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A very big thank you for everyone who came to the party, it was a blast and I hope everyone had fun. Suan, ST, and Reta had already posted some pics and write ups of the party, so hop over to see more. Here is the blow by blow account of the event.

note: Pictures are described as A, B, C, D from top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right order. Descriptions of the people in the photos follows the same order.

X'mas Party 2005 at KY

Before the party begins, we spent some time decorating the house with stuff we bought from Petaling Street earlier in the day.
A: We rearranged the furniture to optimise space for the party, Kerol and Michelle having fun
B: Balloons
C: X’mas deco is up
D: Vodka by the x’mas presents, we brought out the trusted disco balls too

X'mas Party 2005 at KY

By 7 something, a few of the early birds arrived. Jean was one of the earliest, there wasn’t much going on at the time as we were still decorating the place. Sheryl came before 8 too.
A: Sheryl and me
B: Sheryl and Jean
C: Kerol with her crazy outfit, and Chan, who was her makeup artist
D: Kwan Wai, ?, Saint, and Terence

X'mas Party 2005 at KY

People started to come by around 9pm or so, initially we were lack of food and a few of the early birds were starving.. But somehow we ended up with too much food when ST brought tonnes of excellent chicken wings, horny bought a bucket of KFC, and Dree with his two apple pie.

A: Ming Liang, Michelle, Gigi, and Kerol
B: Horny with his noob hat
C: Damien and Paul

X'mas Party 2005 at KY

As the night goes by, more booze were consumed, and people started to do some funny stuff. I think we finished 6 bottles of liquor, including some vodka, a huge bottle of sake from Terence, and a bottle of bacardi

A: Carolling session abruptly materialised, with Jo, Kerol, Damien, Suan, Terence, Margie, and Anne
B: People hanging out at the balcony. Half of Jamie, Damien, Margie, Saint, and Jo
C: Food and the hungry Chan
D: Hot chicks Reta and Kim

X'mas Party 2005 at KY

By midnight, we started the gift exchange program. Kim got the first number, as she can never learn, she took the biggest gift of all and ended up with a toilet cover! But amazingly fox who had a later number actually wanted it! Was lotsa fun.

A: Kim with the toilet cover
B: Fox took over!
C: ST got a “space age” water bottle
D: Terence got a toilet brush and some hangers

X'mas Party 2005 at KY

Some other friends came over a little later, having attended other parties.

A: Jess, Ji, Jo, and Margie
B: Cass, Terence, Margie, and Jo
C: Kenneth, Fox, Suan, Pam, and Dree
D: Christopher and Kerol

X'mas Party 2005 at KY

The aftermath, the drunks…

A: Fox and Chan sleeping in the living room
B: Kerol was wasted
C: Horng sleeping on the floor, Kwan Wai on the couch
D: Kerol was gone.. can’t even flip herself over on her bed

X'mas Party 2005 at KY

Man of the night, Fox, check this out. Dude puked all over on the living room, lucky he was able to clean the whole shit all by himself. *phew*

A: live action puking shot
B: another puking shot
C: he threw his t-shirt on the puke
D: good boy, clean that shit up

Again, thanks for coming! We should do this every year. Merry X’mas!


Discuss : KY party – 2005 X’mas Eve Party Report

    Pretty Wild at the end, it was almost like standard 6 party at the begining…Wonderful stuff, sake+rum+vodka

  2. hoho, the photo of your deco nice leh.. my handiwork mmkays! hahah
    thanks for having me over KY & housemates!!

  3. arifsanchez

    errr….the cameraman not drunk aiyh.merry x’mas dude.


  5. wah liu.. fox.. ughh.. looks like spaghetti bolognese without the pasta ;x


    that was like uncalled for =P

  7. Dabido (Teflon)

    Poor Fox. Bleeeeuch!

  8. I was starting to enjoy the pics, but suddenly….the puking pic. earrrrrgggggh

  9. drama queen

    eeekkk…soo much puke!!

  10. fox is the NOOB!!

    KY the most NOOB! Got high on WATER?!

  11. foxtrotecho

    That was the remnants of whatever I had for my Xmas Eve dinner. =p

  12. kimberlycun

    foxxxxxx ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  13. fox is sux.. u waited till i was gone then only you puked

  14. There are some KFC left. anyone wants?

  15. TheGreatFaggot

    wish to address something which i personally think was not so cool. ‘someone’ ran away with the vouchers. meanie fella….
    if she really wants the thing badly..i wouldnt mind giving a few to her in the future. noob!!!! party was normal and ended up as expected by the way….. dree puked too when i send him back FYI :p

  16. omg i didnt mean to lah mmkays. had to fly already. if u want it i’ll pass them over to u. =

  17. I didn’t puke… hohoho 😛

  18. I think I just lost my appetite

  19. Wow. To think I told Fox that he wasn’t red…


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  21. fox pwned!!!!!!

  22. bUttsH4k3r

    omfgwtfbbqrotfl @ fox!

  23. Cheh! I missed it! Anyone doing anything for New Year’s?

  24. wuhaaa … nice party … but the puke pics … i dun think i can eat lunch later on :Þ

  25. I’ve got a complaint. I caught KY a couple of time red-handed “curi tulang”. He poured plain water into his shot glass and pretended it was Sake. Man, so many were fooled…..except me.

  26. if i was drunk how would i be able to take the great pictures of fox then? everything had a reason, kuan wai.

  27. sorry we stole all your lemon, oranges and apples.

    and sugar too.

    but it was all jamie’s fault…

  28. sorry about the VOUCHERS thingy I had to run off, taking Jean with me as I was running late of curfew ala Cinderella mode… and I had to send her home.. not her fault, not her fault…


    though not naked.. you wish!

  29. HOLY BOMB @ Fox…. kena PWNED!

  30. Reta, i think only naked ear-squat will save the day now.

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