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Well, before the party of the year that falls on the Xmas Eve, we decided to house a small warm-up BBQ last friday, as it was also one of my long time friend Kar Ping’s birthday.

look at the pro grilling

We bought some marinated chicken wings, some beef, corn, tomato, burger patties, and the customary sausages. Suanie, FA, and Paul later brought more beef, bacon, and ham, not to mention a bottle of vodka. Them alcoholics.. as compared to us, we still have leftovers of the one case of wine coolers from the last BBQ party on October.

the food, and of course, some booze

As usual, Kerol got pretty drunk, and FA was high on alcohol. It was a great night, and yeah, now we’re all ready for the weekend’s bash! Remember to wear your hat!

sure enough, FA and suanie was there


Discuss : KY parties – Pre-Xmas Eve Party BBQ

  1. Why does grilling involve a frying pan? 😛

    Anyway, looks pretty jolly during the BBQ. Chicken.. *Drool*


  2. Kekeke.. frying pan used to fried chicken?

  3. Does it HAVE to be a hat? can it be like a headgear or something? Reindeer antlers… angel’s halo.. bandanas… do they count?

  4. yes yes headgear works, just no caps.

  5. no caps as in no Baseball Caps only lah, kan?

  6. no caps as in no any type of caps.

  7. French Cap can ah? Hehheh…

  8. Dabido (Teflon)

    KY’s afraid someone might get a cap in the ass. YO!

  9. Dabido: nice try. It’s always funny trying to see a white guy do it. 🙂

  10. can put tudung ar?

  11. LOL @ the conversation above

    what’s the itenary like leh…

    how about 1. shoving KY into the pond? hohoho

  12. I second Reta’s suggestion

    Suggestiong no.2 we shove Reta along into the pond too.

  13. v0ices: are u suggesting wet tshirt contest?

  14. Dabido (Teflon)

    AW – did you have to remind me I’m a lame white guy!!!

    [Well, we do have Vietnamese, Chinese and black in the family tree too … my Great Grandaddy on my fathers side was black … have no idea where it’s from though … still tracing the family tree back trying to find it … BUT, have to call it black till I know if it’s Egyptian, Indian or whatever! … but, yeah, okay, I’m a lame white guy! But didn’t Emenem make it okay to be a lame white guy ganstar rapper ???] 🙂

  15. Dabido (Teflon)

    Oh, forgot to add KY – I second the Wet T-Shirt contest … take lots of photos! hee hee!

  16. foodcrazee

    hmmmmmm, classified as PRO – the pan for grilling – very good idea.

  17. Tiuniasing

    Nice party and nice photos. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you dude..

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