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It’s a new year, a new beginning to the calendar, but some of you might still have not come up with a new year’s resolution yet. So here are a few suggestions from yours truely. Lets hope this year will be better than the last.

Not to over eat if you…
as illustrated perfectly from our good friend Terence, if you already have a stomach like this, spare yourself the indulgence of high calorie snacks such as.. chocolate fondue
2006 New Year resolution

Do exercise more…
if you can’t keep yourself from the sin that is gluttony, do exercise more. Kerol shows us that simple routines like sit ups and ear squat (not necessarily performed naked) might go a long way in delaying that horizontal expansion.
2006 New Year resolution

Be slightly more careful in posing…
though as great a camwhore you might be, sometimes it might be a wise idea to not display overly suggestive poses for they might come back to haunt you in years to come. Thanks anonymous poser!!
2006 New Year resolution

Have great self confidence…
and cherish the fact that life is great and that you DON’T CARE what anyone thinks about you, you will still have that extra large fries and Starbucks coffee like Suan did.
2006 New Year resolution

Drive more carefully and safely…
and avoid being stopped by the cops for displaying noob driving behaviour like how Sai Meng here did. On my birthday no less. Lucky we were let go without having resorting to any illegal get-out-of-jail tactics.
2006 New Year resolution

Not sleeping in random places…
or risk being caught on camera. As illustrated by Horny posing for an extreme case, and my colleague Moorty in a real life example dozing off in the office.
2006 New Year resolution

Lastly, do not over drink…
for the almighty alcohol will always get you. Here we have Fox during the X’mas party, FA and Suanie during their respective birthdays, and my good friend JC during Choon Leng’s wedding.
2006 New Year resolution

So what is your new year resolution?


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  1. OMG.. is that a corn [censored] suckin? or a hairy *cough*?

    She looked satisfied. That tasty huh?

  2. urgh take off the puking pixxx

    the noob b’viour one damn the funny…

  3. take down the pic of [censored] lah. it’s too photoshoppable.

  4. which is the pic of the year 2005? are we voting or wat?

  5. kekekekkeke…..where is my pregnant pressie ?

  6. kena k liao izzit? hahahaha

  7. eh.. how come no KY inside the pic one? all abt others… sienz leh

  8. The so called censored ones are so seductive. I wish she comes to haunt me 9 9. LoL…

  9. ShaolinTiger

    Lolplz ownt.

  10. The puking picture (the one with the puke still flowing) is totally gross and I vote it to be best in the entire post…

  11. hmmm looks like the puke even got into Fox’s shirt … u can see the bulge there …

  12. Dabido (Teflon)

    Terences Stomach! It’s like loooooking in a mirrror!!! Waaaah!

    I worry about second photo of Suanie … her teeth sticking out all over the place!!!!

    Moorty is management material!!!

    Those last four pics are sick … literally! 🙂

  13. kimberlycun

    KAKAKA [CENSORED] looks like she’s sucking angmoh kok

  14. Dat stomach!!! Gaaaaah!!!

  15. angmoh cock??? like this 1 meh.. now onli i know

  16. foodcrazee

    Rnt they gonna kill ya ? FA looks satisfed alright, look at the cream on her lips! * behtahan *

    Suanie and her fries and coffee……puking, erghhhhhh

  17. that’s not FA. it’s fucking censored for A REASON.

  18. Kim: What are the defining characteristics of an ang moh cock? 🙂

  19. kimberlycun

    aw: seee…the phallic thing is covered in yellow hair

  20. lol. she’s got a thing for blondes? LOL.

  21. Oiiii.. the hair is all at the base one lar…… not on the shaft. unless this is a preserved ang moh cock with fungi.

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