kinabalu Port View Seafood Restaurant

We went to this TSH (Tourist Slaughter House, according to my friend Broad Ben) named Port View Seafood Restaurant. It’s situated right next to the Phillipino market and diagonally opposite Promenade Hotel. If you’re at KK, you can’t miss the place.

Set up like a proper tourist attraction, they have the traditional Kadazan bamboo dance and everything, and you get a chance to participate too. It was funny looking at some not-so-slim middle age guys full of sweat, trying to negotiate the ever elusive bamboo sticks with their legs.

Kota Kinabalu Port View Seafood Restaurant

The nice thing about this place is that you are pretty much sure that they serve you everything fresh. At the entrance is where you place your order, literally picking your dinner from the rows of aquariums. They have a wide variety of fish, clam, prawn, lobster, crab, and many other creatures I can’t name. The price is written by each tank to conviniently let you budget your meal.

Kota Kinabalu Port View Seafood Restaurant

We ordered some big clams, bamboo clams, wet butter prawn, deep fried soft shell crab, and vegetables. The fresh seafood definately filled my stomach pretty satisfyingly. Price wise, it is pretty comparable to KL as this isn’t a budget outlet.

The locals will tell you there are better and cheaper seafood restaurants in KK, which, having been to another establishment in god know wheres at KK, I agree. However, if you want to be treated like a tourist or if you have company allowance to spend, this isn’t a bad place at all. It’s clean, the food is good, service is commentable, and there’s this whole cultural show going on at the same time.


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  1. “The price is written by each tank to conviniently let you budget your meal.”

    The prices are in BIG and small prints. That lobster is written like RM16 “per 100gms” (small tiny microscopic prints)

  2. yummy!!! the clams look really good.

  3. i ate at ocean seafood in kk last year… they were cheap.

    10 of us, 8 diff dishes, 5 of them is seafood… only RM300+ a table.

  4. Nocturnal

    If i know u were going to KK, i will recommend u a better place. PVS is really TSH.

  5. Where is the map?

  6. foodcrazee

    The lobster is huge and its gonna cost a bomb. Mantis prawn looks huge too. Must be good but at least call Kaikon and find better place to eat lar..

    Like sotong says, where’s the MAP!!

  7. Shaddap Mike. I was to fry your

  8. […] The choices of live and swimming seafood is astounding, the number of aquariums is no less than the seafood restaurant I went to at Kota Kinabalu a couple years back. Huge grouper, abalone, lobster, geoduck, mantis prawn, and all sorts of shell […]

  9. The “God knows where” referred to in KK could be:- Gayang (near Tuaran), Salut (near Tuaran, almost next to Gayang) or Gaya Seafood in Inanam, Kota Kinabalu.

    Those are places the locals go. Ocean is also another TSH, unfortunately.

  10. Cilut,
    Thanks for the tips. 😀

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