Note: This stall is no longer there

I’m not a huge laksa fan, but I do eat it occasionally and enjoys it as an in between meal “snacks”. So it was by sheer luck that when we went to Jalan Pasar in KL my housemate Kerol spotted this mini laksa stall at Peng Hwa food court. She claimed to have eaten it before and it was supposedly good. She is a huge laksa fan.

Mini Laksa at Jalan Pasar
The food court and the laksa stall

We ordered a bowl for each person. True to the name, the laksa came in a small bowl that probably only fit half a pack of maggie noodle soup. I remember this is exactly how laksa was served back in the days when I was a little boy in Penang. Nice

Mini Laksa at Jalan Pasar
yumm.. laksa… *drools*

It came with the standard laksa ingredients such as onions, mint leaves, laksa noodle, cucumber, pineapple, some type of veggie, “sticky shrimp sauce”, all soaked in asam fish based soup. The overall taste was very good, a true representation of good Penang laksa. It was, however, rather spicey and might be a little salty for some, so do order a big glass of cold drink.

Here’s how to get there, foo!

Map to Mini Laksa at Jalan Pasar

3.134806, 101.716104

KY eats – mini Laksa at Jalan Pasar [Closed]
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