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Well, the name pork intestine porridge is a little misleading, but that’s just how it’s called in Hokkien. The ingredient includes not only boiled pork intestine, but also roasted pork (char siew), and deep fried crispy pork intestine. Sounds yummy isn’t it? Definately not for the faint hearted, then again it’s not really fear factor material.

pork intestine porridge in new lane, Penang

For the best of this rare dish, you have to go to New Lane in Penang. The porridge is well cooked till individual grains are not visible, together with the main ingredients described above, some spring onion and a dash of white pepper is added. The boiled intestine is not overly soft nor too chewy, and the roasted pork was pretty good. However, the real gem is the deep fried crispy intestine, it is crunchy and carries a taste I can only described as a cross between bacon, dried pork, and deep fried pork fat. Basically all the good stuff.

new lane pork interestine porridge

So, next time when you go to Penang, remember that there are more than just laksa and char kuih teow.

Here’s how you get there, foo!
map to pork intestine porridge in new lane, Penang

Lorong Baru, Penang
GPS: 5.414726, 100.326312

Discuss : KY eats – Penang Pork Intestine Porridge

  1. Arrrgh, I miss siu cheong chuk. Damn you KY.

  2. yeah, the famous new lane chu-cheong-chuk. the fat lady who runs the stall is also known to have attitude problem…

  3. Yummy! Peter, you want me to send it to you via DHL? 😀

  4. foodcrazee

    Yummy! Long time since last ate al the organs cept for tripe.

  5. hmm pig blood is bad! pig is bad! haram!

  6. suanie: hypocrite. 🙂

  7. I personally think that the one in New Lane is not as tasty as the one that was sold in the Anson Road market. Sadly, the couple that use to sell the prrridge have stopped working as rumour has it that both of them are in ill health:-(
    Additionally my dad used to say that the way they hang up the intestines will collect road dust!

  8. i was born there…………chee cheong chuk, thong sui, wan than mee, beef koay teow soap.

    bfast………..fried fish head bee hoon…..yummmyyyyyyyyyy

    tea time……..the best pao in town…….no more since my father has retired.

  9. All of u i recoment to try up the cintra street ‘chee cheong chuk’…nice. I swear u wil never try other place after u try here. Hard to having it, they juz open 2pm-5pm weekday & off on weekends really nice bzness, after i try nth to say juz can say GOOD~~~

  10. […] last time I blogged about pork intestine porridge was over 4 years ago on a hawker stall in Penang. It has always been one of my favorite old school hawker foods, but also one that is increasingly […]

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