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TGI Friday's at the Curve with Rudy and Serena C

So, sometime early last month suanie told us about this shooting thing at the Curve’s TGIF and had asked a few of us to go there for dinner. Horny, Paul, and myself did just that. You might have seen the show being aired on NTV7 the week before last x’mas, hosted by Serena C with Rudy from Hitz as a special guest, or something like that. The show goes “welcome to TGI friday where everyday is a friday… bla bla”

At first I had thought we would just be eating there while they have the shooting. Turned out, we were asked to sit on the very first table right in front of the “stage”. Hence, as reluctant participants, we had to act along the show, claps when we were asked to, not eat when we’re not supposed to. Worse of all, forced to laugh at Rudy’s lame top 10 x’mas gift list, which we didn’t really manage to do a good job at.

Overall it made a pretty bad dinner experience. We weren’t able to get served properly when the shooting was on, and we never get to enjoy our food in peace as we had to act along. Best of all, we had to pay for every single shit we ordered while the boss of that place was laughing all the way at us being such suckers. Yes, the boss was there sitting at another table. No, we weren’t even offered a free drink.

Anyway, the moral of the story is, do not go there. Go play with this crush calculator instead.


Discuss : KY saw – NTV7 Shooting with Serena C & Rudy at TGIF Curve

  1. disco-very

    are you serious? that’s so wierd. when i went for the same show a few weeks ago, all the food and drinks were on the house

  2. Thanks for reminding us not to go this kind of events next time. 😉

  3. bad management i would say.

    they should not interrupt the patrons while doing any sort of shooting.

    hate celebrity DJs. celebrity my ass.

  4. kimberlycun

    haha lucky i didnt go! crush calculator is on and accurate.

  5. tgif sucks balls

  6. Dabido (Teflon)

    Daggnammit KY! That Crush Calculator is EVIL! EVIL I tell you.

    [And anyone who doesn’t know what I mean will have to check it out.]

  7. seth.frostheart

    i got Ky-ed!! %^$#@#!!!

  8. Hy, I watched that show. But I did not see any weird people sitting in front and clapping that resembled someone I know. Weird.

  9. Peter: they have alot of episods. If you saw the one with us you wouldn’t have missed Paul. he’s not terribly small size u know

  10. Just wondering, has there ever been a “KY Jelly” joke on this site?

  11. aw: u’re ridiculous, this is such a serious site. why would there be any jokes at all? it’s outrageous!

  12. Dabido (Teflon)

    AW – Yes, if you missed them, you haven’t been reading enough. Go through the archive NOW!!!! 🙂

  13. the fisherman platter sucks. this dinner sucks. Experience with TGIF on that day is sucks. i think is the shows that make everything sucks. can’t really enjoy the food n drink.

    Couple weeks later, went to TGIF again and the feeling is totally different. It feel ok. maybe there’s no camera shooting.

  14. erizabesu

    i was at the curve when they were filming the ‘sing xmas songs and dance along’ part…bad singing…haha! i find tgif’s quality is going down, i find chili’s better :p

  15. …. Long time din come here edi … and when I finally got time to come here, I got KY-ed … lol … damn bad fengshui here wei =P

  16. dude, it wasn’t that bad. be fair.

  17. yes suan, it was bad, but the blame wasn’t on you at all. i still love u as always. 😛

  18. it’s not about blame. your version is just slightly distorted. -n-

  19. Kongtender

    I got KYed too. *^$@*@^%$!!!!

  20. suan: That is the experience I got from there, how could it be “distorted”? It’s merely different from yours.

  21. Dabido (Teflon)

    Suanie – if you place an introvert into that sort of situation, it will always be worse for them than an extrovert being in the same position.

    If KY found it that bad, then I believe him.

  22. KY, lemme rephrase, I WATCHED THAT EPISODE! The only “big” guy I recall seeing was that host getting cream shoved right into his face. Perhaps Paul was somewhere else enjoying his cucumber.

  23. there was no cucumber. only alot of onions. the vege was fucked.

  24. Re: The crush calculator..


  25. i kena conned by that calculator like what how many years ago. and then i kena-ed just recently last yr Dec…

    now i’m itching to know everyone’s results.. post it post it!! lol

  26. hahaha.. so close to get caught by ur CrushCalculator
    now show us the result…. wahkakakaka… we want NAME’s wahahahaha..


  28. Dabido (Teflon)

    jack0 & Kuzco – Depends on how KY displays the results. I’m sure there can be some law suits over it if he publishes who likes who. After all, the information was gained via illicit means. (ie trickery), so therefore any publishing of them could prove detrimental to his bank account.

    Then again, keeping the names anonymous, but just publishing a tally of who has the most people with crushes on them might be okay, but he’d probably have to seek legal advice over that as well.

    [Don’t you hate it when I rain on your parades?] 🙂

  29. dabido: i know u love suanie & FA, and there’s this other girl’s name I can’t remember. so sue me. 😛

  30. Dabido (Teflon)

    KY – the other girls name is MEGUMI – don’t forget her! She is front runner at present for my heart. hee hee! and who said that girls name was FA … I never wrote FA – how do I know FA’s first name???
    I think you’ll find I was refering to my friend from Jakarta who happens to have that name … and she’s been in the running for my heart as well for a while … except she couldnt’ rip through the Teflon suit. Bwahahah!

    And NO ONE mentioned LOVE. I think I’ve blogged enough on not being in love with anyone. [Because I’m not].

    So all names typed in were not ones I am actively chasing by any means! 🙂

    Besides, if I did chase them, then they would out run me! 🙂

    AND, i never said i would sue you [but damn! You knew I wouldn’t]… I just said there was the possibility of SOMEONE suing you.

    [I am on the phone to lawyers at the moment, but it is concerning my mother / father fighting over the house & finiancial settlements …]

    So, no one needs to run away from me … yet. hee hee hee hee!

    Besides, I was goin to type in KY as well! Bwahahahaha!
    [Oh gees, that’s so gay!] 🙂

  31. Dabido (Teflon)

    I mighty also add another note KY – SUANIE knows the girl from Jakarta, as they both used to frequent AE at the same time as me … so I’m pretty sure Suanie knows her.

    Not sure if she remembers her though, as I’m sure Suanie wasn’t going there to pick up other girls … at least i dont’ think so anyway! Bwahahaaa!

  32. Unlucky John

    I understand Ky’s griefs if it was true -true of what really happened as he alleged. Ever since, I watched the show and follow-ups episodes, I know that Serena’s a mega cock craver, at one ponit she invited patron , rattling about necks, the patron (male) kinda spoted off “long” necks promptly asserted by serena tht “big” is good or better clearly refering to dicks, manhoods, pricks, cocks, black-labels, or any denominational jargons.

    My recomendations, by the way its too late, if I wouil;d have been u, I would just invited Serena for sex, hardcore-bondage-sex making her cum-cum-and cum until that C(atwoman) really feels the intensity of what sex pain cum marathon really is.

    I had a large cock sometimes women would cry about and I would like to try in on her. “Prrrrrrrr!” for penetrating the womb.

    The undermentioned are 1st hand experiences of the author intended for fun and any person in similarilarity of that name is merely coincidential. The author does not permits reprinting of such materials without written consent from him.

    All my exes were fine excepct Daphne,a dirtbag,
    she suck the hell of my juices making me spent RM1000 on vitamins,
    Blotched my bedsheet with her everflowing cumjuice costing RM100
    and further permeates my bed costing RM500
    That bloody fucking living water tap,
    Down with Daphne!

    KY: don’t be so harsh Unlucky John, it’s making you sound like a sour grape of sort.

  33. Serena C

    Hello all my name is Serena C

    Happened to stumble upon this blog and find your feedback really really interesting especially ‘Unlucky John”s.

    Wanted to say thanks for keeping hosts/ talents/ me grounded.

    On behalf of TGIF and NTV7 – wanna apologize for bad dining experience.

    BTW – don’t blame Rudy for the Bottom 10 list laaaaa
    The writer made us read them

    Cheers for honesty KY

    Serena C

    Serena C

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